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Dan and Mary Lynn spent Easter 1999 with long time friends Eleanor and Bob at Bob's boyhood home not far from Charlotte.  The big attraction was the goats.  The seven goats keep the grass "mowed" and the bushes "trimmed."  They are very friendly and seemed glad to see us.   A pen of hens also provides interest - and eggs.
Like Pavlovian dogs, the goats will always follow food.  In fact, goats always have two things on their minds.  One is food, and I bet you can guess the other one.  Here Bob demonstrates his prowess as a leader of goats.


The baby goats are really cute.  Here Bob is holding one like a real baby.  It was very touching to see how concerned the mother goat was when Bob was holding its baby.  Daddy goat (Billy) kinda smelled - which is normal.
Mary Lynn and Eleanor sitting at the picnic table.  Notice the Easter cup cake.  We had a wonderful Easter.  Bob treated us to ice cream on the way home.

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