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The Family Trip.  On July 28, 2001, Ron and Cathy Walker took us to Lake Wateree near Camden, South Carolina, to ride on their boat.  It was a wonderful outing for everybody for six first cousins & their spouses- Sylvia & Bill Caldwell (Joe's son), Jane & David Alexander (Vernon's son), Dan & Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill (Frank's daughter),  Bob & Dianne Wagstaff (Vernon's daughter), Ron & Cathy Walker (Vernon's daughter), and Eddie & Jackie Ford (Jack's daughter).
L. to R: Bill Caldwell, Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill, Sylvia Caldwell.  Lake Wateree is the Southern-most of the lakes owned by Duke Power Company.
Bob Wagstaff reads the marker to the group at Buford's Massacre or the Battle of the Waxhaws.  This was the site of a Revolutionary War battle in May 1780.  Banastre Tarleton and his cavalry overtook Buford's Continentals at this point and literally cut them to pieces.  "Tarleton's Quarter" was to become a rallying cry for patriots in the backcountry. Background: Ron, Dianne, David, Bill.
Bill and Sylvia Caldwell and David Alexander are standing atop Hanging Rock near Heath Springs, South Carolina.  This was the site of a large British or Tory encampment during the Revolutionary War.  William R. Davie and Thomas Sumter both fought the British here.
Sylvia and Bill Caldwell and Jackie Ford (far left) are enjoying themselves atop Hanging Rock.  Dan first visited this site in the late 1980s when he was doing research for his video, "Whigs and Tories, Cornwallis Invades The Carolinas."
Ron and Cathy Walker took us to Liberty Hill, South Carolina.  General William Sherman's 60,000-man army moved through here in late February and early March of 1865 during the Civil War.  Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church has the graves of many Confederate soldiers in its cemetery.  The Carpenter Gothic Revival Style church building dates from the 1880s.Foreground: David, Cathy, Jane, Dianne, Jackie.
The only low point of the marvelous trip was eating at Lucy's Restaurant in Camden, South Carolina.  The food was fine, but the service was SLOW.  We sat down at 7:25 p.m. and were served dinner at 9:55 p.m. - over a two hour wait. It's a good thing we all like one another so much.  We ate fast and did not order dessert due to the lateness of the hour -  almost 11:00 p.m.  Folks in South Carolina are known for a leisurely pace of living, but this was ridiculous. We had a fabulous, fast buffet lunch in Lancaster at Jomar's Restaurant. Ron & David did a great job driving us back to Charlotte - over an hour's trip.

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