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12-11-1943 – 1-11-62 Caldwell Diary (given to M from Frank for Christmas)

David Franklin Caldwell 1903-1962

Entries: M/Margaret F/Frank entry ML/Mary Lynn D/David">

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12-11-1943 – 1-11-62 Caldwell Diary (given to M from Frank for Christmas)

David Franklin Caldwell 1903-1962

Entries: M/Margaret F/Frank entry ML/Mary Lynn D/David, Dougie

Jan. 1/44/M - M. L and Mama (Margaret was born Dec.  1913) went to Grandma's (Frank’s mother.) Daddy had a holiday and was home with us. He (Frank was born Aug. 1903) and M. L. (age 4 1/2) went to Mr. Hunter’s (lived next door on Sardis Road) to watch him kill his hog. David and Douglas (7 ½ months) say Ma-Ma, Da-da , By-by

45/F - Monday - Daddy worked until noon - came home for lunch and black eyed peas. Took Mama, M.L., D. & D. to Matthews for mail that had accumulated there. Stopped at Sharon Cemetery (where Frank was buried in 1962) to see the ducks. Had good time splurging a ride with gas so scarce (due to World War II.)

53F - Thurs. - beautiful day. Worked while at office - came home watched TV. Tournament of Roses Parade then Ala and Syracuse football at Miami. Feeling better.

58/F - Thurs. - Dan came Wed. He, ML, Mama and I went to Spaughs (Bishop Spaugh was the minister at the Little Church on the Lane) and mid night communion. D & D went to New Years Party and got home after 1 p.m. Had breakfast from 9:30 to 11:30 today. Watched Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl games. Rained all day. Enjoyed being at house. I started 2 weeks vacation Monday. ( Note: Margaret’s family attended the Methodist Church and Frank’s Providence Presbyterian Church where many of the Caldwells still attend. Margaret became a Moravian when she went to live with Aunt Thelma and Uncle Pete. )

Mary Lynn, Douglas and DAvid

Jan 2./44/M - Douglas caught his head in bed and we had to take off end of bed to get it out. Babies have four teeth apiece and can walk around bed.

45/F – War (World War II) raging with Germans pushing us back in the Belgian Bulge - looks very bad. … People tightening up after several months relaxation hoping the war almost won and soon be over. President wants everyone from 18 to 45 work on fight. Food restrictions increased. Canned goods, sugar and meat coupons cancelled and few to become valid weekly. Almost impossible to buy cigarettes.

Jan. 3, 4, 5, 6 - no entries

Jan. 7/M - Sunday - went to Lexington. Mary Ollie (Kendall – maiden name Biles), John, Kath, Donna, Red and we five ate uptown. M. O. almost lost her baby (son Kent-only child) last week.

Jan. 8/45/M - Mrs. Love says Mary Lynn is excellent student. (Note: Mary Lynn attended kindergarten at Tabernacle ARP – now the Aunt Stella center.) She behaves well and works well and is a "very smart little girl"

56/F - Went to see Dr. Kelly (Frank’s doctor) fluoroscope etc. ok Come back Jan. 22 and may let me go back to work soon. Feel fine.

Jan. 9/44/M - Uncle Fred's birthday. (Note: Fred Ashburn – Margaret’s brother. Fred had one daughter, Julia, by his wife Elsie. Margaret’s other brother is Bill. His wife was Kat. They had three children – Betsy, Jimmie and Bobby)

45/M - At twenty months, the boys can say any word after you. Put two words together - "baby hat" and jabber a lot.

Jan. 10 - no entries

Jan. 11/45/M - Janet and Berryman (Jones- Margaret and Janet both went to Salem College) came over. We played cards. They're going to move their membership to Dilworth Methodist.

56/F - Reuben (Shannon) and Aunt S. (Aunt Sallie Shannon) came for lunch. Had turkey. Margaret went for Reuben. (Note: Reuben was Frank’s first cousin who lived on Hawthorne Lane. Mary Lynn took piano lessons from Reuben for six years.)

62/M - Our beloved Frank and Daddy died suddenly around 6 o'clock p.m. (Note: Frank is buried at Sharon Memorial Cemetery in Charlotte. He was 58 years old when he died of cardiac arrest on the living room sofa while reading the paper out loud to his brother, Joe, who was sitting in a chair beside him. Joe was there to work on papers with Frank involving the sale of the Caldwell family’s Creek Place property – now Providence Plantation. Margaret was cooking supper in the kitchen at the time for the three of them. The time of death was 6:10 p.m. David and Douglas were freshmen in college and Mary Lynn had been married 5 months and was a high school teacher in Atlanta, Ga. Dan was a student at Emory.)

1954  The Caldwells

Jan. 12/44/M - Uncle Pete's (Douglas Peterson - Aunt Thelma's husband) birthday.

56/F - Margaret, Aunt S. (Aunt Sallie), Faire (Franklin - Frank's sister), Anne (Ross - Frank's sister) went to Jo, Don ( probably a pre-nuptial tea for Don Caldwell - Frank's brother & Josephine Synder) tea at 3 p.m. We went to Winston-Salem at 6:15 p.m.

61/F - Started to Sumter, SC 2 p.m. Felt chest pains and went by Nalle Clinic. Dr. Kelly sent me back home to go to bed.

Jan. 13/56/F - Sun. - Had nice trip with S. (can't read F.’s writing)), Margaret, ML and boys and went to see Mr. Ashburn (Margaret's father - Isaac Ashburn - terminal liver cancer. Isaac was also diabetic) at hospital (in Winston-Salem). Dan Morrill came back to Davidson with us. D & D fussed all way home because we don't help them get smart at school.

Jan. 14/45/F - Sun. I went to church then to Kate's (Kate Howie – a cousin of Frank’s who lived on Sardis Lane) and Aunt Sallie went with me to Irvin's (Irvin Caldwell - Frank's brother). Kate had been sick and rather blue. Billy (Kate's son - about 8) wants me go hunting with him. Got back from Irvin’s and attended vestry meeting until 11 p.m. They are mad because Building Fund account amounts to only $12,500. Want to get $60,000. Church finances in good shape with small balance on hand. Everybody has plenty money these days in spite of high taxes and prices. Stock market rising and feverish.

Jan. 15/61/F - Sun.- Pretty bad chest pain about 4 p.m. Mama phoned Dr. Kelly. He came and had me go to hospital by ambulance about 5 p.m. Put under oxygen tent. Mama, D and D come later with my things. In room with Mr. Hedrick.

Jan. 16 - no entries

Jan. 17/44/M - Mary Lynn went to Sam's (Sam Howie - Kate's son ) for his birthday (5th) supper.

45/F - Mama & ML went to church supper. The boys & I had big time eating, playing & going to bed. They were real good. Weather still rainy.

61/F - Tues. - Aunt Thelma (Thelma Peterson, sister of Margaret’s mother, Hallie) came.

Mary Lynn - Selwyn Ave.

Jan. 18/45/F - Thurs. - Did not go to 'Asheville as planned but worked in Charlotte. Nice cool, sunny day. Appointment to see Dr. Kelly, Mon. 3:30. M. L. had Carol (Carole Slaughter-lived in a 5 apartment building – formerly a large, fine home - 2 doors down on E. Blvd. where funeral home parking lot is now-her brother was Byron and her parents Barney and Virginia-Margaret’s long-time book club friend) over for supper. Played with boys. Helped put bed clothes on, tee tee them and to bed. Only got out of bed once.

61F - Aunt T. (Aunt Thelma) came to see me at hospital.

Jan. 19/44/M - Mama went to Sardis Red Cross Club. Daisy (the maid) kept children. Daddy out of town. Uncle Fred (Fred Ashburn - Margaret's younger brother) came in unexpectedly.

45/M - Have stopped diaper service. D. & D. sleeping dry all night and in day time.

61/F - Thurs. - Aunt T. went home when forecast for snow & sleet.

Jan. 20/44/M - Uncle Fred (Margaret's brother) spent day. Weighed 210. Looked good. Was sorry he didn't get to see Daddy (this refers to Frank, Margaret's husband.) We drove to Charlotte in afternoon.

