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July 1, 3-A

New Post Office Station in Charlotte

July 1, 4-C

Charlotte plans new Chamber of Commerce building, possibly in Brooklyn

July 2, 5-A

School Board Lets Contracts (for building of North Mecklenburg Jr. High)

July3, 1-B

Renewal Group Lets Contracts – work deals with plans in Brooklyn

July 9, 1-D

Veto of Housing Bill Stalled (will fund Charlotte’s slum clearance plan in Brooklyn)

July 10, (?)

New Speedway’s Progress is Slow (Charlotte Motor Speedway)

July 12, 9-A

Queen’s Is Building and Planning More – New Sorority House, Classroom Buildings, Irwin McKay Infirmary, Everett Library

July 12, 1-B

Stilts To Support Charlotte’s $700,000 Queen’s Terrace – modern apartment on

Granville Rd.; architect is Louis H. Asbury

July 16, 18-A

Work To Start Immediately On New Wing For Hospital (Memorial Hospital)

July 17, 11-A

New Hovis Chapel Opens Mortuary On 829 Providence

July 21, 11-A

County OK’s Use of Funds for Building – new county office on E. Fourth St.

July 23, 1-B

Bethel Defends (new health) Center with Wit

July 26, 1-D

Land Use and Traffic Plan; School Bids Due Aug 13 (Windsor Park Elementary

By Wilson and McCulloch)


July 27, 1-B

Charlotte, Other Cities Sweat Out Housing Bill’s Fate (Urban Renewal)

July 28, 1-B

Health Center Building Accepted On Sugaw Creek

August 4, 5-A

Radcliffe Avenue Widening Urged – runs between Queen’s Rd West and Selwyn


August 4, 1-B

Redevelopment Meet Today – city council and urban redevelopment commission

Meet about plans for Brooklyn

City Building Code Delayed

August 5, 2-B

Railways Should Keep Up With Times

August 6, 12-D

City Council Will Re-Run Whole Show – urban redevelopment proposals will be

Given Aug 31

August 8, 5-A

Homecoming Will Highlight New Sanctuary’s Opening – Matthew’s Methodist


August 9, 8-A

The ‘Crescentite’ Is Being Studied – UNC-CH study of people living in the fast growing and urbanized crescent from Greenville, SC to Raleigh

August 11, 6-A

Intersection Redesigning Is Planned – Douglas Airport Rd and Dixie Rd intersection widened to four lanes

August 12, 2-A

Senators Try to Override Veto – new pared down housing bill to be voted on

August 14, 1-B

Photo of Charlottetown Shopping Center under construction

August 15, 1-A

NC’s Third Largest Bank Plans Charlotte Branch (First Citizen’s)

August 18, 3-A

6 Named To New Building Board (Building Standards Board)

New Streets To Be Named

Property Owner Asks New Hearing – county commissioners make last offer to ID

Blumenthal for his property on Third St. and Myers, which is needed for county office building

August 18, 6-A

School Board Eyes 4 Tentative Sites – for three elementary schools and one jr high school

August 18, 13-A

City Commission May Pay For ‘Outside Area’ – Parks and Recreation want to fund playground outside city for "investment for the future"

August 18, 13-A

City Council Approves Four Zoning Changes

August 22, 5-A

School Site Readying Is Started -- Charlotte County Day on Carmel Rd.

August 22, 1-B

Plan Ahead, Says Veeder – City Manager Veeder talks to rotary club about thoroughfare plan, urban renewal.

August 23, 1-A

Train Crossing Plan Sputters, Stalls – discussion of plans made in ’49 to cure

Midtown traffic jams @ RR crossings

August 23, 1-C

South High May Open on Sept. 2 (South Mecklenburg)

August 24, 1-A

Engineer May Gross Million Dollars (more on the train crossing plan for midtown)

August 25, 1-A

Conflicting Street Plans Plague City -- grade separation, thoroughfare plan, and urban redevelopment

August 26, 1-A

Grade Plan Is Foreseen "Eventually"

August 26, 11-A

City Schools Open Tuesday – New Schools: Garinger, Selwyn, Amay James, Collingwood, Landsdowne, South

August 26, 1-B

New Names Asked For Streets – 350 city and county streets recommended to be changed

August 26, 2-B

Urban Renewal An Illegal Process?

August 27, 1-B

South High Opening Delayed One Week (South Mecklenburg)

August 27, 2-B

The Grade Crossing Program Rates A Council Reappraisal

August 28, 1-A

House Dares Ike Veto – revised housing bill passes congress, now going

To Ike (major provision of slum clearance crucial for Brooklyn plans)

August 28, 19 –C

Sunoco Opens 18th Station Here Today (@ Mint and Morehead)

August 29, 1-B

Jones Defends Anti-Housing Bill Vote

August 30, 1-B

Debates using a pedestrian mall (as shown in Toledo) in downtown Charlotte

August 31, 1-A

Changes to 700 City Street Names

September 1, 1-A

Council To Probe Grade Separation

September 1, 3-A

Dowd Says Mall Won’t Work Here (pedestrian mall downtown)

September 1, 7-A

‘Setback Lines’ For Street Widening May Be Coming (downtown) – these lines

limit how close property can be built to the street

September 1, 1-B

469 Streets Will Receive New Names – council approves changes; citizens have

30 days to file protests

Council Firm On Widening Of Radcliffe


September 2, 4-A

Garinger’s First Classes Are Today

September 2, 11-A

Integrated NC Schools Open Calmly (Garinger has one black student)

September 2, 16 –B

Old Central Students Find Garinger Opens New Vistas

September 3, 1-C

Chamber Unit Kills Charlotte Mall Idea – pedestrian mall downtown ruled ‘impractical’

September 4, 7-A

Wilkinson Blvd Widening Date Set

September 6, 3-A

Congress May Try Third Housing Bill (2nd bill vetoed by Einsenhower)

September 7, 1-B

Behind A Quiet Mask Lies A Mind Of Inspiration -- article on Dr. Elmer Garinger

September 8, 2-B

Urban Renewal Is The Only Answer (letter to Observer)

September 8, 16-B

Good Food Is Their Business (Town and Country Drive-In – 224 Wilkinson)

September 9, 1-A

New Housing Bill Makes Third Try (if passes, will fund Brooklyn slum clearance)

September 11, 1-A

Ike, Congress Finally Agree On Housing Bill

September 11, 1-B

Large Banks Here Won’t Be Openly Opposed, But… (First Citizen’s coming to Charlotte)

‘Name’ Gripes Due October 16

September 12, 3-A

Textile Concern Plans $700,000 Building – Kendall Comp. Textiles; in Carmel County Club area; architect is J.N. Pease and Co.

