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Charlotte Observer References to Mecklenburg County Building Activity

January 1962 through June, 1964


compiled by Pat Ryckman


1962 – 1962 – 1962 – 1962 – 1962

"County gains in quest for ample school classrooms" 1/1/62, p. 1C. Plans for building several new schools.

"Building inspection called need in county" 1/1/62, p. 1C. Quotes Charlotte architect, D. M. McIntosh, Jr.

"Bill’s welding named dealer for American buildings" 1/2/62, p. 14B. Prefab steel (?) buildings, photo.

"New home of Merritt Tire Co." 1/2/62, p. 14B. Photo.

"Highway’s connector cost is up" 1/4/62, p. 6A. Kenilworth Ave. connector.

"County college will move on Monday" 1/4/62, p. 1B. New classroom building at Mecklenburg College, photo.

"Photo firm will open on Feb.1" 1/4/62, p. 1B. New plant in Spangler Industrial Park.

"Contempt charges filed in Kings Drive property hassle" 1/4/62, p. 14C. Residents resisting business encroachment on their neighborhood

"Slum plan, it’s Rouzer vs. Bacock" 1/6/62, p.1B. Redevelopment commission chairman Elmer Rouzer speaks at Civitan Club.

"$2-million YWCA drive will be launched Jan. 16" 1/7/62, p.1B. Includes sketch of proposed building.

"Council adopts housing code" 1/9/62, p. 1B. Provides system of grading for building inspectors and authority to demolish unfit habitations.

" City adds 48 acres" 1/9/62. p.1B. Annexation of Hidden Valley.

"Another snag: renewal-fund delay expected" 1/11/62, p.1B. Brooklyn slum clearance project.

" House-safety ‘ruler’ now in the works" 1/12/62, p. 1B. About the new housing code.

"Apartment skyscraper to be built here soon" 1/17/62, p. 1B. Owner: Dwight Phillips, 24 stories

"Low-cost houses: challenge hurled at home builders" 1/18/62, p. 1B. Home Builders Assoc. of Charlotte meeting

"Negro units; Ervin to build 500 low-priced homes" 1/19/62, p. 1B. $4 million project, located off Beatties Ford Rd. Developer: Charles Ervin.

"Hospital to add 2 parking lots" 1/20/62, p. 1B. Presbyterian Hospital leases land from Belks for project.

"Two property owners asking for $195,000" 1/21/62, p. 1B. Seeking damages resulting from Wilkinson Blvd. right of way project.

"Negro junior high contracts let" 1/24/62, p. 1B. New construction, Statesville Rd, Lincoln Heights section. General contractor: Pinnex Co. of Gastonia. Will have geodesic-domed gymnasium.

"Belk, Ivey buy 530 acres for big suburban complex" 1/25/62, p. 1B. Regional shopping center in south Mecklenburg, near Park Rd. and McMullen Creek.

"Slum-fighting plan wins supporters" 1/26/62, p. 1B. Plan to make slum clearing a local enterprise and proceed without federal funds.

"$15 million apartment city to open 1st units April 1" 2/1, p.7B. Green Oaks Apartment City at Briarcreek and Central.

"Expansion of airport may be pushed back" 2/4/62, p. 1B. Action on master plan put off.

"Big airport spending proposal in plan" 2/11/62, p.1B. Plan to spend $682,000 to build north and west concourses.

"Terry lauds N.C. growth in talk here" 2/11/62, p. 1B. BASF to build $1.5 million plant of 50,000 sq. ft.

"Wilkinson, ‘85’ area zoning plans ready" 2/12/62, p. 1B.

"Memorial to open all of new wing" 2/12/62, p. 1B. New 233-bed wing to open.

"Plan outlines airport growth for 25 years" 2/12/62, p. 1B.

"Work on rail station to start" 2/13/62, p. 1A. $500,000 project on No. Tryon.

"County appoints 2 groups to work out zoning plans" 2/13/62, p. 1B.

"Start county zoning at once – planners" 2/14/62, p. 1B. Planning director Wm. McIntyre submits his report.

"City will ask $5,000 for housing study" 2/15/62, p. 1C. Study on relocating families from Brooklyn.

"Renovation started at ‘unsafe’ church" 2/16/62, p. 16B. Renovation of sanctuary of Clement Memorial AME Zion Church.

"Group to push for zoning now" 2/19/62, p. 1C. Berryhill and Steele Creek residents want zoning for their area.

"‘Unfit’ housing attacked" 2/20/62, p. 1B. City Council approves grading system for new housing code enforcement.

"He depends on hope" 2/23/62, p. 1C. A new building is underway for the Park Road Moravian Church.

Photo of interior of public library (main library), 2/24/62, p. 1B

"$2.5 million industrial park being developed" 2/25/62, p. 1B. Of Old Monroe Rd., developer is Morris Speizman.

"City’s ninth bank opens" 3/2/62, p. 11A. A branch of the Mechanics & Farmers Bank opens in new building at 101 Beatties Ford Rd.

"7 zoning appeals are due" 3/2/62, p. 1C. Includes request by P & N to develop an industrial park.

"New $4-million bakery building OK’d by zoners" 3/3/62, p. 1B. A & P Stores will build on Hovis Rd.

"New apartments to be built here" 3/3/62, p. 1B. Victor house at 1812 The Plaza to be razed for apartment project.

"New dam starts its mission" 3/4/62, p. 1C. Cowan’s Ford Dam, photo.

"City OKs $2.49 million airport improvements" 3/6/62, p. 1B. Land purchased for new runways and additions to terminal.

"RR station contract awarded" 3/9/62, p. 1C. New Southern Railway station to be built on North Tryon by Wheatley Construction Co.

"Duke to construct 2 branch offices" 3/10/62, p. 1B. One office to be on Hwy 27 and Pierson, the other to be on Pineville Rd. in the Park Road area.

"Big gates thud, a lake is born" 3/11/62, p.1B. Cowans Ford Dam, to be completed in ’63.

"Connector road hearing is set for March 20" 3/13/62, p. 1B. Route to link Independence and Park Rd.

"Huntersville dedicates P.O. today" 3/16/62, p. 1C. New post office on College St.

"City bites off another 60 acres" 3/20/62, p. 1B. Property near Plaza and Milton is annexed; Crosland residential subdivision is being built.

"Kenilworth folks bitterly oppose thoroughfare link" 3/21/62, p. 1B. Connector between Park Rd. and Independence.

"Mental health clinic for children planned" 3/23/63, p.1C. 22 acre tract off 85 near Sugar Creek. To construct $50,000 building.

"April 3 hearing set for $10-million road" 3/24/62, p. 1B. A northwest route from 85 and NC16 to Independence at Louise Ave.

" ‘Ribs’ of church showing" 4/1/62, p. 1B. St. Luke’s Lutheran Church under construction; photo.

"Gov. Sanford to dedicate college here" 4/2/62, p. 1B. Two new buildings on Mecklenburg College campus (formerly Carver College).