Jan. 21/44/M - Uncle Fred left on 7:30 bus. Aunt Fannie (Grandma Caldwell's sister) and Grandma (Frank's mother - Mary Ella Shannon Caldwell) and Sam (Howie) spent day. David whistles. Douglas makes faces.

Jan. 22/44/M - Mary Lynn and Sam both sick from staying outdoors too long day before. Visitors were Cousin Marion (married to Boot – real name Rufus - Person, daughter of Sallie Shannon and mother of one child - a daughter named Sallie "Little Sally") and Grandma (Frank's mother).

Jan. 23/44/M - Daddy went to church. M. L. still sick. David and Douglas eating table foods. Daddy took them out in yard. Mrs. Childress & Hunters (next door) visitors.

Jan 24/44/M - Took Mary Lynn to doctor. He gave her T.B. test. Aunt Fannie had bad attack of neuritis. Grandma came up here to spend night.

Jan. 25/44/M - Aunt Sallie brought David's and Douglas's stamp books with a dollars worth of stamps a piece. Mr. Waters called about buying farm.

Jan 26/44/M - Daddy has gone to Asheville. Boot sent a boomerang Calendar from Australia. Babies & M. L. went outdoors on porch. David stood alone tonight.

Mary Lynn-3/Winston-Salem/Peterson wedding

Jan 27/44/M - David had croup and is a little sick but is still eating all right. M. L. 's T.B. test is negative.

61/F - Fri. M. L. came home (senior year at Meredith College in Raleigh - 143 miles from Charlotte) with ice on roads - came to see daddy at 309 Memorial Hospital going to have pictures made Mon. for Charlotte News (local evening newspaper) - Mrs. Kennedy affair. I'm ok at hospital.

Jan. 28/44 - Mamma & M.L. went to see Cousin Marion, Kate, Aunt Fannie & Bess. Took them all some cake. All are sick. Ivy (Hunter - lived next door - a teenager) kept babies.

Jan. 29/44/M - We found a house at 1800 Hillside Drive to rent (a move was necessary as Aunt Sallie came to the Sardis Rd. house Christmas Eve and told Margaret and Frank they would have to move. This was difficult with 7 month old twins and a 4 1/2 year old and housing was almost impossible to find due to the war).

Jan. 30/45/M - Katherine and Billy (Bill Ashburn - Margaret's baby brother) have lost another baby. Kat was about three months.

60/M - Mama has been sick with "flu" this week. Temp. 102. There seems to be an epidemic. Daddy, David and Douglas doing the cooking. Mrs. Lee had Mrs. McAlister to help her at kindergarten for the three days. Mary Lynn finished her exams and spent the weekend with the Morrills. She's a junior (at Meredith.)

61/F - Mon. M. L. spent nearly all day having pictures made for Sat. edition of Charlotte News. Came with David to see me at hospital - so tired she would not talk. Returning to Meredith Tues. morning.

Jan. 31/44/M - Mary Lynn has abscessed ear. Took her to Dr. Motley and he put her to bed and gave her sulfadiazene & nose drops.

6-/M - A rainy Sunday morning. The wind has blown the dead limbs from the oak tree. I'm glad no one was hit by them. Two bright red Cardinals and several brownish-red ones have found food on the front yard. Blue-jays and cardinals are feasting in the back yard.

Feb. 1/44/M - David & Douglas have bad colds. Daddy has earache. Is using mineral oil in nose and ears.

Feb. 2/44/M - Mama went to town. Mary Lynn got a crayon up her nose and Douglas fell out of the bed. Daisy (the maid) got some help.

Feb. 3/44 /M - Took M. L. back to Dr. Motley. She must stay in another week. David & Douglas can pat-a-cake.

45/M - Mary Lynn doing real well at kindergarten. Mrs. Love says she is one of brightest children in class.

Feb. 4/44/M - Getting ready to move (to Hillside). David and Douglas and Mama have colds. Daddy & M. L. have bad ears.

45/M - Dav9id and Dougie are shy when we take them to S. S. (Sunday School). Won't get off Mama's lap except to put in collection.

61/F - Sat. Discharged from hospital at 11 a.m. by Dr. Kelly. Beautiful day & warmer but ground still covered with ice & sleet. Have to stay in bed at house & see Dr. Kelly next Fri- 2/10. To be out of work 4 (four) weeks yet. Harry Stegall came by in p.m. David had painted room. M. L. pictures in Sat. newspaper.

Douglas W. Caldwell, Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill, David F. Caldwell, Jr.1989 at Waynesville Country Club

Feb. 5/44/F - Everybody crazy & don't know what to do - have sale for farm (this was a 167 acre tract on the Tilley-Morris Rd. Frank sold the land for $6,000 total - including the two-story log house he and Margaret built. The land currently sells for about $60,000 or more per acre. At this time, World War II was raging and everyone feared being bombed by the Japanese. Tires and gasoline were almost impossible to get at any price. Margaret & Frank wanted to buy a house closer to Frank’s work a block from the Southern Railroad Station on W. Trade St.)

5/44/M (same year) - Daddy and Mama cleaning out attic & basement (at Sardis Rd. house). Eunice (Forbis - daughter and only child of Grandma Caldwell's brother, Joe who was married to Aunt Minnie & lived in the old Shannon house diagonally across from Grandma Caldwell’s house) came by to get her hat. Sanford (Eunice's husband - a house builder.) Sanford is going by to fix porch at new place.

61/F - Sun. Mama, D. & D. went to S. S. (Sunday School) but did not stay for church. Ice melting. Mr. & Mrs. Sweat (Wilson T. Sweat - lived on Queens Rd. W. - was Frank's intimidating boss at Firestone) came about 1 p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Cooper (Bus Cooper - lived on Biltmore Dr. - also worked at Firestone) came about 3 p.m. while Mama was at kindergarten but she returned before they left.

Feb. 6/44/F - I wrote Pabst contest paper last night and slept till 10 today. Didn't go to church. Went to Irvin's, came back at 6 & fed Douglas (Margaret fed David ) & played with both. Bill came after supper to buy bath tub (out of log house that was built by Margaret and Frank but never lived in by them.) but told him already sold with the farm. Bill worried about going to army. We worried about moving Tuesday.

Feb. 7/44/M - Moved today to 1800 Hillside Drive. Mrs. Hunter (next door neighbor) kept Mary Lynn. Janet (Jones) kept babies. Daisy (the maid) helped us move. (Note: the house on Sardis Rd. was moved to Indian Trail around 1990.)

Feb. 8/45/M - Betty Brietz (lived across street from Aunt Thelma - Nina's and Buck's daughter) has twin girls. Aunt Thelma says they're terribly upset over it.

61/F - Wed. Dr. Kelly phoned to see how getting along & said to walk around in house & to see him Fri. Mama came home & fixed lunch but did not go to K. (kindergarten) meeting as planned.

Feb. 9 - no entries

Feb. 10/61/F - Fri. - Mama took me to Dr. Kelly's for exam. OK except blood too thin and reduced amount of dicumeral. Go back next Sat. for another blood test.

Feb. 11/44/M - Daddy took Daisy (the colored maid) home. House is about straight except for back porch.

58/F - Mother (Mary Ella Shannon Caldwell-age 72) died (heart) at Presbyterian Hospital about 8:30 p.m. where she entered this p.m.

Feb. 12/44/M - Daddy went to church. Visitors were Marion (Person), the Littles (George worked at Firestone - lived on Malvern Rd. His son, Jimmy, died in the Winecoff Hotel fire in Atlanta around 1947 trying to save others), Thelma Abernathy & children, W.(Wilhemina) Wohlford (a soprano singer in the Little Church on the Lane choir, she later married Stanhope Lineberry & we rented their beach – Cherry Grove - cottage around 1955. Aunt Thelma went with us but Jimmy, her grandson, did not get to stay the week with us as he got an earache and Douglas, Jr. came & got him), & Janet, Berryman (Jones) & children.