September 12, 1-C

Picture – new residential developments (national housing week)

September 12, 2-C

1959 Home Building Total $41 Million

September 12, 10-C

"Suburbs? They’re Wonderful"

September 12, 17-C

FHA Is Catalyst In Home Building (FHA insured loans make home buying easier)

September 13, 1-F

Photo of Garinger Cafeteria

September 15, 1-B

Council To Set New Rules For Street Name Changes – old criteria dropped in face of protests

September 16, 7-A

Street Name Change Rules Are Backed Up

September 16, 1-B

Tighter Subdivision Controls Proposed – perimeter section affected (wider streets, gutters, and curbs to city standard)

September 16, 1-B

Work Starts On New Motel – Transcontinental Motel (chain) on 900 N. Tryon

September 17, 11-B

Charlotte Tops NC In Building Permits

September 18, 7-A

New HS Offers ‘Surprises’ – South Mecklenburg (still under construction –

Problems for students attending the school)

September 19, 1-B

Three Lots Needed For County Offices – negotiations still continuing for last three lots in block on E. Fourth Street

September 20, 1-B

We’ll Have Fun On The ‘Inland Sea’: Catawba Waters To Back Up Again – groundbreaking for Cowan’s Ford Dam set for September 28

September 22, 13-A

Ashely Park High – buying of school land is directed (opposite Cannon Airport)

September 23, 6-A

$750,000 Bowling Alley To Be Built – Montford Dr. near Park Rd. Shopping Center (to be called Park Lanes Bowling Center); designed by Ferebee and Walters, built by Myers and Chapman

September 24, 1-A

Billion Dollar Housing Bill Signed Into Law

September 24, 1-B

Part Of Sugaw Creek To Be Covered – for parking lot; raises speculation about covering more for a highway

Bypass Completion Expected By Dec 1 – Connects to Hutchinson Ave, Rozzelle’s Ferry Rd, and Beattie’s Ford Rd.

September 25, 1-B

City Slum Optimism Prevails – Brooklyn and Urban Redevelopment

September 26, 1-B

Contracts Not Let – Wilkinson Project (road widening) Must Await Summer

September 26, 1-B (last page)

Governer Will Begin Damwork Monday (Cowan’s Ford Dam)

September 27, 1-F

Fast Growth Of Community Colleges Seen – Charlotte College and Carver College ; 248 acre tract for Charlotte, 50 acres for Carver have been purchased

September 28, 6-A

Charlotte Church To Grow – Myers Park Methodist on Providence Rd. (picture)

September 28, 1-B

They’ll Grow Side By Side, Say Trustees – Charlotte College and Carver College

September 28, last page

Cowan’s Ford – Hodges To Signal Dam Construction

September 29, last page

Dynamite Starts New Duke Lake – Lake Norman shoreline to touch Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba, and Iredell counties (picture)

September 30, 1-B

City College Unit To Be Ready In ’61 – Charlotte College’s new campus; AG Odell, architect.


October 1, 1-B

$125,000 Drive-In Café Planned Here – McDonalds; Ray Kroc is selecting site

October 5, 1-B

Mormons Celebrate A New Building (3020 Hillside Dr.)

October 6, 9-A

Zone Changes: Council OK’s 5, Kills 4, Holds 1

October 8, 6-B

School Center Plea Made – Proposal to build administrative center for city/county school in Brooklyn (after re-development) is criticized

October 10, Section C

Parade of Homes

October 11, 13-A

Dam May Endanger Striped Bass

October 12, 1-B

Newest Street Name Plan Faces City Council Today

October 13, 1-B

Council To Retain Name Change Plan


County Office Building Gets Close Estimate – architect Charles Wheately’s estimate is just under the wire at $2 million

October 16, 1-B

Deadline For Filing Is Today – street names to be change (deadline for filing protests

Charlottetown Mall To Open Oct 28 – on Independence; located on 40 acres of Thompson orphanage

October 16, 2-B

North-South Expressway Nearer?

October 17, 8-A

City Street Name Petitions Flow In

October 18, 18-A

Three Young Bros. Boss Bank (First Citizens – coming to Charlotte)



October 20, 1-B

Overhanging Signs To Go By January 1 -- City Council Stands Firm on Ordinance passed in ‘58

October 21, 1-B

City College Is Given Green Light On Plan – Shows Odell’s tentative " master plan" for Charlotte College (photo)

October 22, 1-B

26 Names For Streets Suggested

October 23, 6-A

Picture of future Charlotte College campus

October 24, 4-A

City Church To Break Ground Sunday (addition for Myers Park Presbyterian)

October 25, 10-A

Full page ad for Charlottetown mall

October 26, 1-B

County Building Decorator Sought

October 27, 8-A

Residents Choose 26 St. Names – city council accepts new names

October 28, 4-A

Schoolmen Eye Bond Fund For Administrative Center

October 28, Section C

Charlottetown Mall Opens – photos, ads, bios on those who ‘made it possible’, layout sketches

October 29, 3-A

Mall Developers Ponder Unused Acreage -- 30 remaining acres of Thompson orphanage land

October 29, 1-C

Charlottetown Mall Opening Attracts Shopping Multitude – on Independence and Kings Dr. (photo)

Free Parking Might Solve Downtown Stores’ Problem – validated parking will help keep downtown stores running with comptetition with Charlottetown

November 3, 1-B

Photo of new YMCA on East Morehead and South Caldwell

Planners Buck Some Street Name Changes

November 6, 6-A

Signs must Be Down In 55 Days (overhanging singns on Trade and Tryon Streets

November 7, 1-A

New $1 Million Plant to Create 300 Jobs – site is Arrowood on York Rd. – bought by Duff-Norton (jack and hoist manufacturing)

November 7, 14-A

Sketch – St. Andrew’s Big Plans – planned addition to church on 3601 Central Ave.

November 7,1-B

Bids On Buster Boyd Span To Be Taken In Jan – bridge over Catawba river – last of the major horse and buggy bridges to be replaced

November 8, 1-C

Barringer To Build 100-Unit Auto Court On St. Mark Site (414 N. Tryon)

November 10, 1-A

Smith Blasts Council’s Street Naming Action (14 duplications)

November 10, 1-C

New Lance Plant Contracts Given – New plant planned on US 21

November 11, 1-C

Brandon Circle Residents Plan Suit To Keep Name: Area Is ‘Up In Arms’ Over Council Action

November 12, 6-A

Queens To Start Dana Building – J.N. Pease and Co. are architects (drawing)

November 13, 4-A

Sketch – new campus proposed for Charlotte Country Day

November 15, 1-C

Church’s Campaign To Top Goal – Myers Park Baptist Church gets more money than expected in fund raiser for three new buildings

November 16, 1-C

Council Faces Building Protest Delegation Today – home owners near freedom park object to planned Jr. League Building

November17, 1-A

250 Bed Memorial Wing Is Proposed (Memorial Hospital)

November 17, 9-A

Talk Is Made On Brooklyn – Urban Redevelopment Commission meets with Society of Residential Appraisers