"Negro residents want expressway rerouted" 4/4/62, p.1B. Northwest Expressway project, includes photo of Fairfield St. near Van Buren which is in path of new road.

Photo of opening day at Freedom Village Shopping Center, shows parking lot and buildings. 4/5/62, p. 7A.

"A treat awaits you in Clarkson Garden" 4/8/62, p. 10C. photo of Clarkson and Eugene Crayton’s garden at 2701 Hampton Ave, also other gardens on garden tour (includes views of homes)

"It’s Mecklenburg College’s Day" 4/8/62, p.D1. photos of new main building, exterior and interior shots.

"Namesake never saw school like Harding" 4/9/62, p. 7A. Special section on Harding High School dedication.

Photo of Mecklenburg College dedication, 4/9/62, p. B1.

"Motel’s zone plea to get special look" 4/10/62, p. 1C. Located 1000 block of So. Tryon.

"New motel, office building planned" 4/11/62, p. 1C. Located on King’s Dr., local developer is Clifford Hemingway, photo.

"Apartment development to be built" 4/13/62, p.17B. 18 garden-type apartments at 1322 Briarcreek Rd., by developer J.R. Purser.

"Steps taken to condemn slum land" 4/14/62, p. 1B. Condemning properties at 4210 E. Second and 326 Alexander St.

"Two delayed projects back on requests" 4/17/62, p. 1B. School Board projects for a maintenance and transportation center on Craig Ave.

"5,436 city homes are ‘hazards’" 4/18/62, p.1C. Includes homes in Greenville, Brooklyn and areas around Piedmont Cts.

"1st Discount House here in new home" 4/19/62, p. 3D. New building at corner of Wilkinson and Harlee Ave.

"Brooklyn house-hunt study Okd" 4/20/62, p. C1. Study on how to house displaced families.

"He creates buildings . . . at $3.71 an hour" 4/22/62, p. C2. Profile of Rick Rickenbaker, architect of houses and commercial buildings, photo.

Ads for Ervin Homes, Lansdown subdivision, Crosland, etc., with photos. 4/22/62, p. 12C.

"East side to get 64 apartments" 4/25/62, p. 1B. On Dresden Dr., Ervin Construction Co.

"Condemning of slum area challenged" 4/28/62, p. 1B. Brooklyn owners question Redevelopment unit’s authority.

Two articles: "Ervin’s incentive plan paying dividends for workers, company" and "Ervin won’t reach 2,000-house goal" 4/29/62, p. 4C. Photo of Charles Ervin.

"Good Sam, city to ask U.S. money" 5/1/62, p. 1A. Crash program to bring Good Samaritan Hospital up to standards; $800,000 bond money to be used as match for federal funds.

"‘Apartment City’ to grow to total of 1,700 units" 5/2/62, p.1D. A $20-million project by Thomas F. Mains Corp. at Briarcreek and Central. Coble Construction Co.

"Hospital plan is attacked" 5/2/62, p. 1D. Good Samaritan plan denounced by Dr. R. A. Hawkins.

"New city relocation survey begins Monday in Brooklyn" 5/5/62, p.1B. Redevelopment Commission to determine housing needs of families to be displaced.

"Unions moving into new home" 5/6/62, p. 6A. $65,000 project, 12,300 sq. ft. at 2121 Commonwealth.

"P & N lines tracks with new industry" 5/6/62, p. 2C. Thrift Road Industrial District. 65 firms and 3 million sq. ft. of space.

"City Council to consider dump, motel" 5/7/62, p. 1C. New motel on So. Tryon.

"Hospital Authority: doors still closed" 5/7/62, p. 2C. Photos of Good Samaritan and the new wing at Memorial.

"AME Zion Group OKs fund drive" 5/10/62, p. 1B. To raise $400,000 to build publishing plant.

"Queens trustees approve $3.6 million growth plan" 5/15/62, p. 1B. Photo of model of music building. Site plan shows expansion plan.

"Loan firm shows off new building" 5/18/62, p. 8A. Mutual Savings & Loan on So. Tryon and 2nd streets. Marsh & Hawkins, architects.

"Charlotte's 'non-white' areas can't expand, group is told" 5/20/62, p. 12A. Spangler, Ervin and Marsh construction companies about developing housing for Negroes.

"Red tape to delay occupancy of new rest home till fall" 5/23/62, p. 1B. Green Acres Rest Home.

"City hears 8 petitions on zoning" 5/29/62, p. 6A.

"They give blood in style now" 6/1/62, p.1B. New Red Cross building at 2425 Park Rd., photos.

"'Deteriorating' area likes self-help" 6/3/62, p. 1C. Results of 4th Ward housing survey.

"Crosland Company's 25th year will be biggest in its history" 6/3/62, p. 5C. Current projects noted, photo of John Crosland, Jr.

"New City Club keeps elegance of tradition" 6/5/62, p. 10A. 300 So. Tryon St., photos.

"Plaza Church set to move" 6/5/62, p. 1B. New building for Plaza Methodist Church.

"Planners: don't zone Wilkinson Blvd. - yet" 6/6/62, p. 1C.

"Branch library to open today" 6/6/62, p. 1C. 1300 Ledwell St. in Freedom Village Shopping Center.

"Brookshire revamps urban renewal group" 6/7/62, p. 1B. Zeb Strawn to head committee.

"County-wide zoning may clear last roadblock" 6/8/62, p. 8A. Wilkinson Blvd. zoning project.

"4th Ward renewal to get hearing'" 6/8/62, p. 1B. Chamber of Commerce Urban Renewal Committee meeting.

"Matthews can expand its limits" 6/11/62, p. 1B.

"Long-delayed plans to repave NC115 are sent to state" 6/11/62, p. 1B.

"Builders will get a chance to air beefs" 6/12/62, p. 1B. Charlotte Homebuilders Association's beefs are about flood plain restrictions.

"Queen City sprouts a depot" 6/16/62, p. 4B. New Southern Railway station under construction. Walter Hook is architect. Photo.

"New offices opened by Piedmont Gas" 6/20/62, p. 4A. 3 stores, on Yancy Rd.

"Tax value reduced on new building" 6/21/62, p. 5A. Cutter Realty Co. office building at 201 So. Tryon.

"3 P.O. sites under study in mall area" 6/22/62, p. 9A. Charlottetown Mall area. Mentions other post offices under construction in Matthews and Cornelius.

"St. Peters spends $80,000 to expand" 6/22/62, p. 10A. At No. Tryon and 7th streets.

"Barringer expansion is approved" 6/22/62, p. B1. Hotel, construction by J.N. Pease.

Advertisement for Green Oaks Apartment City, 6/24/62, p. 14C.

Advertisement for Eastfield Homes, an Ervin development, 6/24/62, p. 15C.

"Ervin opens land for Negro families" 6/26/62, p. 1B. Ervin Construction Co. plans to make land available near Mecklenburg College for families displaced by Northwest Expressway. McCrorey Heights (higher priced homes).

"Flood plan offered by builders" 6/28/62, p. 1B. Home Builders Association, headed by John Crosland.