61/F - Sun. Mama, D. & D. went S. S. Douglas stayed for church as Jr. sacristan & came home with Byron (Slaughter). Visitors - Mr. & Mrs. Katz(Roy & Florence were in the church) Irvin(Frank’s brother), Daisy, Brenda & Chuck.

Feb. 13 - no entries

Feb. 14/44/M - Twins who live around the corner stopped. Both are boys They’re 14 months old.

Feb. 15/44/M - Colored girl was to come today and couldn't. Ran out of fuel oil and Mama had to go to ration board. Mrs. Sappenfield (lived next door to us on Hillside Dr..) went too.

45/M - Mama taking teachers Institute course at Hawthorne Lane Methodist one night a week.

Feb. 16/45/M - Mama doing house cleaning - a room a week using Zero cleaner on wood work and windows.

Feb. 17/45/M - All have colds. Mary Lynn taking Immunosac cold vaccine.

Feb. 18/45/M - Mama and Mary Lynn went to church. All went to Grandma's (Grandma Caldwell lived on the Matthews-Weddington Rd. in Matthews, NC) in afternoon.

Feb. 19, 20, 21, 22 - no entries for any years.

Feb. 23/44.M - Signed deed selling farm (sold for $6,000 as already stated - purchaser immediately sold timber off the land for $7,000) today. When brought babies home Douglas fell out of car. Mary Lynn and Douglas both cried.

Feb. 24, 25 - no entries

Feb. 26/60/F - Went to Dr. Kelly for heart fibrillations and he wants to put me in the hospital 2 or 3 weeks. Mary Lynn coming home with David (Alexander - first cousin ,Vernon's son - a student at NC State- David and his wife, the former Mary Jane McKee, have the Caldwell family barbeque each year at their house near Providence Plantation) for weekend. Glad to see her for first time since Christmas.

Feb. 27/60/F - Sat. Mama and M. L. took me to Memorial Hospital 3:40 - Room 340.

Feb. 28/60/F - Mama & M. L. came by hospital after Sunday School. M. L. going to leave at 1:30.

Feb. 29 - no entries

March 1 - no entries

March 2/60/F - Started snowing while I'm in hospital Mama (Margaret is 46 years old at this time) could not get the car home. About 8 inches snow. Awful traffic tie up. Home from school. D. & D. and Mama walked to hospital to see me at 9 p.m. - still snowing.

March 3/44/M - Ann and Jodie (Ann Ross is Frank's sister and her only child is Jodie. Ann was married to Dick. David & Douglas visited their farm in the summertime & learned how to work a farm) came for lunch. Mary Lynn and Jodie played in yard.

March 4/61/F - Dr. Kelly reports heart ok - wants me to see Dr. Nowlin next week about kidney trouble that caused bleeding after taking dicumerol.

March 5/44/M - Kate & Bill (Howie) and Sam & Billy (their children) came for dinner. Bill has to go in Navy. Went to Mrs. Williams after they left.

March 6/44/M - Met Daddy at 12 and took babies to Dr. Adams for diphtheria and anti-tetanus shots. Babies (10 months old) in perfect condition.

March 7/44/M - Babies are completely off bottle. They are not taking their milk well from cup but are eating other food.

March 8 - no entries

March 9/44/M - Daddy and Mr. Smith went to High Point. (Firestone business)

March 10/60/F - Mama, David & Douglas brought me home from hospital at 11:30 a.m. All schools closed because of snow. Now melting but threat of more snow tonight. To keep schools closed balance of week. I have to stay out of work until Mon. week 3/21. Feeling fine.

March 11/44/M - Boys are drinking milk much better. They were trying to hold out for bottle.

60/F - Started snowing more at 5 a.m. So schools closed today - Fri. Douglas at United Rent Alls fooling around with tractor. David took me to barber shop. Mama went to Sylvia's (McInvaill - a teacher of metaphysics. Margaret married Jim McInvaill after Sylvia died in Florida from breast cancer. Frank had been dead 10 years when M. married Jim at the Little Church on the Lane) at 2 p.m. D. & D. to M.P. (Myers Park) Club to slide in snow & planning dance tonight.

March 12/44/M - Mama went to church. We all went to Grandma's for supper. Had waffles. M. L. ate 3 pieces of chicken. All three drank glass of milk after they came home.

March 13, 14, 15 - no entries.

March 17/61/F - Fri. - Cystoscopic exam at 9 a.m. Not bad. Dr. Nowlin & Dr. Smith. Spent day at hospital & returned home next morning. Mama came for me.

March 18/55/F - D & D went to CAR dance at Selwyn Hotel. Mama got them ready & stayed at house while M.L., Etha (Williams – a neighbor who lived two doors up) & I went to prayer meeting at George Wooten's. 24 people there.

March 19/55/F - Worked until 4 p.m. - rainy and cold. Mama worked all day so she said. M. L. playing around & studying. D. & D. busy with paper route - collecting tonight. Got new shoes.

March 20/53 - Slaughter baby came - a girl.

March 21/first day of spring - no entries.

March 22/61/F - Wed. Saw Dr. Nowlin. Changed my kidney medicine as not curing up as planned. Went to office with David for visit. Planning to return to work April 1. (Frank is 57 years old).

March 23 - no entries.

March 24/61/F - M.L. got her first wedding present. Douglas got potassium permanganate in left eye at school. Mama took him to Nalle Clinic at 5 p.m. See Dr. Limberist tomorrow. Mama, D & D & I ate at Baileys Cafeteria.

March 25/61/F - Sat. Dr. Limberist gave Dougie drops for his eye and to be ok in few days. Said would have to cut bump off my left eye. I visited at office about 2 hours. Worked in yard with D. thru p.m. David at Bob's (Hartman - United Rentall)

March 26, 27 - no entries

March 28/60F - Monday. Returned to work. Feeling ok.

61/F - Dr. Nowlin said kidney cured.

March 29 - no entries.

March 30/61/F - Thurs. Dr. Kelly said doing fine. To have Dr. Limberist cut bump off eye then start dicumeral Mon. I went to office p.m. Mary Lynn came home for Easter. She and Mama went to church 8 p.m. David went to Covenant with Polly. Douglas to our church with his date.

March 31/61/F - Had bump cut off eye. Douglas went with me at 9 a.m. - Dr. Limberist.

April 1/56/F - Easter Sunday - Went to Calvary Church with Douglas Jr. and Mary Lynn. Boys, Mama and Mary Lynn went to early service. Mary Lynn went to Greensboro with Julia Anne (McNairy). We came home.

April 2/56/F - All day conference. Went to Burlington with Mr. Forehand.

April 3/61/F - Returned to work.

April 4 - no entries.

April 5/53/D or D - Easter will come in "to" more days.

April 6, 7, 8, 9 - no entries.

April 10/54/F - Got a crick in my left hip just before going to K. (Katherine - Bus Cooper's daughter. Bus worked for Firestone) Cooper's recital with D, D, and Mama. They wore their new blue suits. M. L. went to S. S. party at H. Heidenreich's (teachers of Sunday School Class.)

April 11/54/F - Sun. Awful ache in shoulders & neck. Dr. Kelly came late p.m. (Frank is 50)

April 12/54/F - Out work. Aching terrible.

April 13/56/F - D,D, Mama gone to church party. M.L. to her club and later to party. I to work on income tax. Had busy week with Messrs. Eaton, Reilly, Durham, Pickle here. Conference, etc.

April 14 - no entries.

April 15/61/F - Sun. David went to Laurinburg with Picketts & decided to attend St. Andrews.

April 16/54/F - Fri. - took deep heat treatment. Helped.

April 17/54/F - Out work all week. Feeling better today & went to office for about hour. Taking Emprin Comp. #3. Grandma (Frank's mother) came. Could not get corsage for Mama and M. L. Grandma got orchid.

April 18/54/Easter/F - Sun. Still aching. Did not to S. School. Mama, D, D, M.L. & Grandma went. All dressed up for Easter. Joe (Frank's brother) & Louise (Joe’s wife)came see us. All the Marleys. Ate supper 8 p.m.

April 19/54/F - Mon. Drove to work ok. Took deep heat treatment. P. M. got dizzy & vision trouble.