November 17, 11-A

School Unit May Get New Plans – Garinger addition (Odell is architect)

Novem ber 17, 1-C

Council Holds Up On Ten Streets – 27 names now stand undecided

Photo – New Mercury Vapor Lights Downtown Charlotte

Junior League Asked To Hold Up On Building (until objections of nearby residents could be considered)

November 18, 13-A

Southern Bell To Build New Service Center -- at Hobbs and 24th St. (near N. Tryon)

November 19, 1-C

New Memorial Wing Would Cost $3 Million

November 20, 7-A

Negroe Church Aided – Mt. Olive Church to become University Park Baptist – Myers Park Baptist aiding – C.D. Spangler donated land plot (drawing)

November 22, 12-A

Charlotte’s New $3 Million YMCA Nears Completion (photo)

November 23, 14-A

Burned Church Breaks Ground For new Home (University Park Baptist Church)

November 23, 15-A

Signs Must Come Down In 39 Days (overhanging signs downtown)

November 24, 8-A

Education Center May Gain City, County PTA’s Support

November 25, 4-A

Shopping Center Still Protested – residents protest rezoning of land on Albemarle

Rd. and plans for a new shopping center

November 25, 5-A

PTA Councils OK Education Center


November 25, 1-B

Sign Removal Law Will Get Test In Court (photo)

December 1, (?)

County Board To View Plans For New School –new junior high on Tyvola Rd.

December 2, 6-A

Merchants To Appeal Ban (of overhanging signs)

December 2, 7-A

Chamber ‘Looking For Site’ – stalled Brooklyn development delays Chamber of Commerce’s building plans there

December 2, 8-B

Board Pushes Plans For Education Center

School To Be Named After J. Mason Smith

December 3, 10-A

Wrecking Deadline Close, Work Ends (for County Office Building) – (photo)

December 4, 1-B

Bar Committee Oopposed County Building Sites – protest to board planned

December 6, 1-B

Face Lifting For The Future – those slums must go – Charlotte making headway on (plan of ) redevelopment (for Brooklyn)

December 7, 1-B

City Sign Hassle Awaited (overhanging signs)

County (bar) To Protest 2 Building Sites –

December 8, 7-A

County Garage Location Choice Delayed 30 Days (county office plans)

December 8, 12-A

City Street Name Issue Is Revived


Architect Wanted For (education) Center

December 8, 1-C

Council Insists Signs Must Go (overhanging st. signs)



December 9, 10-A

New Grid "Stadium" Promised – speedway (Highway 29) will be designed for football games

December 9, 1-C

Final Slum Clearance Plan Near – study on Brooklyn area to be presented Jan 5

December 9, 12-C

School Unit to Hire Architect for (Education) Center

December 11, 4-A

Cornelius May Get Face - Lifting – highway 115 widening, park planned (sketch)

December 12, 1-B

Banks Building Plans May Shrink Three Stories (American Commercial Bank –

South Tryon St.)

December 13, 1-B

After Extension – What? (Charlotte city limits extended after Dec. 31)

December 14, 1-B

Home Owners Study Annexation ( Soon They’ll Be In The City)

December 15, 6-A

Brooklyn ‘Uses’ Suggested (secondary commercial district)

December 15, 18-A

Thoroughfare Plan Delayed

December 16, 1-B

‘Joining City To Cost Druggist $500 (Some To Pay More, Some Less)

December 16, 8-C

Couny Plans New Elementary School – In S. Mecklenburg (Starmount development on Pineville Rd.

December 17, 1-C

Advice For Perimeters (Charlotte city limit expansion)

Motel, 9-Hole Golf Course To Be Built – Sam Snead Motor Lodge, Inc. (Sketch)

December 18, 1-B

New Area To Be Zoned In Mid-July (Charlotte Expansion)



December 21, 1-B

Veeder Takes A Look At City’s Seamy Side – city manager takes ‘after dark’ tour of Charlotte’s slums

December 21, 4-B

There’ll Be Farms In City Jan 1 (Charlotte expansion)

December 22, 1-B

County Won’t Lose Much (Charlotte expansion)

Naming ‘Clean Up’ Continued (street renaming)

December 22, 9-C

County Children May Have 2 New Junior High Schools Next Year – J. Mason Smith (Tyvola Rd – Wheatley is co-architect) and North Junior High

December 23, 1-C

College Buildings May Lag – September of ’61 Predicted Finish Date (Charlotte College

City Annexation Battles Are Over (Charlotte expansion)

December 27, 1-B

Speedy Action Is Anticipated Over Sign Issue (overhanging signs downtown)

December 29, 1-B

Sign Ban Is Legal, Says Shaw (overhangin signs downtown)

December 30, 4-A

Kings Drive-Morehead St. Traffic Jam To Be Eased – roads flared, light added


Contract Law (requiring four separate contracts for buildings using public money)

Is Opposed By Odell For Garinger High School Addition

December 30, 16-A

Country May Clear Last Building Hurdle Today – may acquire last of the land for

The new county office

Planners: Let Garage Await (‘master’) Plan – for new government plaza







January 1, 1-C

Charlotte Greets 41,000 New Inhabitants Today -- population to exceed 200,000

January 3, 1-B

Welcome New Charlotteans! (expansion of city limits)

January 4, 1-B

Draft Of Campus Ready – Carver College (J.N. Pease & Co., architect)

January 5, 1-B

NAACP Asks Stronger Voice In Slum Plan – Brooklyn Housing Is Urged

January 6, 3-A

City Can Condemn Land For School (proposed Ashley Park High School)

January 7, 8-A

Construction Plans For Carver, Charlotte Colleges – sketch

January 7, 1-B

New Bridge Contract To Be Let – Buster Boyd Bridge

January 10, 1-C

Our Slums Are A Losing Proposition – Charlotte’s Brooklyn area could be tax bonanza (overhead photo)

January 11, 1-B

Brooklyn Homes Give Owners High Returns (low investment, negligible taxes) photo

January 12, 16-A

College Building Programs Studied (Carver and Charlotte Colleges)

January 12, 1-B

A New Brooklyn To Start January 20 – Charlotte Redevelopment Commission To

Unveil Overall Plan

January 13, 4-A

Contracts On 2 Schools Are Awarded – West Charlotte High and Barringer Elementary

January 13, 1-B

Slum Cleanup May Clip Barber’s Income – Brooklyn ‘Ought to be torn down’ – and he’s ready to move

Commission To Act On Providence Road – Widening decision due Feb 3 (sketch)

January 14, 1-B

Where Will Folks In Brooklyn Go?