"IRS units getting new 'home' here" 6/29/62, p. 10A. New office building at Morehead and South Blvd.

"Cornelius residents seek zoning" 6/29/62, p. 1B. Hope to head off proposed apartment project on Church St.

"Our future mid-town Charlotte?" 7/1/62, p. 1D. Special feature, several related articles with jumps to 5D. Model of future downtown area by German architect Friedrich Schmitt.

"Uster to decorate plant in Oak - Live" 7/4/62, p. 1B. New building for Uster Corp. on Chesapeake Dr. Architect: John Higgins. Photo on p. 6A.

"City College to request $3.7 million" 7/6/62, p. 1B. For three new buildings at Charlotte College.

"Industry-hunting trip paying dividend" 7/8/62, p. 6B. New plant for Luwa Corp. on Chesapeake Dr. Sketch of proposed all steel building.

"Proud Cornelius dedicates its P.O." 7/9/62, p. 1B. Mentions several other new post offices. Photo.

"Board OKs $175,000 to buy two future school sites" 7/11/62, p. 5A. One site is off Statesville Rd.; the other is off Thrift Rd.

"Brooklyn firm to redevelop" 7/12/62, p. 1C. AME Zion Publishing House to build new building.

"City to give four in Brooklyn 'last chance'" 7/12/62, p. 1C. Properties to be condemned if owners won't sell.

"City's 2nd Moravian Church to lay cornerstone Sunday" 7/13/62, p. 7A. Park Road Moravian Church on corner of Park and Archdale. Photo.

"Residential community to be built" 7/13/62, p. 9A. Ervin will open 230-house community on East Independence at Wallace Lane.

"Industrial unit ready at last" 7/18/62, p. 1B. Renovation of old Central High School.

"$800,000 plan to cost $1 million-plus" 7/18/62, p. 1B. Good Samaritan renovation project costs go up.

"Queens Road apartments going up" 7/22/62, p. 1C. T.R. Burroughs Construction Co. Sketch.

"Matthews P.O. Opens Thursday" 7/22/62, p. 1C.

Advertisements for Winterfield by Hobart Smith Construction Co., Beverly Hills by Crosland, Oak Forest by Triece Construction Co., Shannon Park and Sharon Forest by Ervin, Lansdown by Spangler and Hidden Valley by Hobart Smith. 7/22/62.

"Celanese to construct new building" 7/24/62, p. 1B. 10,000 sq.ft. On Archdale Dr. Ingram & Johnson, architects.

"Schools will sue for sites" 7/25/62, p. 1B. So. Mecklenburg Jr. High on Sharon Rd. and 14 acres adjoining East Mecklenburg High School.

"New school named after local Negro" 7/26/62, p. 1C. J.T. Williams Jr. High.

"What's ahead for Good Samaritan" 7/29/62, p. 2E. Sketch of proposed renovation and photo of present building.

"Memorial plans 50-unit apartment" 8/1/62, p. 1C. To house students in the hospital's training program.

"New $20-million community set" 8/2/62, p. 1B. Olde Providence site to be developed by Ervin Construction Co.

"Plaza plan to take first steps Monday" 8/3/62, p. 1B. City to purchase four lots for government plaza.

"Matthews is getting tool firm" 8/3/62, p. 1B. New 20,000 sq.ft. building on Hwy. 51 at Matthews for Jet Line Products, Inc.

"Board gets lakeside orderly-growth plan" 8/8/62, p. 1C. A land use plan for the Lake Norman area by the City-County Planning Dept.

"Planners give nod to interim zoning" 8/8/62, p. 1C. Berryhill/Steele Creek area.

"Housing development planned near college" 8/12/62, p. 1B. $5 million project - College Downs.

"New Charlotte motel planned" 8/15/62, p. 5B. Landmark Inns on Coliseum side of Independence, three stories. Architect: Claud D. Crosby.

"Shopping center will be 'debated'" 8/20/62, p. 6A. At intersection of Olde Providence and Providence. Center planned by Mrs. Joseph Schoenith.

"Planners OK Sharon Road apartments" 8/21/62, p. 4A. Deluxe co-operative apartments on east side of Sharon.

"Public housing called unneeded in slum project" 8/21/62, p. 1B. 224 families to be moved out of Brooklyn but study shows new public housing won't be necessary.

"Group won't recommend shop center" 8/21/62, p. 1B. At Providence and Olde Providence.

"Cornelius OKs zoning law work" 8/23/62, p. 1B. Preparing a land use survey and a new zoning ordinance.

Special section on Parade of Homes, 8/26/62, p. 1-17G. Companies participating: Browning Construction Co., C.D. Spangler, Ed Griffin, Evans, Fred J. Wiggins, Dwight McCall, Hobart Smith, Harvey-Jones, John Crosland, Kavanaugh-Smith & Co., Nance Trotter, Inc. R. Read Tull, Triece, Trotter & Allen. Photos and sketches.

"Countywide zoning plan steps are developing slowly" 8/27/62, p. 1B. Interview with senior planner Hal Davis, photo.

"Queens gets church property in swap deal" 8/31/62, p. 1B. Myers Park Baptist Church is building a new education building.

"Thoroughfare . . . it is up to you" 9/2/62, p. 1D. Upcoming vote for $12.6 million bond money. Several road projects outlined including Northwest Expressway.

"Airport bursts shell; bonds to expand it" 9/3/62, p. 1C.

"New community center christened to the sound of playing children" 9/10/62, p. 7A. Oaklawn Community Center. Photo.

"School authorities plan land purchase" 9/11/62, p. 1B. 30-acre site near South Mecklenburg High School.

"Planning unit suggests ways to eliminate blight" 9/14/62, p. 9A. Census tract map showing 'blighted' areas.

"1 in 5 lives in bad housing" 9/14/62, p. 1B. Two photos.

"Tracts 4 and 26: in need of rescue" 9/14/62, p. 1B.

"Rerouting of road pushed" 9/14/62, p. 1B. Hwy. 73 in Huntersville.

Photo of house being moved to make way for apartment project by R. Calvin Holland, site next to Catholic High School, 9/16/62, p. 1D.

"Major department store is planned" 9/18/62, p. 10A. K Mart in new shopping center at Emerywood and Pineville roads; Ervin project; sketch.

"City Council KOs Sharon Apartment" 9/18/62, p. 1B. Turned down zoning request by W. L Parrott at Sharon & Sharon Hills.

"‘Chronic’ hospital to grow" 9/23/62, p. 1B. Mecklenburg Chronic Disease Hospital at Huntersville; from 56 to 250 beds.

"Christ Church votes for addition" 9/24/62, p. 7A. Christ Episcopal – new 2-story addition. Graves & Toy architects; architect’s sketch.

"City, builders okay flood land ‘zoning’" 9/24/62, p. 1B.

"St. Patrick’s Parish rebuilds much more than a building" 9/24/62, p. 1B. Two photos.

"Plan would offer 7 basic buildings" and "Packaged plants proposed as incentive to new industry" 9/26/62, p. 5B. Offered by Southeastern Construction Co. (president Beaumert Whitton) and Breswanger Corp. of Philadelphia.

