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Home Page R. Central High Reunion Oct. 5,2002 Catherine Steagall Peeler, Lundee Williams Amos, Ashley Hogwood, Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill, Barbara Barger Harelson, Joan Blackwelder Allen - standing in the entrance lobby in the old Central High School - now CPCC

Central High School in 1957 in Charlotte, N. C. compiled by Mary Lynn Morrill (note: information will be added as it is received)

Today’s date: November 29, 2002

Charlotte Central High School in 1957

Syble Lee Balentine Carson (m. James H. Carson, Charlotte, N. C.-3 children, 5 grandchildren)

Gail Diane Ballard (died 12/26/99/cancer, m.George Seegers/cancer died 3/10/93- 4 children/3 daughters living - son died from sarcoma)

Barbara Jean Barger Harelson (m. Hoover Harelson, Greensboro, N. C.-2 children, 4 grandchildren)

Joan Blackwelder (m. Wis Allen, High Point, N. C. – 2 children, 1 grandchild). Photo below at Sally Gamble's  2001 party.

Juanita Elizabeth Brown (m. H. L. Rayburn(deceased), Birmingham, Al-3 children)

Judy Brownstein (m. Larry Speizman, Fla.)

Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill (m. Dan Lincoln Morrill Aug. 5, 1961, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-2 children, 5 grandchildren) -photo below at Sally's  2001 birthday party.

Estelle Carabateas (m. a Kandara, Winston-Salem, N. C.)

Lura Aven Carnes (m. Kenneth Owen, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-2 children/Dale,Aven)

Kay Van Cole (m. James (Sandy) Archer, Huntersville, N. C. – 3 children)

Linda Louise Cooke (m. Otto Claude Smith, Asheville, N. C.)

Theophinia Couchell (m./div. Wm. Robinson, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-2 children)

Mary Wayne Crymes (m. Ted Bywater, lives in Orlando, Fla.)

Lynda Anne Diggle (m. Henry Smith, Siler City, N. C.-2 children)

Gayle Lee Hart (m. Guy Neal, Hampton, Va. –2children)

Nina Imogene Hill (m. F. Roger Thaler, Williamsburg, Va.-3 children)

Sally Ann Holbrook Gamble (m./div. Phil Gamble, lives in Charlotte N. C-3 children, 6 grandchildren) Photo below at Sally's party.

Sally Joyner (m. Wade Wright – 2 children)

Charlotte Anne Kendrick (died/cancer 10/15/95 m./d.Helms-Charlotte-2 children )

Prudy Anne Moore (m. W. S. Thomas Jr., Baton Rouge,LA-2children)

Catherine Steagall (m. Donnie Peeler - Charlotte, N. C. - 4 children)

Sallie Pickard (m. Richard Page, III, Winston-Salem, N. C.-2 children)

Betty Place (died 122/28/99/heart; m. Alexander Beary – no children)

Eleanor Gayle Powell (m. C. F. Passons, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-2 children)

Ruthie Rees (m. George H. Lashar, Mt. Dora, Fl.-1 child)

Sandra Rowe – died in mid 80s/aneurysm (m. Mike Hall-2 children)

Sue Jackie Shaw O'Neill Stone (m. Dick O'Neill/deceased - 3 children/Gillian,Caitlin, Meghan/-Dick O'Neill died Nov. 17, 1998, Santa Monica, CA.  Jackie married Ronnie Stone of Charlotte, NC 2001)

Ann Lynn Smith (m. Hal Carnes, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-2 children/Lynn,Loch))

Peggy Talley Vert (m. Dick Vert, Rockville, Md. – 2 children)

Brenda Adelaide Whitehurst (m. Warren Rollins, Mobile, Ala.-2 children)

Beverly Anne Whitesides McSwain (m. David McSwain, Wilton, CN)

Martha Whitfield (m. Charles A. Sternberg,Chattanooga,TN- Jr.-2 children)