January 15, 1-B

County Office Building Plans Hit New Snag – Bar unit, architect disagree

January 16, 1-B

$700,000 Is Allocated City Community Colleges – 2 Buildings May Result (for

Charlotte College)

January 19, 1-A

Slum Razing Project Approved By Council – Brooklyn slum clearance (photo)

January 19, 1-B

Dedication Is Held At Health Center

January 20, 1-B

‘Where Are We Gonna Go?’ They Ask – Slum Families Must Move Eventually


January 21, 1-B

Park-Like Brooklyn Center Foreseen -- $2.9 Million in local funds will sart job (sketch)

Negroes To Meet With Urban Group (Brooklyn)

Here’s Brooklyn’s Future

January 25, 7-B

Architect To Force Decision On County Office Building – architect = Wheatley

January 26, 1-B

Commissioner OK New Office Building Plans – Architect’s ‘Package’ Approved

January 27, 1-B

Street Bridge Must Get OK From Council – Wheatley’s county office street bridge

January 28, 1-B

McIntyre Says Charlotte Needs New Zoning Law – present ordinance outdated

January 29, 8-A

Brooklyn Session Hailed – Negro Leaders and Redevelopment Can Meet

January 30, 1-A

Mutual Savings and Loan Buildin Will Cost $1.2 Million – S. Tryon St. and West

Second St. (Sketch)

February 3, 1-B

Planners Pave Way For Brooklyn Action – 33 acres labeled blighted

February 6, 1-B

Bridge Suit Is Threatened – county office building

February 9, 16-B

Town And Country Drive-In Opens Second Restaurant

February 11, 1-B

More Trouble Afoot For His Little Bridge – Wheatley’s county office plans

February 14, 1-B

Tall New Office Building Planned – structure could be loftiest (Cutter Realty, SE

Corner of Tryon and Fourth – sketch)

February 19, 6-A

"City’s Thoroughfare Plan Finally Shaped" – a blueprint for Charlotte’s street needs for the next 20 years

February 19, 20-C

Expressway Plans Pushed

February 23, 7-C

NC Renewal Act Okayed – Slum Clearance Project Affected – Superior Court ruled NC urban renewal act of 1957 constitutional

February 25, 6-A

Downtown Sign Case Is Scheduled (overhanging signs downtown)

February 25, 1-B

Bids Seen On Building For County – Charles Wheatley, architect

February 27, 1-B

County, City May Clash Over Proposed Pedestrian Bridge – county office building

February 27, 1-B

Sears, Roebucks Plans $300,000 Expansion – N. Tryon St. and Tryon St.

February 29, 6-A

County Hears Cost Of Building Today (county buildings)

March 1, 1-B

County’s Bridge Is Getting Shaky – County Commission worried about cost (of street bridge for county office building"

March 3, 23-A

Whittling Goes On: County Still Shy Of Building Cost – county office buildings

March 6, 2-B

The County Office Buidling Story (picture)

March 6, 1-D

Road Plans Expected By April 1 – plans will clear way for elimination of traffic

Bottlenecks at west side grade crossings

March 9, 4-A

Speed Up Promised For Slum Clearance

March 15, 1-B

Council Votes Against Building Bridge Across E. Fourth St.

March 16, 1-B

City Colleges Seek $975,000 For Buildings – College Building sketches okayed

March 18, 4-B

He Prefers Bridge To Money – Architect Wheatley still wants crosswalk, not cash from new county office design

March 19, 1-B

County Decision – Building To Rise Without Bridge

March 22, 1-B

Building Permits Delayed – Council asks to preserve plans for E. Fourth St. – city

Wants time to fix setback lines on street)

March 25, 5-D

Pease Firm Is Cited For School Designs – Selwyn Elementary and Alexander Graham Junior High

March 25, 1-D

At Fourth St. and Tryon St. – Setback Lines May Scuttle Proposed 12 Story Building – building inspector instructed not to allow any more buildings on fourth st.

March 25, 5-D

Pease Firm Is Cited For School Designs

March 26, 7-A

Catawba Surrenders: Dam Project Progressing (progress of Cowans Ford Dam)

March 27, 1-C

State Will Relocate Some Roads Covered By Lake (Norman) – Highway 73

March 27, 18-C

Odell Will Be Judge Of Design – nationwide competition of school design

March 30, 3-A

Lake Norman Road Relocation Plan Revealed

March 31, 1-D

Education Center: School Find Way To Pay – County pleased,may look again

April 1, 1-B

Plans Coming To Open Up Fourth Street: Committee Suggestion to Allow Cutter Building, Wider Street

April 1, 1-B

Duke Project Covers Big Area: Will New Lake Be Near You? (detailed map)

April 5, 1-C

Picture – "Old and New" – of beginning of construction for new county offices

April 6, 1-C

New Post Office? Thoroughfare plan key to US building

April 7, 1-B

Friendly Critics Hear The Story: Education Officials Cite Careful School Spending – Boards invite ideas, criticism

April 8, 1-A

Meeting Traffic Needs For 20 Years – 2 year study is completed

April 9, 1-A

Traffic Cure For Charlotte Would Come In Four Doses (map)

April 9, 1-B

Circle Around One-Way Street, To Speed Cars: Downtown Pattern Stretched (map)

April 10, 1-C

Three New Roads Planned: Highways To Link Into Street Project (I-77, I-85 North, U.S. 21 South)

April 13, 1-B

7-Mile Loop Would Ring Downtown By 1975 – It Could Be a Reality

Thoroughfare Plan Won’t Stop Renewal (plans for Brooklyn)

April 14, 7-C

C of C Discusses School Office Site

April 15, 20-C

Expressway Would Cost $20 Million (pictures)

April 17, 1-B

It Takes Smoke, Time, Brains To Build A $65 Million Dam (Cowans Ford Dam)

April 19, 1-A

Street Plan Wins Council Approval – "In Principle"

April 22, 11-A

Two Modernistic Buildings Are Proposed For Carver – J.N. Pease & Co., Architect

April 26, 1-B

Brookly Plan Approved By Federal Government – approved plans for clearing 33

Acres of Brooklyn’s slum areas

April 28, 13-A

School Center In New Brooklyn? Well, "Maybe"

April 28, (?)

Brooklyn Relocation Discussed – Urban Agent Says Moving Is A Problem

May 4, 11-A

Interstate 77 – Plans Unveiled For Expressway

May 5, 3-A

Picture – First Steel – construction of 16 story American Commercial Bank Building

May 5, 1-C

Fourth Street Widening Assured: Cutter purchases necessary land

May 10, 1-B

Fourth St. Will Have Third Lane In Future – Council Reserves Land Strip

May 4, 6-B

Pictures – Charlotte Speedway

May 12, 9-B

Changes In Plans To Cut Building Costs – Charlotte College – Odell enters plans to share cost

May 19, 1-B

$1.5. Million Nursing Home Planned For Charlotte – Louis Asbury, architect –

Shamrock Dr.