"Homes may be built next to new lake park" 9/27/62, p. 1C. Near new Lake Norman park.

"Mint Hill starting library drive" 9/27/62, p. 12C. Plan to renovate a volunteer fire station as a branch library. Sketch.

"Metropolitan water-sewer planning urged by Chamber of Commerce" 9/28/62, p. 1B. Problem called threat to growth. Photo of outhouse!

"National Home Week begins Sunday" 9/29/62, special section C. Lots of ads, photos.

On 12C: a photo of 3717 Annlin Ave described as "modern, international"

On 13C: photo of 4944 Currituck Dr., modern home

"Planners OK area zoning" 10/3/62, p. 1B. Steel Creek/Berryhill area.

"Slum aid snagged on alternate housing" 10/9/62, p. 1B. Federal urban renewal officials tell Charlotte to build low-rent public housing units for displaced families.

"Urban renewal plan is in real trouble" 10/11/62, p.1B.

"Renewal aid race is a tie" 10/11/62, p. 1B. Photo of Piedmont courts and Fairview Homes.

"City far behind in public housing" 10/12/62, p. 1B.

"Many forces add to housing squeeze" 10/14/62, p. 1C.

"Condemnation battle is won in Brooklyn" 10/14/62, p. 1C. 3 photos of condemned housing.

"Mayor to propose new public housing" 10/15/62, p. 1B. Stan Brookshire’s recommendations.

"Redevelopment jam kills county study" 10/15/62, p. 1B. Plans to buy block east of county office building are put on hold.

"City Council requests public housing study" 10/16/62, p. 1B. Spangler mentions Double Oak project.

"Realtor says plenty of low-cost housing exists" 10/17/62, p. 1C. Thomas R. Lawing, realtor.

"Redevelopment jam may be breaking up" 10/26/62, p. 1C. Waiting for decision on building hew public housing.

"Old railway station going, its glory gone" 10/28/62, p. 1B. Photos of old and new.

"Church will start work on building" 10/29/62, p. 1B. Ascension Lutheran – new education building on E. Morehead.

Big ad for College Downs with sketches and floor plans. 11/4/62, p. 14C.

"Unlamented death comes to aging railroad station" and "But off North Tryon a new station is born" 11/7/62, p. 1C. Photos of old station.

"New A&P opens tomorrow" 11/11/62, p. 6B. At Cotswold Shopping Center. Full page ad.

"Hearing slated on expressway" 11/11/62, p. 1C. North-South route, includes map with interchanges.

"Space shortage becoming acute" 11/14/62, p. 1B. Public schools. Discusses a new maintenance building, a bus garage and an addition at East Mecklenburg High.

"Advisory unit hears slum goals" 11/16/62, p. 1B.

"Council still up in air over airport contract" 11/17/62, p. 1B. Contract awarded to John Talbot & Assoc. of Wilmington instead of home boys, Pease. Some members of council protest.

"Philadelphia firm sues Cutter Company" 11/17/62, p. 1C. Pay sub contractor or sell new downtown Cutter Building.

"Hospital renovation tangles city funds" 11/20/62, p. 1B. Good Samaritan project needs #300,000.

"Wilmington firm gets contract" 11/20/62, p. 1B. For engineering contract for airport.

"Charlotte builders don’t expect upset in market" 11/21/62, p. 1A. Reaction to president’s order against racial discrimination.

"Expressway route passes first public test in hearing" 11/21/62, p. 1B. 4.5 mile middle section of North-South Expressway.

"City ‘finds’ $177,674 for Good Samaritan" 11/25/62, p. 1C. Work on rebuilding can begin.

"Sanford will help launch new bank" 11/26/62, p. 1B. $7.5 million Nation Bank building dedicated at 200 So. Tryon.

"Observer Building is fallout shelter" 11/28/62, p. 1D. First in county to be designated.

"Apartment units to rise 16 stories" 11/28/62, p.1D. 3rd phase of Green Oaks Apartments.

"Speizman donates acre site for a new opera building" 11/30/62, p. 1C. In Oakhurst Industrial Park, Speizman’s new development at Richland Dr. and Seaboard R.R. off Old Monroe Rd.

"Schools to ask $28-36 million for new buildings" 12/5/62, p.1C. For new buildings including new schools, an office building and land. Photo of map.

"Belt road plan lashed by Hawkins" 12/5/62, p. 1C. 4-lane belt will cut through Negro residential section.

"Belt road will meet Woodlawn" 12/5/62, p. 12C. Between Monroe and Providence.


"Huntersville seeks more money" 12/6/62, p. 1B. Wants to expand the construction project at Chronic Disease Hospital.

"General Foods Corp. to build plant here" 12/7/62, p. 1C. On York Rd. at Arrowood Industrial Park.

"YW to buy 9-acre tract on Park Rd." 12/8/62, p. 1B. New $1 million plus building planned - J.N. Pease.

2 photos of geodesic dome at J.T. Williams Jr. High, 12/8/62, p. 1B.

"Building has exotic interior" 12/9/62, p. 23A. New North Carolina National Bank building, photo on 24A.

"U.S. okays funds for renewal project" 12/13/62, p. 1C. After year of delays will do land use plan by Hill & Adley Associates of Atlanta.

"Queens College outlines building plans for '63" 12/14/62, p. 1B. $2.5 million worth of construction including an auditorium and a dormitory.

"Plans for 2 new schools are okayed" 12/15/62, p. 1B. One on Rama Rd. and the other on Sharon.

"Firm sets addition of 100 employees" 12/19/62, p. 1B. When new 43,000 sq. ft. addition is complete next spring - Stately Lady Nitewear Inc.

"60 new businesses located here in '62" 12/20/62, p. 1C. 20 new distributing firms, photo.

"Survey: more public housing is necessary" 12/22/62, p. 1B. Federal survey is released.

"Hospital wing bids are opened" 12/22/62, p. 1B. Little Construction Co. and Rea Construction are low bidders.

"Renewal planning-funds are okayed" 12/25/62, p. 1C. 8 more blocks of Brooklyn will be cleared.

"New community is planned here" 12/27/62, p. 1B. 180 acres for 500 homes - Ervin Construction Co.

"Hospital building contracts awarded" 12/27/62, p. 1B. To Little Construction and Wheatley Co.

"Site bought for school" 12/27/62, p. 1B. Adjacent to Cochran Jr. High on Milton Rd.

"Survey indicates 700 housing units needed" 12/28/62, p. 1B. Federal survey results.

"City to get 10-story apartment structure" 12/29/62, p. 1B. 1200 block of Elizabeth Ave., T.F. Mains Corp of Richmond is developer; T.R. Burroughs Construction is builder, architects sketch.


1963 - 1963 - 1963 - 1963

"Council worried by YWCA decision to build in suburbs" 12/1/64, p. 1C. Would like it in 'renewed' Brooklyn area.

"Conversion will create apartments" 1/3/63, p. 1C. Will convert Radio Center on South Blvd. into low-rent apartments.

