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Newspaper Research For Post-World War II Survey


The Charlotte News, 1945.


01.22. 1-b "Plans For New Myers Park Clubhouse"

- architect to be announced; building program to begin as soon as building restrictions lifted.

01.23. 2-a "Charles W. Connelly Named Architect"

- new clubhouse to be built on site of present; part of old to be razed, part to be incorporated into new structure; completely new exterior.

01.25 1-b, 4-b "Three New Developments Today In City Extension Discussion"

-proposal to extend limits to heavily populated adjacent suburban areas. Coleman W. Roberts, chairman of Charlotte Planning Committee of the Chamber of Commerce asked for support from members from Mecklenburg County to support expanding the city limits to include al of the Charlotte township.

-increase city’s area 65 square miles from 19.36 to 25 (last extended in 1925, also 6 miles).

-Roberts – in order to plan for the future, must extend the limits of the city.

-anticipated post-war population boom.

-opposed by Sharon School Students who do not want to become part of the city school system.

01.27. 11-a Map showing Charlotte’s expansion from 1855 (1.68 sq. miles) to present.

-main periods of expansion – 1877, 1885, 1907, 1924, 1928.

-Myers Park was once a town into itself. Incorporated into Charlotte in 1924.

01.30 1-b, 4-b "Delay Probable, City Extension Receives Blow"

-municipal government unable to provide services – water restrictions.

-proposal will probably not be considered by General Assembly.

-plans for new library and war memorial.

01.31 1-b "City Extension Not On Council Agenda, But Opponents Ready"

-Mayor Herbert Baxter – "No action considered before the 1947 General Assembly."

-all buildings to be rat-proofed to stop spread of typhus.

01.31 1-b "Great Post-War Housing Program Seems Assured"

-approved housing under FHA guarantees

-housing shortage left over from the Depression

-war-time building restrictions "strictly curtailing housing construction"

-details of FHA housing plans explained.


02.01. 1-b "New Library’s Location Wide Open Question Now"

02.02. 1-b "Youngsters Need Boarding Homes"

02.03. 1-b "Vogler Reports on Legislation of Interest Here"

-proposes buying site for library; would expand present lot.

02.04. 1-b "Real Estate Board Advances Slum Clearance Program"

"Plan Designed To Eliminate Slum Areas"

02.04. 1-b "New Cemetery Should Be Ready To Open By Summer, Flack Says"

-new cemetery on Albemarle Highway.

02.07. 1-b "Survey Includes Detailed Plans For Park Areas"

-plans by National Recreation Association survey of Charlotte’s recreational needs.

02.12. 1-b "Board Hears Plan On Housing"

02.13. 1-b "Extension of City Limits And Other Matters Are Discussed"

02.19. 1-b "County To Work With City On Library" –on proposed expansion program

02.27. 1-b "Joint Meeting On Library Law Asked"

02.28. 1-b "Realtors Going Before Council"

- 6 point program for better low-cost housing.


03.01. 1-b "Two Bills On Library Introduced"

03.02. 1-b "Two Local Park Bills Pall Senate"

-expansion of Charlotte’s Park and Recreation System.

03.07. 1-b "City Council To Act On Proposal"

-site for veterans recreational center.

03.10. 1-b "Three Big Issues To Be Combined"

-Big Three of Charlotte’s immediate postwar planning program- an auditorium, an expanded system of parks and recreation and a new library.

-bond issue, possible special election.

03.12. 1-b "Barnhardt Heads $400,000 Park Drive, Memorial To Those In Service"

-memorial for WWII servicemen and women

-110 acre site along Sugaw Creek between E. Morehead and East Boulevard.

03.17. 5-b "Memorial Park Site Perfectly Meets City’s Needs, Says Stone"

-110 acre site between East Blvd. and Princeton Avenue

03.19. 1-b "Park Naming Contest Entries Pouring In"

03.29 1-b "Development Planned"

-100-150 medium-sized dwellings after lifting of wartime restrictions; preparations almost complete by John Crosland; 110 acres in Villa Heights.