May 21, 1-B

Wilkinson Zone Action is Urged – Boulevard Is Called ‘A Mess’

May 24, 1-B

First Building For Charlotte College – sketch

May 26, 6-A

Building Will Be 12 Stories Tall – Cutter Buidling (corner of E. Fourth and Tryon)


May 26, 1-B

Charlotte’s Street Plan Approved – by state highway commission (thoroughfare plan)

May 27, 1-B

Location Of Center In Doubt: 2 Candidates On the Fence – proposed education center; whether it should be near government agencies or not

May 29, 1-C

The Changing Face Of Tryon Street – pictures, descriptions of old and new buildings

May 29, 1-D

YMCA Dedicated Amid Politicking – (photo)

June 1, 1-B

Interstate 85 Link To Open By Next Fall (it runs to Gaston County)

June 2, 15-A

Transients Home Dedicated – Salvation Army Home (221 W. Seventh St.)

June 9, 1-B

42,000 Charlotteans Live In Blight Areas -- Plan Urges Changes

Chamber To Request County Board To Zone Major Roads


June 10, 1-B

City Allots First Budget Money To Slum Program – Veeder Earmarks $120,500

Speedway Contractor Fuss – Charlotte Motor Speedway Construction

June 11, 1-B

Supreme Court Upholds NC Urban Renewal Law – way is cleared for city project

Slum Unit is "Greatly Pleased"

Speedway Spokesman Says Current Debts Will Be Paid – Charlotte Motor Speedway (photo)

June 13, 1-B

8,000 Turned Out…Week Before Race – practice run (photo)

June 18, 1-B

Copter To Help Direct Speedway Race Traffic (sketch)

June 19, 1-A

9 Observer Staffers Covering World 600 (at Charlotte Motor Speedway)

June 19, 1-B

600 Reality Today, If Track Holds

June 20, 1-A

Photo of Charlotte Motor Speedway

June 21, 1-B

City To Pave 16.19 Miles of Street (annexed area)

June 22, 1-B

Brooklyn Plans To Get Public Opinion Test

June 23, 1-C

Brooklyn Project: Conflict Looming On Housing Issue – NAACP, Planners To Clash?

June 24, 1-B

New Plant Here Will Employ 400 – Subsidiary of Republic Industrial Corp. to move inot plant to be built in Arrowood

July 1, 6-A

Photo – Buster Boyd Bridge Construction


July 6, 1-B

Colleges To Ask For More State Help (Charlotte, Carver Colleges)

July 13, 4-A

Charlotte Red Cross To Seek Approval For $66,250 Park Rd. Site

July 18, 1-B

Colleges Ask Aid Today – Community Units Want $946,500

July 19, 1-B

Charlotte Welcomes New Industry – Duff Norton Plant to come to Arrowood (sketch)

July19, 1-C

Expansion Is Requested For 2 Local Colleges (Charlotte and Carver)

Slum Plan To Be Given Hearing

July 21, 1-B

Paving ˝ Finished On Perimeter Streets

July 23, 1-B

Charlotte Street Program Goes Into High Gear – city thoroughfare plan

July 26, 7-A

Four Zoning Changes Get Council OK

August 3, 1-B

Food Firm Building Big Warehouse – Goodnight Bros. (Wilkinson Blvd.)

August 9, 1-B

Collins Store Coming – Freedom Drive Center Chosen

August 11, 1-A

J.C. Smith Undertakes Expansion -- $4 Million, 10 year plan includes 5 buildings

August 13, 3-A

Code Would Attack City’s Unfit Housing – proposed by outgoing superintendent of city building inspection department James Bell

August 16, 9-A

Wilkinson Boulevard Zoning Plan Pushed

August 16, 13-A

New Woodlawn Fire Station Design Sought – architect Charles M. Grier

August 17, 6-A

These School Plans ‘Different – Ashley Park High, architect McDowell Brackett

May become first air conditioned school in Charlotte

August 18, 1-B

Flood Protection Zoning Is Shaping

August 19, 1-B

Durham Negro Bank Plans To Open Charlotte Branch – Mechanics And Farmers Of Durham

August 20, 1-B

Photo Buster Boyd Bridge

August 20, section D

Echo Home – sponsored by the Charlotte Homeowner’s Association – Architect Claude Crosby

August 22, 1-B

Renewal plan Up Today – Public hearing starts at 4 pm

August 26, 10-A

Charlotte College Campus Work To Start In October

August 26, 1-B

NC Road Plan: "It Hit Us Right In The Face" – Charlotte Thoroughfare and Grade Separation Plan

August 29, 1-A

First Steel Rolling Mill In Caroline’s Planned (Photo)

August 29, 9-A

Photo – Charlotte YMCA

August 29, 1-B

School To Occupy New $200,000 Campus – Charlotte Country Day (Carmel Rd)

August 30, 1-A

Charlotte City Limit Signs To Be Protested (new ones designed)

September 1, 1-C

Cornelius Urban Renewal Step Due (renewal and thoroughfare plan)

September 2, 5-A

Photo – opening of Duff Norton Plant in Arrowood

September 2, 8-A

Photo – NC National Bank Construction

September 2, 1-B

Highway 95 Route North Is Selected – Charlotte to China Grove (sketch)

September 9, 9-A

26 Bachelor Apartment Units Started (Fulton Avenue)

September 9, 1-B

Charlotte College Area Folks Plan Sewer Discussion

September 15, 12-A

Cornelius Building Study Scheduled (redevelopment)

September 16, 10-A

City Ends Paving Project (for streets in expansion area)

September 16, 12-A

Frim Is Picked To Finish Grade Separation Program

September 16, 1-B

$1 Million Motel To Be Built Here (on W. Trade St.)

September 20, 1-C

$1 Million Approved To Buy Right of Way – start on expressways

New Community May Be Laid Out – Near Charlotte College site

September 24, 1-B

Rolling Mill For City Planned By Willard – Willard Smelting Company

September 24, section C

Home Week Begins

September 26, 1-B

Zone Change Expected -- Council May OK Red Cross Site

September 28, 6-A

New Luxury Apartments Going Up – 1100 Queens Rd.

September 30, 15-A

Davidson City Hall To Open Doors January 1 (photo)



October 1, 4-A

Cowans Engineer: He Builds Dams The ‘Casual Way’

October 1, 1-B

$200,000 Gulf Office Planned (on Morehead St.) – T.C. Rickenbacker, architect

October 6, 1-C

College Plan Challenge Stuns Chamber Of Commerce Group – Must Build Faster

October 7, 7-A

Interstate Highway Route Is Approved -- I-77

October 7, 2-B

Charlotte College Bond Issue ‘Greatest Bargain Ever Offered’

October 8,1-B

1960 Housing Spectacular Opens Today

October 8, 1-C

City Grade Separation Hopes Hit

October 8, Section D

Akers Motor Lines’ Charlotte Terminal

October 10, 7-A

Queens To Dedicate New Buildings

October 12, 1-C

Brooklyn Plan Wins Urban Group OK

October 14, 20-C

Mecklenburg Road Projects Slated – widening, repaving

October 18, 11-A

Eighth Bank Opens In City – First Citizens, S. Tryon and W. Fourth St.