"Unit begins local annexation survey" 1/5/63, p. 1B. City-County Planning Dept. will do.

"1963 should be big year for construction, renovation" 1/6/63, p. 1B. Photo of new wing at Memorial Hospital and info on other hospital plans.

"9 houses ordered destroyed" 1/8/63, p. 1B. Using the new housing code.

"Develop downtown businessmen urged" 1/10/63, p. 1B. Talk by James Rouse, developer of Charlottetown Mall, photo.

"Old fire station will house books" 1/13/63, p. 13A. A new library for Mint Hill, photo.

"Co-op apartment unit to be built in county" 1/13/63, p. 1B. 42 units at Fairview and Park Rd. Floor plan and sketch by architect Charles Connelly.

"Lake Norman surface 17 feet below dam's top" 1/14/63, p. 1C. 2 photos of dam.

"700 public housing units requested" 1/15/63, p. 1B. Public Housing Administration survey.

"Development will contain 850 homes" 1/18/63, p. 1B. $19-million development at Old Monroe and Rama, Kavanagh-Smith & Co.

"Nursing home is planned" 1/20/63, p. 1B. In Gastonia, to be built by Charlotteans Walter Hook Assoc. architects.

"Church seeks cash for advance sites" 1/21/63, p. 1B. Episcopalian Charlotte Convocation to develop a Negro parish of St. Michaels and other areas.

"City's builders argue against public housing" 1/22/63, p. 1B. Home Builders Association headed by John J. Delaney.

"Council to OK public Housing" 1/27/63, p. 1C. 700 units.

"St. Luke's holds 1st communion" 1/28/63, p. 1B. In new building at Park rd., architect was Pease.

"City to get housing proposal" 2/2/63, p. 1B. From foes of public units, Charlotte Board of Realtors and builders. Photo of Brooklyn.

"Parkway by airport wins early support" 2/6/63, p. 1B. 5-mile belt road, map.

"600 apartment units approved" 2/12/63, p. 1B. Public housing, two additional related stories on this page.

"U.S. loan to finance hospital apartments" 2/15/63, p. 1B. $700,000 to Charlotte Memorial to build apartments for interns, students.

"Plan for trade study prepared" 2/17/63, p. 1D. Long range plan for rebuilding downtown.

"Building with pool is planned" 2/18/63, p. 1B. NC Savings & Loan building on East Independence; designed by J. L. Williams & Sons of Matthews.

"Slum waits, decays" 2/22/63, p. 1C. Brooklyn, photos.

"Duke Power plans building addition" 2/23/63, p. 1B. 5-story addition at 422 S. Church St.

"Cross-shaped nursing unit fast becoming showpiece" 3/1/63, p. 1B. Methodist Homes on Shamrock Dr., photo.

"There is joy in Red Cross" 3/3/63, p. 1D. Photos of new quarters at 2425 Park Rd.

"Norman development planned by counties" 3/6/63, p. 1B. Land use plan to set up uniform standards.

"The Levins have faith in downtown" 3/8/63, p. 27A. New Lebo's planned for 124 E. Trade.

"UCS board starts plans for Building" 3/9/63, p. 1B. United Community Services - in Brooklyn area.

"Turnabout gums up slum plans" 3/14/63, p. 1C. Schools want more Brooklyn land than originally planned.

"100 new homes to be built here" 3/17/63, p. 1D. Churchill Downs by Marsh-Broadway Construction Co. Will be north of Sharon Amity and east of Old Sardis.

"Clearing slums is slow, painful process" 3/17/63, p. 1D. Also "Land comes slowly for redevelopers" same page. Photo of 2nd St. houses.

"Ervin will build 773 houses" 3/19/63, p. 1B. Plus 50 apartments in 'Wintergreen' off West Blvd., just west of Old Steele Creek Rd.

"2nd Ward site snag cleared up" 3/20/63, p. 1C. Discusses site of future 2nd Ward High School in former Brooklyn area.

"Costs split architect, schoolmen" 3/22/63, p. 1C. J.N. Pease Associates have had problems at Myers Park High addition - cost overruns.

"Go-ahead for 3rd renewal area sought" 3/23/63, p. 1B. 3rd slum clearance project in Brooklyn.

Photo feature comparing Charlotte & Atlanta, 5 photos of new Charlotte buildings - 3/24/63, p. 1D.

"Lake Norman reported full" 3/25/63, p. 1B. Two photos.

"Integrated housing is his aim" 3/25/63, p. 1B. Dr. R.A. Hawkins says public housing should be integrated, not separated by Negro and elderly whites.

"Lake Norman lots are being leased" 3/26/63, p. 1B. 2,000 lots with 12 year leases.

"South Branch is opened for library" 4/1/63, p. 1C. New building at 4724 Sharon Rd.

"Charlotte College gets an arboretum" 4/1/63, p. 1C. 37 acres dedicated.

"Strietman Warehouse to expand" 4/6/63, p. 1B. One-story addition on Thrift Rd.

"Riegel to build new plant near Matthews" 4/7/63, p. 1B. $2 million program for Hwy.51 north of Matthews and another at 4630 Pineville Rd.

"School Board might yield on center site" 4/10/63, p. 1B. Might build their education center in proposed government plaza.

"City to get new medical building" 4/11/63, p. 1B. 14 stories at Morehead and Edgehill, photo of proposed model. Conrad Taylor is architect.

"Chamber of Commerce plugs plan for school center" 4/11/63, p. 1B. Government plaza area desired.

"Matthews will get new plant" 4/11/63, p. 1B. Westbury Knitwear Co., west of Matthews on Old Monroe Rd.

"State may take Polk park site" 4/13/63, p. 1B. By condemnation.

"550 home subdivision to be built" 4/16/63, p. 1B. Crosland project in SE Charlotte, 'Huntington Hills'

"Chocolate, cocoa firm building plant in city" 4/18/63, p. 1C. At N. Davidson and Norwell - the Ambrosia Chocolate Co.

"Charlotte firm will spend $1.5 million in expansion" 4/22/63, p. 1C. The Di-Man-Ply Co., 78,500 sq. ft. in Seaboard Industrial Park.

"400 attend dedication of school" 4/22/63, p. 1C. Coulwood Jr. High.

"Planetarium gift to pay half of cost" 4/24/63, p. 1B. At the Children's Nature Museum, artist's sketch.

"Medical Center plan approved by house" 4/26/63, p. 1B. Charlotte is being considered for a training center.

"Ervin to construct 8-story building" 4/28/63, p. 1B. Office on East Blvd. at Pierson Dr. will be called the Ervin Building. Ferebee & Walters are the architects.

"New postal unit opens here today" 4/29/63, p. 1C. New building at 1200 Baxter St.

"New junior high school is dedicated" 4/29/63, p. 1C. J.T. Williams Jr. High.

"Mint Museum plans 250,000 addition" 4/30/63, p. 1B. A.G. Odell is architect.

"Cornelius adopts first zoning law" 5/3/63, p. 1B.