Sarah Lundee Williams (m./div. Jerry Amos, lives in Greensboro, N. C.-1 child, 1 grandchild)

Virginia Lee Wynn Wohlbruck (m. Ted Wohlbruck, lives in Charlotte, N. C.-3 children)


CHARLOTTE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY DATA (Note: Mary Lynn has collected the yearbooks for a long period of time)

1910 Snips and Cuts/school called Charlotte High School - yearbook is covered in suede leather.  Alexander Graham (b. near Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC, Sept. 12, 1844)is superintendent of the Charlotte Public Schools.  1910 graduating class/Senior Class -Bascum Otto Austin, Ward Rogers Evans, Albert Judson Ezell, Estelle Glenn, Janet Muriel Hall, Thomas Hill Haughton, Jr. Ruby Lucile Hoover, William David Hyland, Calvin M. Little, Henry Cyrus Long, Durwood F. Mayberry, Minnie V. Medwediff, Roy B. McKnight, Mabel Alice Miller, Sara Moseley, Mildred Neal, Lillian B. Ownes, Charlotte Rucker, Idabell Shaw, Junius M. Shaw, Susan Elizabeth Wilson 

Junior Class of 1910 Charlotte High School (Charlotte Central High) -Alhman S. Alexander, DeWitt R. Austin, Mary B. Bloom, Elizabeth C. Bomar, Martin E. Boyer, Jr. (Class Pres.), Olive, Brice, John W. Carr, William K. Carr, Isabel C. Chapman, Heriot Clarkson, Jr., Dora Davis, Edward W. DeArmon, Anna Belle Dowd, Emily Durham, John Wm. S. Gilchrist, Kate Graham, Edward Y. Keesler, M. Erwin Kerr, Virginia T. Lillard, Giles Mebane Long, Ilaweese McCausland, Fred McCall, Ruby L. Polk, L. Morrow Russell, Julia M. Smith, Mar C. Smith, Louise B. Spong, Martha C. Squires, Kathleen R. Ssteere, W. Wayte Thomas, D. Caldwell Young

1910 Charlotte Central High School football team: Cyrus Long, captain, Otto Austin, Manager, ends - Otto Austin and Mebane Long, tackles - Stuart Gilchrist and Roy McKnight, guards - DeWitt Austin and Martin Boyer, halfs - Cyrus Long and Derr Mayberry, quarter backs - Heriot Clarkson and David Hyland, center - Callie Little, substitute - Ward Evans.