October 19, 14-A

Lake Norman Zoning Set Up

October 27, 1-C

Zoning Plan Is Broadened To Include I-85 – Consultant Is Brought In For Study

October 30, 12-B

He Found His Clients Drinkin – Coffee – profile on architect Thomas C. Rickenbaker

November 1, 4-A

Two Story $150,000 Office Building Is Planned Here – 1510 Elizabeth Ave

November 6, 1-B

Bond Election To Be Tuesday: Charlotte, Carver College Future Rests With Votes

November 9, 6-A

First Estimate Low: Brooklyn Land May Top $1Million

November 10, 8-A

Community College, Backers Celebrate – got bond for building

November 11, 1-B

College Bids Give Cushion of $200,000: Building costs leave healthy surplus for needed extras

November 12, 7-A

$150,000 Church To Open Sunday: Biracial Effort – University Park Baptist Church

November 13, 1-B

Ervin Plans Sidewalks In Future Subdivisions: 100 House Project Started

November 13, 3-A

Slum Work Speed Up OK’d

November 17, 6-A

Amity Shopping Center To Be Built In Early 1961

November 17, 1-C

Big Skyscraper Frame Finished – NCNB building (architect – Walter Hook)

November 22, 17-A

Two Charlotte Architect in "Top Ten" -- Gillespie & Little, Odell & Colvin win awards

November 22, 1-B

City College ‘Blasts Off’ – ground breaking for Charlotte College

December 2, 2-B

Dillon Opening South’s Finest Supply Facility – 1631 W. Independence

December 9, 1-B

Brooklyn Relocation Survey Is Completed – photos

December 13, 1-B

Photo – New Dam Inches Across Catawba (Cowans Ford)

December 14, 6-A

Brooklyn’s Housing Outlook Is Brighter – fewer to rehouse than thought, fewer large families after survey

December 15, 16-B

Air Conditioned School Possible – Ashley Park High (Allegheny Rd)

December 15, 1-C

Allstate Plans New $500,000 Building Near Park Rd. Shopping Center

December 22, 1-B

Gastonia-Charlotte Zoning Principles Win Agreement of Group: Wilkinson Survey May Cost $3700

December 29, 1-C

Red Cross Building Plans To Be Ready Soon – Sloan and Wheatley, architect


January 7, 1-B

County Office Building Ahead Of Schedule

January 11, 1-B

Broadened Anti-Slum Laws Are Endorsed (by urban renewal group) – Change Would Permit Business Area Work

January 12, 6-A

Red Cross Building Plans Are Ready – Charles Wheatley, architect

January 12, 1-B

City Will Seek Ruling On Key Code Provision – trying to rewrite building code, want to know if city has power to require a minimum space between buildings

January 18, 1-B

Final Slum Clearance Blueprint Approved: $1,498,360 Set Aside

January 24, 1-B

$1 Million Structure Will Be Built: Building For Offices Planned – at Charlottetown Mall, Independence Blvd; AG Odell, Jr., architect


February 8, 12-A

Slum Project Clears Hurdle – approved by City Council Planning Commission

February 8,1-B

Urban Renewal For City’s ‘Heart’ – plan urged for city’s downtown area

Planners OK Flood Areas Building Ban

February 8, 1-B (2)

Photo -- Launch Pad For Some Kilowatts (Cowans Ford Dam)

February 13, 5-A

Street Program Nears End – Cornelius Street Widening

February 13, 1-B

Photo of county office construction

February 15, 1-A

$15 Million Apartment ‘Community’ Planned (Green Oaks) – site near coliseum is chosen

February 16, 6-A

Subdivision Bill On The Way – Allows county commissioners to regulate subdivision

February 17, 1-B

(City) Officials Agree On (Unfit) Housing Code

February 18, 8-A

Route To Follow Charlotte (Thoroughfare) Plan – US Highway 21

February 18, 1-B

Railroad Crossing plan Stuck -- grade separation plan

February 22, 1-C

Brooklyn Area – Slum Clearance Hearing is Today

February 24, 1-B

Minimum Space (Between Buildings) Plan Ruled Legal By the State

March 1, 13-A

Office Building Planned – 1100 E. Morehead – Charles Grier, architect

March 2, 1-B

City Heads Agree On Housing Code



March 4, 1-A

Lance To Build $4 Million Plant On Pineville Road – J.N. Pease, architect

March 4, 7-A

Clear Up Downtown Section First (says Odell) – instead of clearing Brooklyn

March 10, 1-B

Sharon Road Citizens Fight Development (shopping center)

Bank Plans Four Story Office Unit – NCNB (on S. Tryon and W. Fourth )

March 13, 6-A

Highway 73 Bids Are Asked – Relocate road behind Cowans Ford Dam

March 14, 1-B

Council Rezones Sharon Property (for shopping center)

March 15, 18-A

$4 Million Lance Plant Officially Underway

March 17, 8-C

Ervin (Construction Company) To Build 1300 Homes

March 20, 6-A

Progress Report On Codes To Be Asked (city codes)


March 21, 1-B

Expressway Speed –Up Tentatively Approved – Charlotte May Save 2 Years

$2 Million Sought For Parks

March 23, 1-B

Rubber Processing Unit Is Planned Here – Surratt, Wingate, Hunter and Hysmith, architects

March 24, 7-A

Plans OK’d For Two Schools – Plaza Road and Paw Creek areas

March 24, 13-C

Churches Are Pushing Housing Projects For The Elderly

March 25, 1-B

City Urged: Buy Foruth Street Back – Redevelopment commission wants it to be used for civic/government center


March 28, 1-B

Slum Clearance Plan Passes Its Final Test – Eight Block Clearance Gets OK

March 31, 19-C

Planners Move To Restrict Signs In City Perimeter

April 2, 1-C

New Office Building Planned – E. Morehead; designed by Thomas Rickenbaker (sketch)

April 2, 3-C

Morehead: You See It Grow – New Offices For Old Homes

April 5, 1-C

Harding High Might Get New Home – move to building under construction (known as Ashley Park High School)

April 6, 1-C

City Planners Unveil Bold New Zoning Ordinance – proposal to get hearing in June

April 11, 1-B

New House Plan: Swap Work, Cash -- Ervin Homes


Expressway Plan Gets Good Start

April 12, 6-A

Fourth Shopping Center To Start – Freedom Drive Shopping Village

April 12, 1-B

Downtown Plan To Be Sought By Merchants – ‘We Are Hurting’ Says Myers

Chemical Firm Plans New Plant – Interchemical Corp. (Arrowood)

April 17, 1-B

Dupont Plans $250,000 Lab To Begin Operation In The Fall – Old Steel Creek Road; Mash and Hawkins, architect (sketch)

April 18, 4-A

Big Office Structure Is Started – Allstate Life Insurance Co., 4701 Park Rd.