"Model homes invited the carriage trade" 5/6/63, p. 1B. Festival of Homes opens.

"New building for doctors is started" 5/6/63, p. 1B. Providence Medical Center will build 3-story offices for doctors. To be located at Providence, Caswell and Third.

"Schools to build TV unit" 5/9/63, p. 1B. On 24 acre site off Independence.

"State ready to start Kenilworth extension" 5/10/63, p. 1C. There are still some right-of-way problems.

"Parks don't grow on trees" 5/13/63, p. 1B. Planning for city/county parks.

"Residents organize to battle urban pressure" 5/14, 63, p. 1B. Harding Place and Greennwood Cliff form neighborhood improvement associations.

"Start on co-op apartment building due within 90 days" 5/15/63, p. 12A. Kimber-Lee Apartments near Park Road Shopping Center, architect's drawing.

"Blight begins to disappear when community pitches in" 5/19/63, p. 1D. Greenville community, photo.

"Y building is delayed until fall" 5/21/63, p. 1B. YWCA project by Pease.

"Southern belt-road routes junked; new start planned" 5/23/63, p. 1C. Map.

"'Packaged' house sales paying off" 5/25/63, p. 1B. Selling off foreclosed houses.

"Rail project rolling along" 5/26/63, p. 1B. On west side of Southern Railway tracks.

"Ervin firm plans more apartments" 5/28/63, p. 1B. On Dresden Dr., off Independence.

"Huntersville Hospital gets U.S. grant" 5/28/63, p. 1B. For expansion.

"Airport bids awarded" 6/4/63, p. 1B. To Walker & Whiteside of Greenville and Davie Contractors of Mocksville.

"Ervin work force will be increased by 350" 6/5/63, p. 1B.

"Good Samaritan cost is raised $222,000" 6/6/63, p. 1C. Problems with the reconstruction of the east wing. City-County study unit is appointed.

"Joint police building study OK'd" 6/6/63, p. 1C. New building to be planned for city and county forces.

"Huntersville moves to ban apartments" 6/7/63, p. 1C. Until they can adopt a zoning ordinance.

"Huntersville residents win partial victory in zone battle" 6/10/63, p. 1B. Greenfield Park residents want to keep out apartments.

"Approval, loan for next slum project sought" 6/13/63, p. 1C. City asks for $2.5 million for 2nd Brooklyn renewal section.

"Terry breaks ground for Eastern addition" 6/14/63, p. 1C. Eastern Airlines reservation center, Pease Construction Co.

"How much permanence in Good Samaritan renovation?" 6/17/63, p. 1C. A 'news analysis'.

"Wilson Grove site picked for senior high school" 5/20/63, p. 1C.

"New building will have 37 apartments" 6/23/63, p. 2C. In Myers Park on Roswell Ave., Adams & Albright Investments.

"Old and new in skyline" 6/24/63, p. 1B. Photo: Wilder Building, Jefferson Standard and Cutter Building.

"REA Express planning new building near rail terminal" 6/28/63, p. 10A. Architect's sketch.

"J.P. Stevens plans new building here" 6/29/63, p. 1B. 10 acre site near Eastern Airlines on Fairview. James J. Harris to build and finance.

"Ervin plans 1,000 homes east of city" 6/30/63, p. 1D. On Idlewild. $18.5 million worth of houses.

Photo of new wing of Memorial Hospital, 6/30/63, p. 1D.

"New school tailor made for education" 7/5/63, p. 1B. On Rama Rd., an elementary school.

"Sites for 600 low-rent units for city are chosen" 7/6/63, p. 1B. $6 million project. Photo.

"J. A. Jones just keeps on building" 7/7/63, p. 15A. 3 photos.

"Housing sites due appraisal" 7/9/63, p. 1B. Buying land for public housing units.

"Center for aged location sought" 7/9/63, p. 4B. Northern downtown site for 175-unit public housing for elderly. Looking at block bounded by 9th, 10th, Church and Poplar.

"Subdivision plan gets close look" 7/10/63, p. 1B.

"$1 million restaurant, motel to be built here" 7/13/63, p. 1B. Horne's restaurant and 100-unit motor lodge at corner of I85 and Thrift Rd.

"Old church seeing last days" 7/18/63, p. 17A. Friendship Baptist to be torn down for urban redevelopment; new church to be built at N. Woods Dr. and Beatties Ford Rd. Photo of old church.

"NCNB plans 13th branch at Cotswold" 7/23/63, p. 1B. In shopping center at Randolph and Greenwich.

"Reducing cost of new school to be studied" 7/24/63, p. 1C. Huntingtown Farms Elementary on Park Rd.

"72-house development is planned" 7/26/63, p. 1C. Randolph & Sardis Rd. area. John Thomasson Construction Co. and Starnes Construction Co.

"Builder here is planning 121 homes" 7/27/63, p. 1B. By Crosland in Hampshire Hills off the Plaza.

"Facility prestige shopping center" and "Cotswold event today" 7/31/63, p. 4D. Grand opening of Cotswold Shopping Center. Photos here and on page 5D.

"Cotswold is traditionally a prestige name for living or shopping area" 7/31/63, p. 8D. 4 photos.

"Big motel is planned on Wilkinson" 8/1/63, p. 1C. 10 story, $2.5 million, 3500 block of Wilkinson.

"Johnson C. Smith plans apartment project here" 8/6/63, p. 1B. $3 million project at Beatties Ford & I85. 200 apartment.

"Local office building to get addition" 8/10/63, p. 1B. Jefferson Standard at 301 S. Tryon. J.N. Pease, architect.

"Director of school construction resigns" 8/14/63, p. 1B. James Bell to open his own business.

"Hospital project feels cash pinch" 8/14/63, p. 1B. Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital. Architect's sketch of expansion.

"Huntersville hospital building funds short" 8/15/63, p. 1C. Bids opened for Chronic Disease Hospital. C. P. Street Construction Co. was low bid.

"Local firm plans new warehouse" 8/17/63, p. 1B. Tar Heel Sash & Door at Yancy and Southside Drives.

"City college keeps symmetrical look" 8/19/63, p. 1D. New 70,000 sq.ft. Classroom building.

"Downtown grocery store property is purchased" 8/19/63, p. 1D. Colonial Stores project at 200 N. College St.

"A frame house named 'the Roof' by workmen" 8/22/63, p. 1C. Jack Pentes' house at Sharon Hills Rd. Photos.

"Merchandise Mart: solid addition to city pays off" 8/25/63, p. 6B. Building is 22 months old. Photos.

"Expressway’s final link is blueprinted" 8/29/63, p. 1C. North-South expressway, map.

"Town meeting will hear school construction plans" 9/2/63, p. 1B.

"Local bank opens 1st branch today" 9/3/63, p. 1B. Citizens Bank at 3558 Wilkinson Blvd.

"140-acre annexation planned by Davidson" 9/5/63, p. 1C. On east side.

"Huntersville approves controversial zoning" 9/6/63, p. 1C.