April 20/54/F - Tues. Started work but could not see. Stopped at Mint & M (Morehead) and returned home. Double vision. Went to see Dr. Kelly. Made X ray of neck. Stayed home rest of day. Dr. Limberist exam eyes.

April 21/54/F - Wed. Mama took me to work.

April 22/54/F - Thurs. Mama (Margaret is age 40) took me to work. I feel very bad.

61/F - Sat. Got weekly blood test - 8:30. Saw Dr. Kelly 10:30. Doing fine. Went to office 11 a.m. Mr. Cooper said Catherine getting married 6/17. Douglas went to W. S. with J. Johnson for interview. David worked at United Rentall until 9 p.m. Mary Archer and Dr. Spaugh visited with Margaret about County school controversy.

April 23/54/F - Fri. Started to work. Could not see. Mama brought me home. Had head X-rayed. Got new glasses. Very worried. Got neurotic. Mama & I cried. Held prayer together.

61/F - Sun. D, D, Mama & I went to church. Jim Johnson preached. David went to Polly's.

April 24/54/F - Sat. Can't see. Worried. Went to dentist with D & D. Beautiful day. Dr. Kelly said all tests & X-rays perfect. Worry few more days. Talked to Mr. S. (Sweat) by phone. Enjoyed trip to Creek Place. Twins, Mama wanted to spend night. (Note: Frank is 51, Margaret 41, D & D almost 11)

60/F - Sun. Same kidney ailment. 102 temp. 2 p.m. when we started to go fishing but stayed home. Dr. Kelly sent some pills.

April 25/54/F – Sun. – Mama took ML, D & D to SS. We went to church. Had prayer in chapel with Dr. Spaugh. Ms. Nicholson, Ms. Wily & Mr. Mullis. Worried all p.m. Decided I am neurotic. Took dope pill and got better. Got ph cigarettes and started smoking. Felt better. ML went home with Migene (Blythe) to spend night and Mon. She got holiday. Mon. because of honor student.

60/F – Dr. Kelly came by. Still running temp.

April 26/54/Mon./F – Took pill but still dizzy. Mama feeling bad too as did not sleep well and got up too early. She took me to work 10 a.m. Felt better. Worked p.m. and felt better. Trying to keep sense of humor as love each other. Still fuzzy vision.

April 27/61/F – Mr. Wooten (next door neighbor) in hospital suffering with heart attack and cancer. Mrs. Corby (Mrs. Wooten’s sister – mother of Virginia Slaughter) and Mrs. Wooten very upset. He’s planning to come home this week, however.

April 28/60/F – Fri. – went to Memorial Hospital for observation. Dr. McDonald to see (Frank did not finish sentence)

61/F – Fri. Mama could not get her breath at breakfast – choked up. Could not get a doctor. She stayed at home. Got better with hot packs. Planning to go to Raleigh Sat. sick or not.

April 29/60F – Sat. X-rays and tests, etc. showed up ok

61/F – Sat. Blood test 8:30 – Took 50 mg dicumerol. Returned from office 1 p.m. Mama, David, Doug and I left for Raleigh 2 p.m. for Mary Lynn’s practice house dinner which we enjoyed. Stayed at Sutton Motel.

April 30/60/F – went home from Hospital and plan to return to work Mon.

61/F – Sun. Mama and David met ML at 9:15 a.m. for breakfast at College Inn. We ate lunch at Canton restaurant. Drove around Raleigh and State College. Packed ML winter clothes and left for home 2 p.m. Got here at 6. Tired. Cold. Made fire in furnace 5 p.m.

May 1/54/F – Sat. – Went to Memorial Hosp. For tests – Dr. Kelly and Dr. Coffey.

61/F – Mon. – All went to work or school. Mama went to Dr. Gordan and he said she had some contagious throat or nose ailment – nothing chronic as she suspected when she stayed at home Fri.

May 2/61/F – Tues. – Cape Canaveral did not get man in space today because of bad weather. Will try again Thurs. or Fri. Communists in Cuba giving trouble. Also Laos and Algeria. Weather cold with low 37 tonight – possible frost. Have 10 tomatoes planted since late March. City elections today.

May 3 – 6 – no entries

May 7/54/ML – (ML in 9th grade) David and Douglas had nice birthday. Had a few friends over.

54/F – Fri. Returned from hospital. Nothing accomplished. Got patch for one eye and could see some that way.

May 8/54/F – Sat. – Stayed home. Vision bad.

May 9/54/F – Sun. – Went to SS. Did not stay for church.

May 10/54/F – Mon. Returned to work. Got along ok. Feeling better.

May 11, 12 – no entries

May 13/54/F – Thurs. Dr. Kelly called said to see Dr. Linberist in 2 weeks. No further tests now.

May 14/54/F – Fri. Had pretty fair week at work. Mr. Sweat came from Wilmington yesterday with eye trouble – going to hospital.

60/F – Sat. Returned from Atlanta 7:30. D & D out on Jr. & Sr. dance affair. Rented their tux and ready for big night.

May 15/54/F – Sat. Worked till noon. Vision still bad. (Note: The diagnosis for Frank’s eye was that the 6th cranial nerve was paralyzed, and Frank was told that he would never be better again. Margaret & Frank attributed his cure to prayer – Bishop Spaugh put his hands on Frank’s head and prayed for healing – several times - and Frank said he could feel the power going into his head. Each night the family of five would gather for prayers in Frank’s and Margaret’s bedroom )

May 16/54/F – Sun. Went to SS and church. Loyalty day. Slept pm. Went to airport with Mama and boys.

May 17/45/M – Mary Lynn had 20 children to her birthday party ( 6 years old.) Had sponge cake with chocolate icing trimmed in yellow. (This was at 1027 East Boulevard. Margaret made the cake. Mary Lynn thought it was the prettiest cake she’d ever seen in her life)

54/M – Mary Lynn (15th birthday-9th grade) got $5 and a new raincoat. Supreme Court repealed segregation law.

May 18/45/M – Aunt Mary (Yandle – Frank’s sister) had our family, Ann and Jody for dinner. Mary Lynn went up in airplane (with Frank – small plane at Pageland airport. This entry crossed out in diary and moved to Nov. 18.)

54 – President Eisenhower drove down East Blvd. To Freedom Park. We yelled "Hey, Ike" and he turned around and waved.

May 19 – no entries

May 20/60/F. – Fri. Went Dr. McDonald 11 a.m. Got out at 12:30. Some improvement. Quit taking sulfa pills and feel better. See him 20 days. Dr. Irwin cleaned teeth. Going for filling (2) 5/31, when I also to see Dr. McD. Again at same time as they in same building.

May 21/60/F – Sat. Feeling pretty good. Dist. Sales conference until 3 p.m. Mama, D and D and I went to lake at 5:30. Picnic supper. No fish biting. Killed a snake.

May 22 – 26 – no entries

May 27/51/ML ( Frank was 47, Margaret 37, ML 12, D & D 8) – Daddy had a heart attack in Liberty, N. C. Mr. Morris brought him to Memorial Hospital in Charlotte. (Note: ML, D & D cleaned the house while Margaret went to the hospital. M. told them as she was rushing to get to the hospital that their daddy could die and that the house needed to look clean for people who might come.. Before the children worked on the house they held hands in a circle and prayed for their daddy. )

60/F- Fri. Worked in Salisbury, High Point, Burlington and Raleigh. Brought ML home from Meredith and her Jr. year.

61/F – Sat. Blood test and examination by Dr. Kelly ok Keep on taking 50 mg dicumerol daily – also quinidine and digitalis.

May 28/60/F – Sat. – Came home 2 pm. Rested. Worked in garden. Tomatoes waist high and pretty. Douglas and I went to lake after supper but no fish biting. Dot (Black – Frank’s sister) expecting baby anytime.

61/F – Sun. Boys wore caps and gowns at church. We attended baccalaureate services at First Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. Jones, Mama and I went together.