1922 Snips and Cuts (name of the yearbook) - Charlotte Central High School called Alexander Graham High School, Charlotte, N. C. - located on E. Morehead St. - the students say they are still Charlotte High School.  Principal is Dr. Elmer H. Garinger.  School History: Up to the year 1912, the public Sshool system of Charlotte made no distinction between the grammar grades and the higher grades.  Until 1909, there were only ten grades. The last last year pupils studied English, Latin, algebra, geometry, and history, and had no election of subjects.  In 1909, when Mr. Harding, the presence superintendent of the city schools, became principal of what is now the junior high school, on the corner of 9th and Brevard Streets, and 11th grade was added to the school system.  The 8th and 9th grades were then held in the South School, on the corner of S. Boulevard and E. Morehead (old D. H. Hill building - originally Steward's Hall of the N. C. Military Institute), while the 10th and 11th were placed in the junior high building.  These four upper classes were recognized as part of the graded school system.  Two elective subjects were introduced - physics and French - while trigonometry was added to the geometry course.  In this year the first real graduation took place.  Diplomas were presented to abut ten students.  And on this commencement day the present custom of holding class day exercises in the morning, as a separate event from the graduation at night, was instituted.  It was in this eventful year of 1909, also, that the first volume of Snips and Cuts appeared.  In 1912, the 8th and 9th grades were taken away from the South School, and combined with the 10th and 11th on 9th and Brevard Streets.  Thus the first Charlotte High School was established; and from this time dates its remarkable progress.  Mr. F. P. Wyche became the first principal, and remained for two years.  In 1912, two new subjects were added to the high school course - German, and domestic science.  In the following year, when Mr. Harding became superintendent of the schools, a commercial course, consisting of bookkeeping, stenography, and typewriting, was given a place by the side of the old academic course.  The year 1914 saw the addition of manual training, and 1915, of chemistry and physical geography.  In 1914, Mr. W. Barham Davis, assumed the executive power of Charlotte High School, which he held for five years.  1916 and 1917 were aptly called by the Seniors of that year "C. H. S. year."  Charlotte High School won the State football championship and the State debating championship.  Moreover, William Bobbit, of the class of 1917, was acknowledged the State High School declaimer.  As was this was the year in which the United States went to war with Germany, the Spanish language was substituted for the German in the school course.  Mr. Fred B. McCall became the high school principal in 1919, which position he held for two years.  During the period from 1912 - 1920, the publication of the high school paper, "The Tattler," was tried at three different times.  Each time, however, for various reasons, the paper was allowed to die.  And now we come to the second great era in the life of Charlotte High School.  In the spring of 1920, the high school moved from the old building on 9th and Brevard, to a handsome new edifice on East Morehead.  The old high school is now devoted to a junior high.  The new high school was called Alexander Graham High School, in honor of Dr. Alexander Graham, who for more than forty years has been a public educator of North Carolina, for about 26 years was the superintendent of the City Schools, and is now assistant superintendent.  The new building has not been completed, but, as far as it has gone, it is distinctly modern in all equipments.  The science laboratories, especially, are equipped with all modern conveniences; and biology has recently been added to the science course.  The class of 1920 had the distinction of being the first to graduate from Alexander Graham High School.  In the fall of 1920, it was made possible for a student to have three years of a modern language instead of two.  The class of 1920 founded a monthly magazine, " The Al-Gra-Hy."  This, however, has been displaced this year by a weekly paper, "The Advocate," which we hope will remain permanent.  In the fall of 1921, a new wing was added to the high school, and also an excellent cafeteria.  Dr. Elmer H. Garinger came as our new principal.  Under his direction, the entire high school system was changed.  Instead of having six 45 minute periods, we now have four 80 minutes periods - half of each of which is used for reciting, and the other half for studying.  This plan is in accordance with that adopted by the best high schools in the country.  This year, for the first time, the student body was organized.  A new system of clubs also was introduced.  For Alexander Graham High School, growing now by leaps and bounds, and anticipating in the near future an athletic field, a gymnasium, an another new wing, we have every right to predict a brilliant future.

Alexander Graham High School 1922   Note: the school later became Alexander Graham Jr. High School.  The building was torn down in the late 1950s.  It was condemned as unsafe in 1952.  The entire front section was blocked to students with big gates and only the back two wings could be used. It was dark, gloomy and sad.   The old D. H. Hill building, behind this building, was torn down in 1952.  Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill watched each day from the playground as it was demolished. She was a student at A.G. Jr. High 1951-1954. She got to use the front section of the building her first year at the school.   As of this date, Nov. 2002, the YMCA is on the site of this former school building.


In 1923 the name of the Charlotte High School annual was changed to The Mecklenburger from Snips and Cuts. he school is located on E. Morehead St. Mr. H. P. Harding was superintendent, Dr. Alexander Graham, Asst. Supt. and Dr. E. H. Garinger, principal.  The faculty voted not to allow their pictures in this annual.   Advertisers in the yearbook included 1) Piggly-Wiggly Store, 9 S. Tryon, 209 E. Trade, 123 Park Ave., 300 N. Tryon  2) Blue Ribbon Bakery, 323 E. Trade Street Telephone #4593, 3) Mellon's, 8010 W. Trade St.  4) Commercial National Bank, corner Tryon and Fourth Sts.,- where $1.00 starts an account and pays 4 per cent interest  5) Y. and B. Ice and Coal - quick deliveries  6) Efird's Dept. Store, Trade and College Sts. - the store of service - see for yourself the bargains we always have for our customers  7) Mellon's, 8-10 W. Trade St. -the new spring suits are here, and we want you to see them - Norfolks and Sport Models are very popular  boys' clothes as good as fathers' - we are official scout outfitters.8) LaBelle Candy Co., 406 S. Tryon St. - where the ice cream of appeal can be enjoyed in surroundings that have been designed to keep you cool and please you - ice cream served here is delicious and pure - ice cream and candy made on premises.