"Lutherans to move into new church Sunday" 9/7/63, p. 4B. St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran at 4013 Shamrock. Also mentions groundbreaking for new Methodist Church on Steele Creek.

Special section (Section C) for National Home Week. 9/7/63. Includes lots of ads, photos. Maurice Neiman’s contemporary home at 1930 Providence, Hatley home at 6901 Folger Drive and others.

"Construction of apartments slowing down" 9/7/63, p. 19C.

"Planners push annexation" 9/11/63, p. 1B. 4.5 sq. miles south of town.

"$647,899 is low bid to build student union" 9/13/63, p. 1C. Johnson C. Smith University. Coble Construction Co. is low bid. Architect is A.G. Odell.

"Two apartment projects get under way here" 9/14/63, p. 1B. Crosland Old Towne Apartments and the third phase of Green Oaks.

"Firm plans big shopping center here" 9/17/63, p. 1B. Luther Herrin will develop at Eastway Dr. and the Plaza.

"New center for elderly proposed" 9/21/63, p. 1B. 175 unit apartment building.

"Big shopping unit planned on Tryon" 9/22/63, p. 1C. 25-acre tract at N. Tryon and Sugar Creek. Harlee Quattlebaum Construction Co. Thomas Parker is the developer.

"11th annual parade of homes will open today" 8/22/63, p. 5G. Special section, lots of photos from several builders.

"Kavanaugh-Smith enters idea home" 9/22/63, p. 9G. Two photos of 1619 Redcoat Dr.

"Co-op apartment is planned here" 9/25/63, p. 10A. At Queens and Granville Rds.

"Walter W. Hook, architect, dies of heart attack at 61" 9/30/63, p. 1B. Photo.

"General Foods opens in Arrowood" 10/4/63, p. 22A. Also: "New building model of efficiency". Photo.

"Model home project pays off" 10/8/63, p. 4C. Photo of house at 1207 Crown Ct. built by Kavanaugh-Smith.

"Another tall one on Tryon?" 10/9/63, p. 1B. Home Federal Savings and Loan, a 5-12 story building at S. Tryon and 4th St.

"Fund drive is opened by Wilmith" 10/9/63, p. 1B. For new alcohol treatment hospital.

"Education Center site still vague" 10/12/63, p. 1B. For ETV station, next to Coliseum proposed.

"Davidson to annex town water company" 10/20/63, p. 1C.

"First Baptist may leave downtown" 10/22/63, p. 1B. Perhaps to move to Sharon Rd.

"2nd slum-clearance plan to be aired today" 10/23/63, p. 1B.

"Children’s Nature Museum to have new planetarium" 10/24/63, p. 1C. Sketch by architect Thomas Rickenbacker.

"Sewage plant bids total $5.3 million" 10/25/63, p. 1C. Rea Construction Co. had low bid. To be built at junction of McAlpine and McMullen creeks.

"Renewal area site for center likely" 10/25/63, p. 1C. Education Center.

"$3 million Wesley nursing center is opened" 10/27/63, p. 1C. On Shamrock Dr., photos.

"Renovation of ‘old’ hospital complete" 10/27/63, p. 1C. Memorial Hospital.

"1st Baptist church will stay downtown" 10/28/63, p. 1B.

"Jury says new jail, police station needed" 10/29/63, p. 1B. Grand jury report.

"New industrial park is being built here" 10/31/63, p. 1B. $2 million Aluminum City, USA in 6500 block of Pineville Rd. Ervin Construction Co.

"School bus center cost, size catches board off guard" 11/7/63, p. 1C. Construction underway at Craig Ave.

"Drum plant to open" 11/8/63, p. 1C. Florida Steel Drum Co. at 4227 N. Graham.

"Redevelopment unit OKs 2nd Brooklyn plan" 11/14/63, p. 5A. 5 block area between courthouse and Independence Blvd.

"Town hall bonds talked by Pineville" 11/14/63, p. 1B. Plans to build a combination town hall and telephone exchange.

"Big building, motel may form plaza" 11/16/63, p. 1B. $3 million on Kings Dr. ‘Kings Drive Plaza, developed by Hemingway and Pappas.

"City college renovations to be Okd" 11/18/63, p. 1C. Charlotte Community College (Elizabeth Ave. campus)

"Old ‘Good Samaritan’ gets new wing and new name" 11/18/63, p. 1C. Dedication of new wing, photo.

"New mental-health center is proposed" 11/21/63, p. 1D. Estimate a $2 million facility is needed.

"City College expansion plan OK’d" 11/27/63, p. 1B. 11 construction and improvement projects.

"Low rent apartment house OK’d" 11/28/63, p. 1B. 175 units for elderly to be built in block bounded by 9th, 10th, Poplar and Church streets. Design by Pease.

"14th branch of library is sought" 11/30/63, p. 1B. For Coulwood-Oakdale area.

"Builder bucks tradition" 12/1/63, p. 11B. Hobart Smith Construction Co. won’t show new houses on Sundays.

"Prospective buyers eye slum land" 12/3/63, p. 1B. Mentions interest of YWCA, United Community Services, AME Zion Publishing House and City.

"Low-rent apartment loan OK’d" 12/4/63, p. 1C. 17 units for elderly.

"Zoning plan protested in Matthews" 12/5/63, p. 1B. New plan debated.

"Hearing on slums today" 12/9/63, p. 1B. 9 block section between court house and Independence.

"4th slum clearance project starts soon" 12/10/63, p. 1B.

"House of Prayer bows to progress" 12/12/63, p. 2V. McCollough’ house to be razed as well as church at 310 S. McDowell.

"Board pushes building plans" 12/12/63, p. 1D. $10 million for 20 projects. Article mentions several sites.

"County buys part of block for $141,241" 12/13/63, p. 1C. 10 lots are purchased for additional county offices.

"Alexander Children’s Center will expand" 12/16/63, p. 1C. $750,000 building on Old Monroe Rd.

"East Morehead to get ‘Red Carpet’ motel" 12/20/63, p. 1C. $1.7 million project, architect’s sketch.

Photo of new wing at Memorial Hospital, 12/26/63, p. 1B.

"Wesley Center has 250 beds" 12/26/63, p. 1B. 3700 Shamrock. Article says this is the only private hospital construction during the past year.

"If House of Prayer topples, Bishop pledges bigger one" 12/28/63, p. 1B. Location undetermined.


1964 – 1964 – 1964 – 1964 - 1964


"Nice day for a dedication: St. Luke’s officially opens" 1/6/64, p. 1B. Photo.

"City tract is sought for school" 1/8/64, p. 1B. Site next to Evergreen Cemetery.

"West Charlotte play center to open" 1/10/64, p. 1C. New recreation center is dedicated. Photo.

"Presbyterians will build home for elderly in city" 1/10/64, p. 1C. No architect or site yet but planning a facility for 100 residents.

"A house in six days?" 1/12/64, p. 5E. Huski-Bilt Inc. does it at 5700 N. Tryon – 5 photos.

"New Emmanuel faces future determined to ‘keep going’" 1/13/64, p. 1B. Church building is lost to redevelopment but they hope to raise money for a new one.