April 22, 1-B

Expansion Of College Hinted By McLendon – Charlotte College may become a four-year college


April 23, 18-A

Shopping Centers Bite Into Downtown Sales -- Will Merchants Meet the Challenge?

April 25, 3-A

Charlotte On List For New Airport – Manager Quinn Dubious

April 26, 16-A

Construction Of Steel Plant At Croft Being Pushed – Carolina Electric Steel Mill

May 1, 2-B

Brooklyn’s The Big Issue in Tomorrow’s Election (photos)

May 1, 5-B

Two Bridges Nearing Completion – Buster Boyd and Wither’s Creek (photos)

May 2, 4-B

Proposed Branch Library Location May Be Rezoned (Camp Greene and Rovston Rd)

May 3, 1-B

Photo of Merchandize Mart construction

May 5, 1-B

Futuristic Domes Are Sought For Min, Nature Museums – geodesic domes considered to help with lack of space

May 5, section E

Goodnight Bros. Opens New Warehouse – 4323 Wilkinson

May 7, 12-A

Repaving of US 21 Due Soon

May 7, 16-C

Does Charlotte Need An Anaysis Of Downtown Section?

May 7, 1-D

Wilkinson Boulevard Plans Are Due Soon

May 7, 1-E

Bateses Enjoy Living In the Goldfish Bowl – Charles Bates, architect and owner (photos)

May 12, 1-B

Zoning Proposals Get Public Hearing Today

May 13, 1-B

Public Hearing Stirs Mild Zoning Protests

May 14, 1-D

City and Three Towns Rubbing Elbows (Matthews, Pineville, Huntersville) – May Join Soon

May 16, 1-B

Photos Of Mural In New County Offfice Building

Two Doctors File Suit To Halt Carver Work – Facilities Unneeded, They Say

Carver Project Just Getting Started (photo)

May 16, 3-B

County Office Building To Get First Tenants

May 17,1-B

Streets Not Bad, Veeder Reports – annexed roads improved

May 18, 17-A

$500,000 Apartment To Be Built – Providence Rd. and Altondale Ave.

May 20, 1-B

Sign Ordinance Complaints Top Public Hearing – 50 Citizens Speak Out On Zoning

May 23, 1-B

Residents Favor Slum Project 9 to 1 (Broolyn)

May 24, 16-A

Plans For Negro County Home Approved – Work Will Start Within a Few Weeks

Richard D. Gillespie, architect

May 26, 1-B

Span About Ready (Buster Boyd Bridge)

May 28, 13-D

He’s Furnishing Nails For Brooklyn’s Coffin – Martin Waters, developer

May 30, 11-A

Commissioners Balk, Then Pay Office Building Bills


May 31, 1-B

Carver College Suit Goes Before Judge Sharf Today – New Buildings at stake

June 1, 1-B

Carver College Suit Dismissed

June 2, 1-B

Cost Estimate On West Side Grade Separation Due July 1

June 4, 5-B

Charlotte Bank Sculpture – Murall Symbolizes Carolina’s Activity – in NCNB Building

June 4, 1-C

Zoning Law Designed For a Growing City (Sketch)

June 5, 1-B

Planning Unit Wants To Use Cluster Zoning (sketch)

June 6, 10-A

Zoning Law To Include Rings of ‘Insulation’ (sketch)

June 7, 7-A

Charlotte’s Zany Zoning Ordinace Has a Hole In It

June 8, 12-A

School Architect Suggested – board of education might hire its own architect

June 9, 1-B

Brooklyn Clearance Still Awaits Go-Ahead Signal

June 12, 7-B

Planners Will Air Zone Plan – Pineville (sketch)

June 14, 1-B

Photo – Kings Dr. to be widened

Southern is Ready to Move Station to N. Tryon – Grade Separation Plan

June 15, 2-B

$166,966 Is Asked By Parks Commission (for park development)

June 16, 1-B

Federal unds OK’d For Slum Clearance – Brooklyn Project Can Start Now)

June 18, 1-C

Lake Norman Area Will Be A Mecca For Fun Seekers


June 18, 8-C

Slot By Slot Process Builds Dam Gradually – Cowans Ford

June 22, 1-B

Charlotte Is Planning Piecemeal Annexing – Developed Areas Will Be Studied

City Restrained In Court Fight – residents on Providence Rd. fight to keep Greentree apartments away

June 23, 1-B

Stalling Is Charged By Apartment Foes

June 24, 1-B

Court Approves Building Permits For Apartments – Owners Alter Plans On Project

June 25, 1-C

Slum Clearance Learn To Be Sought Monday

June 27, 12-A

New $1 Million Chevrolet Unit To Be Started In 2-3 Months

June 28, 5-A

(Greentree) Apartments Face New Opposition

June 29, 1-B

Apartments Again Hault – Greentree in violation of building codes and zoning

June 30, 1-B

Rural Zoning Is Stop-Gap Plan – protect against building and industry

July 1, 11-A

Architects Sketch of Greentree – order stopping work was lifted Friday

July 1, 1-B

Greentree Developers Can Work

July 1, 5-B

Mechanics and Farmers Bank and NC Mutual Life’s new building under construction – West Trade and Beatties Ford Rd (sketch)

July 5, 4-B

NCNB Spells Expensive Too – lettering for the bank costs $1000/letter

July 6, 1-B

City Again Revokes Apartment Permit (Greentree)

July 7, 9-A

Echo Home To Open 68277 Folger Dr. – Charles M. Grier, architect

July 7, 1-B

Greentree Plans Being Redrawn – revisions to apartment being made

July 8, 10B

Building Permit Issued – Way is clear for Greentree apartments


Photo – construction of Merchandise Mart

July 9, 1-B

Home Owners Ask Federal Aid – owners near downtown want federal money to

Redevelop their homes before they become too delapidated

July 9, 2-B

‘Dozers Invade Residential Areas – Greentree apartment

July 11, 4-A

Court Rejects New Anti-Greentree Move

July 13, 1-B

Echo Home Features 4 Vista Design (photo)

July 14, 8-A

C of C Finishes Park Study – Big Needs Pinpointed

July 15, section C

Echo Home1961

July 17, 1-C

Council To Hear Greentree Case – zoning dispute

July 18, 1-B

City Rezones Greentree Site

July 22, 16-A

A Woman Watches A Dream Come True – Bonnie Cone and Charlotte College

July 22, 12-B

Overhanging Signs Still Clutter Downtown Charlotte

July 25, 1-B

State Part Site Tentatively Picked – at Lake Norman

August 2, 6-A

Plans For Carver College Union Building Approved (sketch)

Schools Get some relief on zoning – keep business and industry at a distance

Purchase of school site OK’d – negro junior high school

August 2, 1-B

2 Office Buildings Planned – 2100 Commonweath Ave. – Benton and Boye Firm, architects

August 3, 1-B

$8.3 Million Sought For Schools – for buying sites and building through 1965

Shopping Center Is Still Planned, Says New Chief -- on Wilkinson Blvd.