03.30. 3-a "Details For Proposed Soldiers Memorial Park Given"

03.31 1-b "Lots Bought As Site For Large Plant"

-Blue Plates Food Corp. to develop land on South Blvd.


04.01. 1-b "Memorial Park Campaign Begins"

04.01 1-b "Building To Be Erected"

-fireproof building for Honeycutt Upholstering on South Blvd.

-plant moved from location at 307 E. Tremont.

04.04. 1-b "Freedom Park Chosen As Name For Charlotte War Memorial"

04.10. 1-b "Baxter Seeks Fast Action On New Housing For City, To Attend Conference Tomorrow"

-225 units are involved; mayor to go to Raleigh to push for allowance of new houses to be built.

04.11. 1-b "Higher Bid Submitted For City Property"

-proposals to expand Elmwood Cemetery

04.27. 1-b "Atkinson to Expand"

-construction of large addition facilities for Atkinson Norfleet Inc.

04.28. 1-b "War Housing Program Here Approved"

-construction to begin in few days

-235 new units; 25 for negroes; H-3 program; housing built by private enterprise


05.02 1-b "Park Total At 156,941"

-end of drive for Freedom Park.

05.03. 1-b "Fund Short, Park Drive To Continue"

05.04. 1-b "City Would Acquire Airport Facilities"

-talks for transfer of Morris Field to the city for commercial use after end of war

05.05. 1-b "Tax Levies Face New Council, Three Major Projects At Top Of List"

-bond/tax referendum – money for new library, expansion of parks and recreation, war memorial civic center.

05.08. 6-a "Confirmation, Survey Shows Little Construction In City"

-little housing built since 1940

05.25. 1-b "Chamber Asks Council For Special Election To Finance Building Program, Several Million Dollars Involved"

-construction of war memorial auditorium-civic center, new library, new parks and recreation facilities.

05.29. 1-b "Stonewall Jackson Homes May Be Opened To Public, Requested Lifting of Restricions"

-homes built for military personnel and war workers, adjacent to Morris Field.


06.02. 1-b "Brady Hills, Home Site Development Opens June 9th"

-70 homes; opened by J.T. Minor; adjacent to city limits on Albemarle Rd.

-principle streets – Arnold Dr., Clark Circle, Patton Park.

06.08. 1-b "Cemetery Plan Ready"

-plans for new cemetery on Lawyer’s Road

06.09. 1-b "Optimist Club Buys Site For New Park, Located In Belmont Section , $20,000 Project Planned Here"

-map, plans included

-on Brevard Street facing Caldwell b/w 18th and 20th.

06.12. 1-b "Heath Project, New Residential Section Planned"

-Midwood Area b/w Truman Rd. and Charlotte Country Club

-40 sixty foot lots

06.26. 1-b "Synagogue Buys Site" Tempel Israel

-Dilworth Road East, 1000 Block Across from Westminster Presbyterian Church.

06.27. 1-b "Two Building Permits Given"

-erection of a one story brick manufacturing plant on 2200 Block of South Blvd. for Mrs. Helen Kanoy, to be built by Southeastern Const. Co.


07.03. 1-b "Mercy Hospital Plan Ambitous"

-$908,000 expansion program; new maternity wing, nurses home

07. 07. 1-b "Aged Church Folk Will Have Home"

-sketch of proposed main building and site on old Hezekiah Alexander Place

07.09. 6-a "Permits To Build Filed"

-warehouse and office for Atlantic Marble and Tile Co. 225 S. Mint St.

-C.W. Connelly, architect

07.15. 5-a "Mecklenburg Silo Construction Program Slips Into High Gear"

07.18. 1-b "Four New Real Estate Firms Here Chartered"

07.20. 1-b "Optimists Get $1000 For Park"

-proposed park in N. Charlotte

07.21. 1-b "City To Join Superhighway Conference"

-conference to discuss a proposed national system of superhighways

07.23. 1-b "Strand Theatres Buys Myers Park Site, Providence Road Tract Purchased, Construction Planned Soon"

-plans to build theater to serve Myers Park and Eastover neighborhoods (Manor Theatre)

07.25. 1-b "New Park Is Planned"

-plans for develpoment of a riverside park on Steel Creek Road in the vicinity of the Withers Bridge

07.26. 6-a "Park Plan Is Adopted"

-develpoment of Freedom Park

07.26. 6-a "N&S To Begin New Warehouse"

-Norfolk & Southern Railway – one story brick and concrete warehouse on Seventh and College Streets

07.27. 1-b "Cittendon Home Drive Plans Made"

-plans for new headquarters for Cittendon Industrial Home of NC

-site at junction of Harding Place and Romany Road.