"Negroes protest rental-unit plan" 1/21/64, p. 1B. Residents of University Park resist rental development in their neighborhood.

"Architects to hear urban redevelopment authorities" 1/23/64, p. 20A. A meeting of N.C. architects. Photos of Haskell, Ferebee and Carroll.

"Architecture needs critics prof says" 1/25/64, p. 1B. Speech at meeting of N.C. Architects.

"Charlotte architect wins award for Red Cross Chapter building. 1/25/64, p. 6D. Architect was Charles H. Wheatley & Assoc., two photos.

"McAlway apartment units rising" 1/25/64, p. 6D. At McAlway and Walker. The developer is Richard Realty.

"Housing unit to buy land for apartments" 1/27/64, p. 6B. 425 low rent units in First Ward.

"Scaleybark apartments being built" 1/31/64, p. 1C. 211 units at Scaleybark and South Blvd. ‘Southgate Apartments’.

"Downtown Negro church to move" 2/12/64, p. 1B. 1st Baptist will move to new brick building near University Park School.

"600 acres promised by Lowe" 2/13/64, p. 1C. For addition to Charlotte College campus.

"Architects tell city to redevelop patiently" 2/18/64, p. 9A. Charles Wheatley, president of Charlotte section of AIA, addresses City Council.

"Houses sold to clear path for 4-laned highway 21" 2/22/64, p. 1B. Acquired by condemnation.

"City is given little choice in routing of belt-line link" 2/26/64, p. 1C. map.

Photo of Forest Hill Presbyterian Church under construction at 1040 Woodlawn. ‘Modern roof’. 2/28/64, p. 1C

"New housing will feature aluminum" 2/28/64, p. 1C. Low-cost housing project by Ervin on 500 acres near Beatties Ford Rd.

"Planetarium will open in July" 3/1/64, p. 1B.

"Post office scheduled at Eastway" 3/5/64, p. 6B. At Eastway Shopping Center. Contract goes to Newell Properties.

"C of C board backs southern belt route" 3/12/64, p. 1C.

"Three schools rising along future belt roads" 3/13/64, p. 1C. Quail Hollow Jr. High on Park Rd., Rama Rd. Elementary, Huntingtown Farms Elementary on Starbrook Dr.

"Alexander Center grant is approved" 3/21/64, p. 1B. To build new $900,000 center for emotionally disturbed children near Matthews.

"Big downtown motel is planned" 3/22/64, p. 1C. Spangler will build 156 units on N. Tryon. ‘Executive Motor Inn’.

"120 residents plan road fight" 3/28/64, p. 1B. Tyvola area folks don’t want the belt route.

"$1.1 million sought for health center" 4/1/64, p. 1B. 34,200 sq. ft. building in Brooklyn -–a mental health facility.

"Council looks anew for belt-road route" 4/2/64, p. 1C.

"City housing code challenged in suit" 4/2/64, p. 1C. James Walker, Baptist minister, takes city to court.

"Ervin will build 400 apartments" 4/5/64, p. 1C. At I85 between Statesville and Derita.

"ABC board will build new office" 4/8/64, p. 1B. In Brooklyn renewal area.

"Drive is over the top" 4/10/64, p. 1B. For new Alexander Children’s Center building.

"Colleges like Rome, take time" 4/13/64, p. 1B. Sketch and photo of buildings at Charlotte college campus.


"New jail, combined police center asked" 4/15/64, p. 1B. Need two new buildings by 1966. Diagram on page 15A.

"Humble adds branch here" 4/16/64, p. 1C. Humble Oil will add wing to office at 1600 Woodlawn – expanding with 165 new jobs.

"Airport will get covered concourse" 4/23/64, p. 1C.

"County may pay cost of building new jail" 4/23/64, p. 1C.

"New school is custom tailored" 5/3/64, p. 1C. Rama Rd. Elementary. 4 photos.

"29 named to hospital study unit" 5/4/64, p. 1B. To lay groundwork for a 5th general hospital in Charlotte.

"Councilmen say belt road to take golf course route" 5/5/64, p. 1A. Myers Parks folks are up in arms. Map.

"Ervin offers club $1 million, but belt road still opposed" 5/6/64, p. 1B.

"Charlotte Memorial begins opening large new wing" 5/7/64, p. 9A.

"Ervin puts $1 million offer to club in writing" 5/7/64, p. 1B.

"Myers Park rejects Ervins offer to buy part of golf course" 5/8/64, p. 1B.

"ETV Studio called one of best" 5/9/64, p. 1B. To open in fall at 42 Coliseum Dr., photo.

"City, state OK new belt-road study on costs" 5/9/64, p. 1B. Builder Ervin raised questions.

"Trustees boost fund requests" 5/13/64, p. 1C. For Charlotte College buildings. Sketch of proposed engineering building by A. G. Odell.

"Tree firm may build lab here" 5/13/64, p. 1C. In western part of county.

"Ervin belt proposition withdrawn" 5/23/64, p. 1B.

"Lake shore residences planned" 5/27/64, p. 1C. Builder is Dwight Phillips. ‘Westport’, on western shore of lake is for 800 families.

"Low bids for Selwyn indicate $108,416 cost" 5/28/64, p. 24A. Selwyn Elementary School. Lawson construction makes low bid.

"New theatre is thoroughly christened" 5/29/64, p. 17B. Park Terrace Theatre in Park Road shopping center.

"Bids near on renewal land" 6/6/64, p. 1C. Sketch of new ABC building on Second St.

"Mayor asks for new look at original belt-road route" 6/5/64, p. 1C. Looks like he’s caving in to the Myers Park folks.

"Tenant signed for Cotswold office building" 6/6/64, p. 1B. To be built by Sharon Corp. in Cotswold Shopping Center. Charles Connelly and Assoc. are architects.

"Club estimates cost of moving" 6/7/64, p. 1B. Says it will cost $2.4 million. Myers Park Country Club would rather not move.

"U.S. agency OKs 2nd slum project" 6/9/64, p. 1C. 42-acre tract between court house and Independence.

"Providence Road will get 3-story building" 6/10/64, p. 40,000 sq. ft. Thies Trust building on Providence Rd. Sketch.

"Nature Museum is getting 30-ton hat fitted for size" 6/17/64, p. 1B. Planetarium under construction. Photo.

"Baptists to study new site" 6/18/64, p. 1C. Brooklyn area considered for 1st Baptist Church. Block bounded by Stonewall, Caldwell, 1st and Davidson.

Photos of new planetarium. 6/19/64, p. 1C.

"Furniture store to move in fall" 6/24/64, p. 6A. To new building at 811 Providence.

"Fourth renewal planning grant gets approval" 6/24/64, p. 1B. Area bounded by Independence, S. McDowell, Sugar Creek and Greenwood Cliff.

"Second great Kmart opens today" 6/25/64, p. 22A. On Independence Blvd.

"1st Baptist considering moving to Brooklyn site" 6/29/64, p. 1C. 5-acre tract.

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