In 1924 Charlotte Central High for grades 10-12,  is at its new location on Elizabeth Ave. which is currently housed by CPCC (Nov. 2002).  Charlotte Central High School (1924 - 1959,) moved to Garinger High School on Eastway Drive in 1960.  The Charlotte Central High School annual was called Snips and Cuts and the newspaper was called The Rambler.


1925 - Charlotte Central High School.  Dr. E. H. Garinger is principal.  Senior class includes Kathryn Armstrong, mother of Katie Law Shoemaker, James Rowe, John S. Trotter, William Sutton Alexander, Thomas Richard Banks, , Margaret Springs Dowd, Louise Windle Garibaldi, Philip H. G and Walter Summerville.Gallagher,


In 1933 the Charlotte Central High School annual is called Snips and Cuts.  Elmer H. Garinger is principal of Central High School.  H. P. Harding is Superintendent of Charlotte City Schools.  Dr. Alexander Graham is Superintendent Emeritus of Charlotte City Schools.  Senior Class History:  "After six years of grammar school, which consisted mainly of the three R's - reading, writing and 'rithmetic - we entered junior high school.  Life there was entirely different.  We had a different teacher for every subject and a different room for every class.  Oh, that was fun!  We were extremely loyal to our school, whether it was Piedmont or A.G. and rivalry between Harvard and Yale could not have been keener.  Junior high school days were short and happy, and before we realized it we were at Central."


Judy Brownstein Speizman (Florida)

Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill (Charlotte, N. C.)

Lura Carnes Owen (Charlotte, N. C.)

James Clark (Charlotte, N. C.)

Ruthy Clayton

Gus Couchell

Mary Wayne Crymes Bywater (Orlando, Florida)

Sandra Dellinger

Patsy Edwards

Roberta Goodman

Robert Grubb (Glendale, Mo.)

Sally Joyner Wright

Imogene Hill Thaler (Williamsburg, Va.)

Sandra Hoke(Brookfield,IL)

Nancy Hopkins(m. Bill(W.M. Crockford, Charlotte, N. C.-2 children)

Wayne Kenimer

Robert Kirkpatrick (Chapel Hill, N. C.)

Sara Ann Little

Jean Long

Sylvia Lowe

Ken McKinnell

Wayne McPhatter

David McSwain (Wilton, CN)

Prudy Moore Thomas

Sallie Pickard

Betty Place (Deceased)

Ruthie Rees Lashar (Florida)

Alatha Russell

Barbara Snyder

Donald Spoon

Sarah Jane Stainback

Catherine Steagall Peeler (Charlotte, N. C.)

Manning Watts

Billy West


Eugene Myers Cadieu

Sylvia Madden Cowan Childers

Richard Terrence Henderson, Jr.

Billie Frances Huntley McFadden

Carolyn Jayceil Mullis Suddreth

Frederick Wade Ritch

Sandra Helms Rowe Hall

Bonnie Warden Ezell

Elizabeth Joan Webb Carter

Gail Diane Ballard Seegers (died Dec. 26, 1999)

George Samuel Seegers, Jr.) died March 10, 1993)

Betty (Mary Elizabeth) Place Beary (died Dec. 28, 1999)

Barbara Secrest Abernathy (d. April 2000)

Paul Kirkley (d. 2000)

Martha Dees Rogers (died Nov. 27, 2002)

Linda Shubert Suite (died Aug. 14, 2002)

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