-home for 25-40 girls; Louis Asbury, architect

07.28. 1-b "New Hosiery Mill Slated"

-King Craft Hosiery Mills in Mint Hill, 118 E. Kingston Avenue

07.28. 1-b "Minor Plans Homesites"

-W.T. Minor – Realty developer

-100 acres on Albemarle Rd. near Country Club

07.31. 1-b "8-Story Office Building Will Be Erected Here"

-site at Fourth and Poplar Streets; plans prepared for W.T. Hinnart

-headquarters for his business – Charlotte-Minneapolis Artificial Limb Co.


08.01. 1-b "Sharp Gain In Building"

-1945 construction four times as great as first seven months of 1944

08.02. 1-b "Liggett Building On Square To Be Rebuilt At Once"

-$100,000 building to replace one damaged by fire in 1944

-M.R. Marsh, Architect

08.07. 1-b "Roberts Opposes Auditorium, Proposes Civic Center, Says Center Would Serve All Of City"

08.21. 3-a "Nash Dealer Will Build"

-new building for dealership owned by Mock Sanders Motors Inc.

-226 S. Church Street

08.21. 7-a "Permits Given Total $17,650"

-1222 Church St. at Oaklawn Avenue; Architect – Walter W. Hook, contractor E.W. Mcknight

-Warehouse for Railway Supply Mfg. Inc.

08.21. 1-b "Center To Be Built"

-Oaklawn Community Center For Negroes, project of the Men’s Club of the Myers Park Presbyterian Church.

08.27. 1-b "Building Permits Placed On File"

-Parker Memorial Wesleyan Methodist Church at 1216 Pecan Avenue, L.T. Helms, contractor

-Charles S. Moore – to build a store at 1029 S. Mint Streer.

08.29. 7-a "Permit Given For Building House"

-residence at 708 Mount Vernon Avenue

-Lord Jesus Christ Church at 1401 Spratt Street

08.31. 1-b "Building Booming"

-construction reaches pre-war levels

-Hough Wiley Co. – warehouse and office for Charlotte Storage Battery Co. at 2400 South Blvd., architects are Wooten and Wooten

-12-room duplex at 108 S. Clarkston built by J.C. Brookshire


09.01. 1-b "Sub-Standard Housing Gets Airing"

-photos of housing behind S. Tryon and Palmer Streets

09.01. 1-b "Firm Builds New Plant"

-completion of Kenoy-Knape Inc.’s automotive manufacturing plant at 2200 block of South Blvd.

-special feature – "a traveling crane which will traverse the entire length of the building and a railway siding which runs into the building, permitting loading and unloading right in the building"

09.05. 1-b "Permits to Build Given"

-new Liggett’s Drug Store at 100-102 N. Tryon; 2-story building; M.R. Marsh, architect

09.07. 1-b "Candy Co. Will Build"

-concrete and steel building on Gordon St. near Central Ave. – Mutchum and Tucker Candy Co.

09.12. 1-b "City Acts To Eliminate Slum Areas"

-forms group to enforce regulations, to make study of slum streets

09.18. 1-a "Building Restrictions Removed"

-green light for homes and other buildings

-lifting of all restrictions on construction of private homes and other buildings effective Oct. 15

09.18. 1-b "Street Work Is Planned"

-extension of Stonewall to Baxter

09.25. 1-b "11 Building Permits Issued"

-new residences in new development off Floral Avenue south of East Blvd.

09.29. 1-b "Marsh Plans Development, Will Build Eight Houses In Charlotte"

-Marsh Realty’s West Blvd. Development located on newly opened Barringer Drive adjacent to Wilmore.


10.02. 1-b "Issue Permits For Builders"

-warehouse for Southern Railway at 713 West Trade St.