May 29/60/F – Sun. Douglas and I went to Church. Jim Johnson preached usual good sermon. ML, Mama and David came home after SS. Mama and I went to see Aunt Sallie (Shannon – lived on Sardis Rd.) She is at home and getting along very well with help of a walker.

May 30/61/F – Mon. Holiday but staff members had to work all day. J.R. Morrill (Dan’s father) and F. Brock in for assignments, etc. Discussed ML and Dan’s wedding plans with Jimmy. He is going to her graduation next Monday. Mama and the boys planning to go Sun. night.

May 31/61/F – Worked nearly all day with all men out in field. Boys graduated from H. S. tonight at 8 p.m. Ovens auditorium. Mama went with PA and Mrs. Jones. I stayed home.

June 1 – no entries.

June 2/61/F – I worked. Mama had kindergarten plans. She enjoys her work. Douglas got mad when we teased him at supper. They both out dating tonight. Getting awfully hot. Has been cold all spring.

June 3 – 15 – no entries

June 16/60/David – Polly’s 16th birthday. Gave her I Love U charm. Went out to eat and had very good time.

June 17 – July 11 - no entries

July 12/54 – Went to Wild Acres Mon. thru Sun. Had most excellent time. I could drive some but eye still bothering me.

July 13 – 19 – no entries

July 20/54/F – Had appt. with Dr. Coffee but he could not keep it. Didn’t make another as eye getting better.

July 21 – 31 – no entries

August 1/54/F – My left eye getting better – in fact about well. How happy and thankful.

August 2 – 4 – no entries

August 5/61/F – Sat. – ML and Dan married at Little Church on Lane. Glad wedding over. Ladies Home Journal people been here all week taking pictures and interviewing. Good to get rid of crowds. M. and I all alone tonight.

August 6/61/F – Sun. – ML phoned from some motel – then she and Dan came by here after supper to get something to eat. They going Winston-Salem Mon. (Note: ML and Dan had almost no money so couldn’t afford a honeymoon. Things improved financially after Mary Lynn got her first pay check – teaching at Briarcliff High School in Atlanta. M & Frank loaned them $100 – see Nov. 25 where ML made $100 error in her checkbook - never made an error again as this was upsetting – Dan’s parents would never have loaned ML & Dan any money as Jim Morrill so tight they were scared to ask - which they paid back within 4 weeks. Also the Ladies Home Journal gave them $1000 in Nov. as ML balked at going to NY for more photos and only agreed to go if they would pay her . Since ML would not fly, Ladies Home Journal got a bedroom on a Friday night train. ML taught all day Friday and she and Dan arrived in NY Sat. am. Dan was a student at Emory. Dan & ML moved to Charlotte in June 1963 as Dan got a job at Charlotte College – now UNCC - making $6300 yearly Dougie came to Atlanta and helped them load their stuff. Dan drove the VW with the three Siamese cats to Charlotte & Dougie drove the rent truck with ML in the passenger seat David was recovering from osteomyelitis or would have been helping too. Mary Lynn taught at McClintock Jr. High – art & home economics & Sedgefield Jr. High – creative writing & art until she got pregnant with Linda who was born March 15, 1966. Dan’s father, Jim, died from colon cancer at age 56 shortly after ML & Dan moved to Charlotte. They rented a house on Dunlavin Way for 4 months,and then bought a house at 1401 Shannonhouse Dr.for $14,300 which they lived in three years. In March 1967, they bought 139 Middleton Drive for $19,300 and are still living in the house in 2001 In 1967 Eastover, Dilworth & Myers Park were considered to be going downhill and a new house in the suburbs was more costly and fashionable.)

August 7 – 10 – no entries.

August 11/61/F – Fri. Dan and ML loaded up everything and took off for Atlanta.

August 12 –30 – no entries.

August 31 – Thurs. Mr. Wooten (Mr. Frank Wooten lived next door) died.

Sept. 1 – 7 – no entries

Sept. 8, 9/44/M – Aunt Fannie (Grandma Caldwell’s sister) has died, Uncle Jim (Grandma’s brother) has died. We went to Brunswick, babies are walking everywhere and have been since before a year old. ML has Carole and Barbara for playmates but misses Johnny.

Sept. 10/44/M – Fred called. Visitors: Walters (Fred worked for Firestone. Margaret always dreaded phone calls from Mrs. Walters as she would sometimes talk 2 or 3 hours without stopping. Every Christmas Mrs. W. would want to divide Moravian cookies with Margaret and would make Margaret count the cookies out one by one), Faire (Franklin- Frank’s sister – Faire stayed with Margaret when she was pregnant with D & D. Faire was pregnant too), Bobby (Faire’s son), Dot (Frank’s sister), Don (Frank’s brother), Irvin(Frank’s brother). Living at 1027 East Boulevard. We like it very much. Have bought this house ($7500). Dougie said "Ba-yun better get out."

61/F – Sun. David, Mother and I took Doug to Pfeiffer. Attend 11 a.m. service. Ate at cafeteria. We left at 3 p.m. but too late getting back for David A. wedding.

Sept. 11/44/M – Babies have been feeding selves for three months. Trying to talk. We’re cleaning walls, floors; painting, etc.

Sept. 12/44/M – We took Mrs. Gilbert (she had been rooming with the family since they moved to 1027 E. Blvd.) to her new house today. She is moving. We’re getting ready for Aunt Thelma, Uncle Pete, Bill and Kat.

Sept. 13 – no entries.

Sept. 14/61/F – Wed. David worked part day at Bob’s although getting ready to go to St. Andrews. Bob having hard time getting help since Bug quit and went to Pfeiffer.

Sept. 15/44/M – Billy (Bill Ashburn – Margaret’s baby brother) home from Italy after finishing his 50 missions. He has the distinguished flying cross and air medal with 6 oak leaf clusters.

Sept. 16/44/M – Aunt Thelma and Uncle Pete, Bill and Kat here for weekend. Aunt Thelma brought boys suits, ML blouse and pants, a baked chicken, two pies, beans, peaches, tomato juice.

61/F – Sat. M,D, and Polly took ML wedding dress to airport to be in Atlanta early Sun morning to make pictures for Ladies Home Journal.

Sept. 17/61/F – M and I took David to St. Andrews, ate lunch … most enjoyable. David very nervous. Dutchess ( the family dog) very calm.

Sept. 18/44/M – Mary Ollie is expecting a baby in March.

Sept. 19 – no entries

Sept. 20/44/M – ML has learned to curtsy at kindergarten. She can scramble eggs, cook oatmeal, fix orange juice and toast.

Sept. 21/44/M – David and Dougie like to swing. David pumps on the red and blue swing. Dougie went to sleep in baby swing.

Sept. 22/53/D – April 5 - Easter(this entry was put in Sept. instead of April by one of the twins).

The Easter Bunny said he/she would not bring us anything.

Sept. 23/61/F – Sat. Went to Nalle Clinic for 2 week b test. Said ok and keep on 50 mg dicumerol ok

Sept. 24/61/F – Sun. M and I attended church and SS Stayed at home and got much needed rest. First time Mama rested up for months. (Note: Mary Lynn married and living in Atlanta. D and D off at college). Our grocery bill very small now.

Sept. 25, 26 – no entries

Sept. 27/44/M – Babies can say hat, cookie, apple, Hey Daddy, swing

61/F – I got back from Spartanburg.

Sept. 28/44/M – Estella (the maid) here. Mrs. Shirley Carrington from across the street came to call. M.L. has cold and fever 99 degrees.

61/F – Thurs. M. (Margaret) going to W. S. (Winston-Salem) early tomorrow. I planning to meet her Sat. and come home Sun. after spending nite Aunt Thelma’s. Mama peeved because I can’t go until Sat. and have to drive. M. gone to Mrs. Slaughters to play bridge tonight. Went to Sylvia’s (McInvaill) this p.m.

Sept. 29/44/M – Mrs. Pifer and Johnnie came up. Daddy left for Goldsboro, Raleigh and Wilmington. Will be gone over weekend. M. L. has cold and slight fever. Stayed out of kindergarten.

Sept. 30/44/M – David has right stomach tooth. Grandma, Dot, Don, Irvin came by around 2 o/clock.