August 4, 12-C

Pictures – grade separation: before and (projected) after

August 6, 1-D

Charlottetown Mall To Have Movie Theater

August 7, 1-B

Busy Wilkinson May Be Part Residential – zoning study underway

August 8, 1-B

New Look In Courthouse Marred By (old) Garage (photo)

Shopping Center To Cost $1 Million – At Beatties Ford Rd and I-85

August 9, 1-B

Wilkinson Drivers Can Expect Relief – highway to be widened, median strip added in ‘62

August 11, 1-B

City Buys Little Piece Of Brooklyn (photos)

August 16, 5-A

Merchants Want ‘Help’ On Vacancies – help from county in general

August 16, 6-A

Zoning Plan Is Ready For Council

August 17, 8-A

Two Story Medical Building Planned – corner of Commonwealth Ave and The Plaza (sketch)

Ruling On Greentree Apartments May Be Made Today – deed restriction, zoning problems

August 18, 1-B

Court Throws Permenant Roadblock At Greentree – developers will appeal

August 19, 1-B

She Leads Brooklyn Exodus – Mrs Steel Is First Resident To Leave Blighted Area (photo)

August 20, 1-C

Photo of NCNB under construction

August 21, 1-B

College Will Get Buildings Early – Charlotte college

August 21, section F

Boastful, Garrulous Talking House Opens Today – 4810 Cinderalla Rd. – Hidden

Valley Builders

August 23, 1-B

York Rd ‘Mall’ Will Be Built – at Clanton Rd.

August 24, 5-B

Greentree Decision Postponed

August 25, 1-B

Road Project Wins Praise, Hot Protests (Wilkinson Blvd)


Charlotte College Officials Inspect Their New ‘Home’

September 2, 3-A

Phillips Seeks Zoning Changes To Permit Tall Apartments – for apartments on

Briar Creek Rd, near Coliseum

September 2, 1-B

Buy Airport Land At Once Consultant Will Urge City (540 acres for growth)

September 4, 1-C

Ervin Offers Bargain Advance School Sites – in subdivisions

September 5, 5-B

Carver Construction

September 6, 1-C

Photo Of Lance Building Construction (HW 21)

September 7, 14-A

Revamped Zoning Ordinance Called Big Improvement

September 9, 1-B

Fourth Ward Project Picks Up Steam – renewal plan

September 10, 1-C

College’s Long Wait Nears End – Charlotte College (photo)

September 12, 1-B

Council OK’s Planning More Slum Clearance – Second Brooklyn Tract

September 13, 7-A

College May Soon Be Four Year School (Charlotte College)

September 14, 16-A

Ad For Opening Of Wachovia on 316 S. Tryon St.

September 16, 1-B

Airport Plan Due In Week – plan for growth

September 17, 16-A

Downtown City Group Seeking 150 (new members) – want to prevent business

From moving to suburbs

September 17, 1-D

Renewal To Erase a Fourth Of Slum Houses – Brooklyn

September 19, 4-A

Board OK’s School Bond Vote – 8.4 Million for construction

September 19, 1-B

Zoning Hearing Is Oct 6 – on new zoning ordinance

September 20, 5-A

College Will Open On New Campus (Today)—Charlotte College

September 21, 1-B

New Campus Greets New Pupils – Charlotte college (photos)

September 21, 4-B

Sketch Of Eastern Air Lines Proposed Installation on 6000 Fairview Rd.

September 22, 24-A

Ill Old Folks To Get Home -- $3 million building on Shamrock Rd – Louis

Asbury, architect

September 23, section C

Home Week

September 25, 9-A

Thoroughfare Plan Making Itself Felt

September 26, 1-B

Group Gets Peak At Big Duke Dam – Cowans Ford

October 3, 1-B

Third Brooklyn Tract Bought By City Agency

October 4, 4-A

Second Brooklyn Area Is Officially Declared A Slum

October 7, 1-B

All Business Zoning Asked On Boulevard – Independence Zoning

October 8, 1-F

Photo Of Newly Complete Merchandise Mart

October 9, 1-B

Independence Owners Are Ready For A Change – in zoning

Student Union Loan Sought By College (Charlotte)

October 10, 6-A

Grade Separation Job To Be Tough

October 11, 7-A

New Buster Boyd Bridge Open

October 11, (special section)

Merchandise Mart Rushed To Completion For Event – NC Trade Fair

October 12, 6-B

C of C Pushes Slum Battle – Unit Pushes land buying in Brooklyn

October 13, 1-C

Airport Plan Recommends $18 Million For Expansion ( most for Douglas)

October 14, 1-B

Business Called Threat To School – zoning hearing

October 15, 17-18A

A New Life Beginning For Charlotte College

October 16, 1-A

Photo – Charlotte College Dedicated

October 16, 1-B

College Dedication

October 17, 1-B

Bond Vote Set Back To Dec 19 – School Bond

October 19, 1-C

Zoning Meets End – Council Hears 100 Complaints

October 22 8-F

New Center Will Stress Culture – Cunningham Liberal Arts Center (Davidson)

October 26, 1-B

City May Be Forced To Eye Public Housing – it may be only way to relocate

Brooklyn residents

October 30,12-A

Mutual Savings and Loan Building almost ready (advertisement) – 119 E. Third

November 3, 1-B

Officials Take ‘Look’ At Zoning Objections

November 5, 1-B

North Carolina Bond Proposal Calls For Many Improvements (including educational institutions)

November 6, 1-B

County Expecting 15,000 Bond Votes

Action May Come On Streets (perimeter improvements), Zoning

November 8, 1-A

All 10 State Bond Issues Defeated As Sanford Gets First Big Setback


November 8, 1-B

Downtown Parking, Traffic Plans Offered – Idea would have city own garages

November 9, 1-B

Charlotte College and Carver – Separate Campuses OK’d

November 12, 18-A

US 21 South Plans Will Be Shown Soon

November 14, 1-B

Railway Zoning Accord Reached – Light Industry

November 17, 1-A

Carver Gets New Name – Mecklenburg

November 19, 6-F

Gottlieb’s Plans New Store – 11th and College – Designed by Ralph Mesrobian

November 20, 1-C

Lake (Norman) Area Control Pushed – Land Use Study Completed

November 22, 1-C

New South Route 21 Agreed On

November 30, 1-B

Council Okays Many City Zoning Changes

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