Don and Irvin ate some lunch. Brought boys overalls.

61/F – Sat. Mama went to W. S. to kindergarten meeting Fri. Bug (Douglas, Frank’s son – age 18) come home 4:30 p.m. today and he and I went to W. S. (Winston-Salem) after mowing the yard and fooling around. Ate supper 7 p.m. Aunt Thelma, Bill (Ashburn), Kat (Bill’s wife.) M. come home 10 p.m. and we all spent night Aunt Thelma.

October 1/44/M – The children and I went to Grandma’s (Frank’s mother- Frank’s father, John McCamey Caldwell, died in 1942 walking to the house from the barn - heart attack –@ 84 years old) for dinner. Vernon’s (Alexander – Frank’s sister – husband, Dwight - children), Louise’s (Caldwell – wife of Frank’s brother, Joe), Mary’s (Yandle –Frank’s sister - husband Ray – children, Gerry and Carolyn) families there in afternoon. We came back by Bess’s (Embree – Frank’s cousin.)

61/F – Sun. – Douglas went sleep last night 9 p.m. Got up today 11 a.m. Aunt T. and I went to communion service at Calvary (Moravian Church in Winston-Salem that Margaret and Frank were married in – Aug. 4, 1938. Mary Lynn was christened in the church.) Brought Douglas back by Pfeiffer and we got home about 6:30. Had real nice time. David at St. Andrews. Douglas went to see him Fri. night.

Oct. 2/44/M – Mary Lynn started back to kindergarten today. We got a letter from Daddy this afternoon.

Oct. 3 – 7 – no entries

Oct. 8/61/F – Sun. – M. L. went to S. S. and church. Dr. Spaugh in Jamaica. Jim preached. Beautiful day. M. L. phone last night. David planning come home next weekend. Roy Katz very ill at Pres. Hospital.

Oct. 9, 10 – no entries

Oct. 11/61/F – M. L. phoned that LHJ (Ladies Home Journal) wants her to go N. Y. She does not want to go and Mama told her not to go.

Oct. 12, 13, 14 – no entries

Oct. 15/61/F – Sun. D & D came home yesterday. We were glad to see them. All 4 went to church today. Douglas was here Fri. night but went back and returned Sat. to see David. Polly (Pickett) ate supper with us Sat. night.

Oct. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 – no entries

Oct. 21/61/F – Sat. – Blood test 8:30 and saw Dr. Kelly 12:30. Everything looks ok.

Oct. 22/61/F – Sun. M. met M. L. and D. at Sou. Sta. At 12 noon and was at house when I returned from church. (Margaret went to see Dan and M. L. at the Southern Railway Station on their way from New York to Atlanta. Mary Lynn and Dan left on a Fri. p.m. train after ML taught all day at Briarcliff High School, spent the night on the train and arrived the next a.m. in New York so M. L. could model the clothes – 4 outfits – for the Ladies Home Journal – 31s- floor of RCA Bldg. M. L. was back at work Mon. a.m. and Dan back in class at Emory.) Helped baptize Flinham baby. M. and I went to see Ann (Frank’s sister) in p.m. She ok. Planning picnic at lake Sat. night. We planning to go to Atlanta Nov. 11. Joe (Frank’s brother), Tom (Joe’s 2nd son), Harry(Joe’s 3rd son), Vernon (Alexander – Frank’s sister), Diane(Vernon’s daughter) and Mrs. McKee here . Also Bill(Dot’s husband), Dot (Black -Frank’s sister), Janice (Dot’s daughter), Jimmy(Dot’s son) and Sara Ann (Dot’s 3rd child – daughter)

Oct. 23, 24 – no entries.

Oct. 25/54/F – Moved to new Firestone Building (located on Wilkinson Blvd.)

Oct. 26, 27, 28, 29 – no entries

Oct. 30/54/F – Sat. – Got home 4 p.m. Hard week getting adjusted new building. Mr. Newsome and Joe came at 5 p.m. to talk about Creek Place. Notified Mr. Williams would give him 2 weeks if he could come up with comparable offer. (The land, 385 acres, was sold at $400 per acre with a five year payout with interest. There were 12 children to divide the money. The family called the land the Creek Place. Today it is called Providence Plantation.)

Oct. 31/54/F – I did not go Church, SS with Mama and boys. Going to Burlington this pm.

Nov. 1 – no entries

Nov. 2/44/M – Came back from Winston today. Aunt Thelma is expecting Doug Jr. home from Hawaiian Islands after two years.

Nov. 3, 4 – no entries

Nov. 5/44/M – Went to church. Mama and ML ate dinner. Daddy kept the boys. They spilled bottle of ink on rug.

Nov. 6, 7, 8 – no entries

Nov. 9/45/M – Since I wrote last, Pat (Keller – Frank’s sister) was married here (at 1027 E. Blvd.) and Faire (Franklin – Frank’s sister) has gone to New York with Count (Faire’s husband) and Bobby (Faire’s son.)  Note: Faire C. Franklin was 90 years old Oct. 31, 2002.  She lives in Charlotte with her son, Ben, and his wife, Linda, who had all the family members for a birthday supper in Faire's honor. Those attending included Linda Franklin, Ben Franklin, Mary Lynn Morrill, Dan Morrill, Sylvia Caldwell, Bill Caldwell, Louise Caldwell (94), Jackie Caldwell Ford, Eddie Ford, Virginia Caldwell, David Caldwell Alexander, Mary Jane McKee Alexander, Dianne Alexander Wagstaff, Bob Wagstaff, Dot Caldwell Black - Faire's sister, Bill Black, Donald Harrison Caldwell - Faire's brother, Jossephine Caldwell, Josh Franklin and his fiancee, Erin Franklin

Nov. 10/44/M – Mary Lynn went to Peggy Talley’s birthday party.

45/M – Peggy had a theater party and lunch for her birthday.

Nov. 11/45/M – Went to Winston for day. Douglas and Helen (Peterson), Bill and Kat (Ashburn) were at Aunt Thelma’s. First time Doug had seen boys.

61/F – Sat. Left at 3:50 a.m. Arrived Atlanta 9:20 a.m. Enjoyable trip. ML and D met us. Glad to see them. Enjoyable visit. Good lunch. Went see uptown p.m. M. L. fixed very finest steak supper. Talk, talk, talk and went to bed.

Nov. 12/44/M – Douglas, Jr. called tonight. We had just come from Grandma’s. David and Dougie went to Sunday School (Moravian - Little Church on the Lane) today for first time.

61/F- Sun. Good breakfast and lunch and got on train 1:30 p.m. Arrived Charlotte 7:45. Good trip. Douglas was still at home after going to Wake Forest for weekend. Ate some supper with us and returned to Pfeiffer.

Nov. 13/45/M – Mary Lynn has lost three front teeth. Has read 5 books in school. Miss Orr is her teacher (first grade at Dilworth.)

Nov. 14 – no entries

Nov. 15/45/M – Daddy left for Atlanta to go to credit Mgr.’s Convention. Mama fixed breakfast for Mr. Dunn and Mr. Williams.

Nov. 16/45/M – Mama went to Mint Museum to Salem Alumnae meeting. Mama and children went to Providence chicken supper.

Nov. 17 – no entries

Nov. 18/45/M – Aunt Mary (Yandle – Frank’s sister who lived in Pageland, S. C.) had our family, Ann (Ross – Frank’s sister who lived in Pineville and Jody – Ann’s son) for dinner. Mary Lynn went up in airplane. Margaret was very upset that Mary Lynn did this.

Nov. 19-21 – no entries

Nov. 22/60/F – Went to Concord and came back feeling chilly and like taking something. Worked until 10 p.m.

61/F – Wed. David and John Birch arrived 3 p.m. Douglas and John Simmons arrived about 8 p.m. for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 23/60/F – Wed. David in bed since Mon. with infection. Douglas in bed Mon. I took it today and stayed home with 102 temp. D, D, and Mama went to Monroe to get ML. Dan arrived before they got back at 7 (Dan and ML engaged – married Aug. 5, 1961)

61/F – First rain of autumn all day for Thanksgiving. John Simmons and John Birch came home with D and D. Polly came for dinner. We had a big one. ML and D did not come home (married and living in Atlanta.) We stayed in all day. They had a rainy parade. All well.

Nov. 24/56/F – Sat. – Cold – David & Douglas (age 13) & I put up screens on back porch. My chest started burning (Frank age 53) and went to see Dr. Kelly.

60/F – Thanksgiving. Big turkey dinner for us five, Dan and Polly. Douglas claimed Dutch his girl. Rainy & cold. I feeling better & plan go work Fri. To see Dr. Kelly 2:30 Fri.

Nov. 25/56/F – Sun. Feeling fine. Went to church. Dr. Kelly phoned ML & she told him I ok & gone to church.

61/F – Sat. – I got home 2 p.m. Boys finished breakfast. Worked in yard p.m. Douglas & John went to Newton at 8 p.m. Dan phoned 9 p.m. ML overdrawn her bank acct. Mama wired her $80 and sent check for $20. Tot. cost $1.79. (See Aug. 5 for explanation of the $100 loan.)

Nov. 26/56/F – Mon. – Went to work after being vacation since last Wed. Had pain in chest at 3 p.m. but went away. Started again at 7 p.m. & Dr. Kelly had me go hospital via ambulance. (Note: Mary Lynn was a senior at Central High School, David & Douglas were in the 8th grade at Sedgefield Jr. High, Margaret, age 42 (turned 43 12/11), was a kindergarten teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Frank, age 53 (turned 53 on 8/17.)

Nov. 27/56/F – Tues. – in hospital with heart attack.

Nov. 28/60/F – Went back to work feeling better but bad.

Nov. 29, 30 – no entries

December 1/60/F – Thurs. – Stayed home with flu relapse. Dr. Kelly, Jr. came & gave me some more pills. Stay out work bal. week.

Dec. 2 – 4 – no entries

Dec. 5/60/F – Mon. Returned to work feeling better.

Dec. 6/60/F – Left at 7 p.m. for Wilmington with Mr. Cooper & Mr. Ondo. ( It should be mentioned that Frank took Equanil/Miltown – the tranquilizer of the time. Dr. Kelly told Frank that a less tense and worried body would be less likely to have a heart attack. That is what Frank told Mary Lynn who also worried about doing things perfectly. Frank gave Mary Lynn 50 cents for A’s at school and $1.00 for B’s as he didn’t want her to be so conscientious like he was. He ate Tums on a regular basis for his ulcers which were diagnosed when Mary Lynn was in the 2nd grade at Dilworth Elementary. Frank, the oldest of 13 children, was a UNC-Chapel Hill business graduate. He worked for a Charlotte bank until the depression hit and then he went to work for Firestone. Mr. Sweat, his boss, was a tyrant to Frank and the other employees. At the time of Frank’s death 1/11/62, he was credit mgr. for Firestone & earned around $10,000 yearly – worth about $60,000 yearly at this time - 2002)

Dec. 7, 8 – no entries

Dec. 9/60/F – Fri. – went to Wilmington with Mr. Cooper & Mr. Durham who stopped off here last night on his way back from Akron (headquarters for Firestone.)

61/F/F – Sat. – Aunt T. & Bet (Aunt Thelma Peterson’s granddaughter) came yesterday. A. T. went with me to get Mama birthday present of pajamas & she like them & started wearing at once.

Dec. 10 – no entries

Dec. 11/52/ML – tried to bake mother a birthday cake. Grease caught on fire. Cake turned out terrible. Could not eat it. Aunt Thelma sent her two sheets.

60/F – Sun. – Mama started her 47th birthday celebration last night and concluded it today. ML phoned her from Meredith. David went to Polly’s this pm. Bug & I went to the office. Mama went to play the piano.

61/F – Mon. – Schoofs (Dottie & Herb – friends who attended the Little Church on the Lanelived on Picardy Place & had children Linda & twins, Gretchen & Carl) went with us to Oriental Rest to celebrate Mama’s birthday. Good time.

Dec. 12 - no entries.

Dec. 13/60/F – Douglas ht. 5’11 1/14" – wt. 150, David ht. 6’ 1/14" – wt. 150. Temp. 32 degrees low this am 17 degrees. (Note: D & D born May 7, 1943. Margaret reports that David was born first and weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and Douglas followed at 6 lbs. 14 oz. Douglas was ½" longer than David. She intended to name the boys Frankie (David Franklin Caldwell, Jr.) and Freddy(Frederick William after Margaret’s brothers,) but Aunt Thelma and Frank changed her mind. Aunt Thelma’s husband was Douglas Peterson – also her son was a Jr. )

Dec. 14/61/F – Thurs. – Whitehead succeeded Cooper as D.M. (district manager for Firestone). McGilray here for announcement to staff.

Dec. 15 – no entries

Dec. 16/61/F – Sat. Got home 3 p.m. after long day at office – plans for store mgr. conf. Tues. etc. Ate supper with Marion & Boot (Person – lived on Sardis Rd. – Marion taught at Myers Park Elementary School & was Frank’s first cousin. Her mother was Sallie Shannon – Sally’s husband was Grandma Caldwell’s brother, Joe, Aunt Sallie, a house builder, owned the house Margaret & Frank lived in on Sardis Rd. She was unkind to Margaret during her difficult pregnancy with the twins as M. couldn’t cater to Aunt Sallie as she had been doing. Aunt. Sallie told M. & F. Christmas Eve that they would have to move from her house. Marion & Boot had one child, a daughter, "Little Sally". Little Sally would pinch ML when no one was looking. Mary Lynn, age 3 at the time, was terrified of her. She looked like Rhoda in the Bad Seed movie except her hair was black instead of blond) Aunt Sally 81 and active. She & Mrs. Knowles ate together. 8:30 a.m. went Dr. Kelly office for lab. Program ok - $300.

Dec. 17/60/F – Sat. Spent night Raleigh and brought M.L. home Sat. p.m. She fixed sandwiches for me at Meredith at 1 p.m. Got here 5 p.m. & Dan came at 6 p.m. Mama cooking & in big stew over Christmas. She has to work Mon. & Tues.

61/F – Sun. Furnace off all day. Johnsons (H. V. Johnson and Son Heating) men finally got it fixed 6 p.m. after 3 trips.

M. and I went to church – brought Mable (Kimmel – in church) & Alice Ann (Mable’s daughter)home (to Lombardy Circle – Mable had bad Parkinson’s Disease. Her husband, Ray, who worked for the Charlotte Lifesaving Squad, fell into a cement mixer and got killed a few years earlier.)

Dec. 18/57/F – Firestone Christmas party. Mr. Little retired 11/1/59 – had stroke 2 weeks before. Gave him bowl at party. He & Mr. Sweat cried. Mr. Sweat was succeeded by Mr. Cooper as Dist. Mgr. as of 11/1. (Note: George Little's son, Jimmy Little,  died in the Hotel Winecoff fire in Atlanta.  The Littles lived on Malvern Rd.)

Dec. 19/61/F - Tues. – Store mgrs. & salesmen’s conference all day. Conducted Messrs. McGilorey & Cooper. Mr. Whitehead did not get back from Akron. Ate lunch with Jim Morrill & he happy M. L. & D. (married in Aug.) & Jimmy Jr. (Note: Jimmy married Carolyn Johnson, a year ahead of Mary Lynn at Meredith. The marriage ended when Ashley was 8, Whitney was 6, Jamey was 4, Joel was 2. Jimmy is retired as a Professor from the University of Louisville and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He married a 2nd time and divorced and has been living with Meg over 12 years. Carolyn lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Will Morgan.)

Dec. 20/58/F – Sat. – M.L. got a ride home from Meredith. We all happy to see her as first time she home since Thanksgiving.

Dec. 21/58./F. – Sun. Enjoyed having Mr. & Mrs. Little (Firestone) for dinner. He's  looking & feeling ok.

61/F – Thurs. – ML & D got here from Atlanta 6 p.m. Ate supper opened their presents & went to W. S. To return here Mon. p.m. for Caldwell family reunion.

Dec. 22/52/ML – Went to see Aunt Thelma. Said Mrs. Biles (Mary Ollie’s mother – Margaret spent a good bit of time with their family home in Old Salem. Mary Lynn’s college roommate and maid of honor was Martha Biles. Her father was Kenneth who was Mrs. Biles’s son) had died.

58/F – Firestone party at Elks club. We did not go, as Mr. Warren & I made trip to Fayetteville today. Went by his house and he is going to party about 8 p.m.

Dec. 23/52/ML – Mary Lynn (7th grade at A. G. Jr. High) went to three parties and to choir practice. The weather is damp, cold and rainy. Very tired from Christmas doings.

56/F – Sunday – I came home from Memorial Hospital at 2 p.m. Mama & Douglas came for me after M. L. & David had brought a load of stuff home. Was good to be home.

60/F – Fri. - Went to Staff party at Mr. Coopers.

61/F – Sat. – Dist. Off. Closed. Raked leaves then Douglas & I went shopping. David & I went to farm p.m. to set out trees & shrubs. Irvin (Frank’s brother) sold his timber. Man wants to buy ours for 2 – 3 thous. but don’t care to sell. Mama has sore throat & ear. Cooked turkey for supper. Christmas presents all wrapped.

Dec. 24/52/F – Christmas rush is on. Daddy came home about 3 p.m. – went to Love Feast at 4 p.m. Berryman, Janet, Marshall, Mike & Bebe came for supper. Had best turkey and all trimmings. Looked at TV and talked after supper.

56/F – Mon. Glad to be home on Christmas Eve.

58/F – Worked until 3:30 p.m. Bought some last minute presents & went to 4:30 Love Feast. M.L, Douglas and Mama helped serve. David Jr. Sacristan and then sat with me. Big crowd.

60/F – Sat. Went to work until 11:30. No one there. Started snowing. Dan and ML came from W. S. about 3:30 I planning to be vacation next week.

Dec. 25/44/M – Had a happy Christmas! Mary Lynn got a doll, tea set and living room suite, raincoat, game and many presents. David & Douglas got rocky-horse, pounding boards, books, wooden train & other presents. Mama got a lovely living room chair and Daddy got ties, pajama & handkerchiefs.

52/F – Good Christmas. Boys got bikes. Mama watch. ML and I got suit cases.

55/ML – Mother got silver service. Daddy got clothes.

56/F – Happy Christmas. No big presents but lots of little ones & cards. Boys got a radio. Daddy got artist set for hobby. Jo & Don (Frank’s brother) came. Mr. & Mrs. Sweat & Frannie & Major.

60/F – Sun. Dan & ML here until noon & went W. S. Happy Christmas with lots little presents.

61/F – Mon. Clear cold happy Christmas. M.L. & D. got here from W. S. 4 p.m. and we had 51 here for family reunion supper. All families represented except Pat. Had good time.

Dec. 26/52/F – Fri. – went to work but no activity. Came home 2:30. Mr. Canady brought his car by here to leave as he quitting co. Schoofs visited us.

60/ - Mon. Boys & Mama sleeping. I went to Irvin’s at 10 a.m. beautiful day. Ate lunch with Dot (Frank’s sister) & Bill (Bill Black – Dot’s husband).

Dec. 27/58F – Sat. Raining hard. Transported D & D to get their Hermitage Rd. girls (Dougie’s date was Betsy Benoit and David’s was Hannah Bradford) for party at Carl’s. Mrs. Walker to take them (the girls) home. Mama (age 45) slipped on ice & bruised her arm & bottom bad this morning.

Dec. 28 – no entries

Dec. 29/58/F – Mon. Beginning 2 weeks vacation. Went to Dr. Irwin at 12:30 & return tomorrow for 6 fillings. M. L. (age 19) is in W. S. at Dan’s & to come home Wed. Took D & D to party – every night affair. Arranged to have roof put on house.

60F – Thurs. Douglas slept until 3 p.m. David 12 noon. I went to town & got back for lunch Mama fixed at 1 p.m. Bought $17 worth groceries. Dan & M. L. coming from W. S. tomorrow.

61/F – M. L. & D. departed for Atlanta 11 a.m. & were gone when I got home for lunch. Tonight M & I took some things to Louise (Caldwell) for her Observer interview Sat. D & D gone dating.

Dec. 30/56/F – Sun. – Margaret, M. L. & Doug went to S. S. David stayed with me – we read – took a nap. Had good lunch – played Chinese checker with M. L. Watched N. Y. Giants & Chicago Bears play football until company came in. Had Thompsons, Mr. Wooten, O. L. Allen, Banks & Marion Blythe, G. F. Cooper.

58/F – Tues. Enjoying vacation. Went to town p. Got Buick fixed. Packed at Firestone & spent 2 hours in town at brokers & stores. Enjoyed it.

Dec. 31/52/F – Wed. I did not go to work as have pains in stomach. If not ulcers or heart acting up it is 24 hr. virus. Watched TV until 10:30. Arthur Godfrey, Mike Barnett, etc. Could not get M. L. & boys up for New Years at 12 p.m.

56/F- All feeling good & happy. Boys waiting to shoot fire works – rather wild. M. L. went to party at Mrs. Smith’s and church.

58/F – Wed. – On vacation & enjoying leisure. Went to bank and to several stores.

61/F – Sun. – M., D., D. & I attended 11 a.m. church. Aunt S. (Sallie) & Marion came this p.m. Plan attend open house & communion at midnight.

Epilogue – Dec. 31, 1961- on final page of diary – by Frank

Through the grace of God this has been an eventful year for which we are thankful. The year started off with political & economic uncertainty. Pres. Kennedy inaugurated while I was in Memorial Hospital. Heavy snows in March. Mary Lynn graduated, married and publicized by newspapers and Ladies Home Journal for Feb. 1962 issue. Douglas entered Pfeiffer College and David enter St. Andrews. M & I visited M. L. & D. in Atlanta Nov 11. Had thankful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. All in good health except Margaret has recurring throat and headaches from time to time.


Note: The information came from a black leather five year diary which Frank gave to Margaret. The data in italics was added by Mary Lynn, with Margaret’s assistance, to explain some of the information. Mary Lynn was in college in Raleigh 1957-1961 and after she and Dan married, she lived in Atlanta 1961 – 1963. Dan and ML returned to Charlotte in June 1963. Mary Lynn dropped her membership at the Little Church on the Lane after she was married and was confirmed into the Episcopal Church. Dan joined and Mary Lynn rejoined the Moravian Church in 1971, on the same day that Mary Dana was christened. Linda was christened in the Episcopal Church in 1966. Dan and Mary Lynn have lived in Charlotte since 1963. Their two children are Linda Marie Morrill Sterritt – married to Steve – 4 children – Jeff/11, Mike/8, Adam/6 and Dana/born Sept. 2, 2000 and Mary Dana Morrill Paradis – married to Mike - one child, Dan Morrill Paradis born Aug. 9, 2002. Dan is a history professor at UNCC.

David & Douglas graduated from Myers Park High School in 1961. Dougie met Barbara in Sept. 1964 and they got married at the Old Chapel at Central Moravian the week after graduation from Moravian College in 1966. The reception was held at the Hotel Bethlehem. Dougie graduated spring 1969 from Moravian Seminary (he and Barbara both worked at Bethlehem Steele.) In 1985 Dougie graduated from Drew University and is The Rev. Dr. Douglas William Caldwell. He is minister at Central Moravian Church. Dougie and Barbara have two children – 1) Douglas/married to Quinn and 2) Ashley.

David, a UNCC graduate, married Polly at Charlotte’s Covenant Presbyterian in 1967. They live in Florida & have three children – 1)David(Chip)/married to Lynn – 1 child – Franklin/born July 2, 2000, 2) Mark/married to Tiffany, and 3)Doug/married to Laura. David is owner of Riteway Co. in Lakeland. David & Polly are Methodists.

Margaret moved to the Moravian Home a few miles from Dougie's Moravian Church,  Sept. 12, 2002.



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