-5-room dwelling at 226 Magnolia Ave.

10.02. 1-b "Conference on Highways"

-plans for construction of $113,000 worth of county roads

10.05. 1-b "Southern Oil Co. Leases Large Tract Of Land Here, Property To Be Developed"

-11 acres of land at Hutchinson Ave. and Liddell St.

10.10. 1-b "Building Now Booming, Approaching Prewar Levels, Big Permits Issued Today"

-M&T Candy Co. – Brick and concrete structure; 226 Gordan Street area of Central Ave. business district

-five room residence at 2512 Marshall Place

10.11. 1-b "Bids Taken On Projects"

-construction of drugs, super grocery and variety stores on 2400 Block of Wilkinson

-office building on Fourth just off of Brevard

-Seventh Day Adventist Church on East Morehead next to Charlotte Women’s Club

10.12. 1-b "$150,000 Development, Shopping Center Bids To Be Taken Monday"

-see 10.11.

10.13. 1-b "$50,000 Warehouse Contract Awarded" for Carolina Transfer and Storage Co. of Charlotte

-architect – Marvin Helms

10.18, 1-b "Permits To Build Given"

-Warehouse and Office for E.J. Smith, 1108 Elizabeth Ave.

-Carolina Transer And Storage Co. – warehouse at 1224 W. Morehead

-Warehouse for E.C. Griffith at 1235 W. Morehead

-Store for Robert Morrow & Bros. At 919 Oaklawn Avenue.

-warehouse for NC Homebuilders at 1326 South Blvd, built by Crosland

-Manufacturing plant for J.R. Triece Concrete Manufacturing Plant at 1806 N. Tryon

10.23. 1-b "$120,000 Contract Awarded, Shopping Center Work Starts"

-on Wilkinson (see 10.11) Goode Construction Co.

10.23. 1-b "Stonewall St. Extension On City Council Agenda"

-from Morrow St. to Cecil St. at Baxter

10.25. 1-b "McCorkle Plans $50,000 Addition"

-2040 S. Tryon, McCorkle Laundry and Dry Cleaning Plant

10.27. 1-b "Building Costs Here To Be Cut, Building Code Will Be Amended"

-reduction in wall thickness requirements

10.31. 1-b "Warehouse Is Planned"

-Rulane Gas Co. on Thrift Road, architect Charles Connelly

10.31. 1-b "Carolina Motor Club Plans $250,000 Home, $35,000 Lot Bought As Office Site"

-701 S. Tryon at corner of S. Tryon and E. Hill St.; Louis Asbury, architect


11.05. 1-b "Johnson Chemical Co. Plans New Building"

-warehouse and office on corner of Moritz and Lucina Avenues off of Hutchinson Ave.

-M.R. Marsh, architect

11.07. 1-b "Dixie Company Plans $100,000 Development, Two Large New Plants To Be Built"

-sites b/w Hutchison Ave and N. Tryon

-Dixie Tag and Envelope Co.

11.08 1-b "Critical Shortage of Housing Drives Residents From City"

11.10, 1-a "Planning Board Asks $5,054,354 Program For City"

-water and sewer expansion, new library, site for war memorial on N. Tryon, airport development.

11.10. 1-b "Mayor Baxter Sees Need of 2000 Homes Here"

11. 15. 1-b "Three Building Permits Given"

-W.L. Mauney – warehouse at 1501 Dowd Rd.

-J.D. Stroupe Const. Co. – 216 Room apartment buildings at 603/605 West Eighth Street and a store at 601 West Eighth Street.

11.15. 1-b "Freedom Park Project – Detailed Plans For New Park Announced"

-sketch of proposed Freedom Park Community House

11.19. 1-b "Initial Freedom Park Plans Approved, First Part of Work To Start Soon, Detailed Plans To Be Drawn Up"

11.20 – 1-b "Plan Negroe Cemetery"

-plans for development on former water works property in Biddleville Community

-Harold B. Bursley, architect; North of Seaboard Railroad Tracks, south of Oaklawn Ave.

11.21. 1-b "New Firm Will Build Construction Office"

-200 Block of S. Tryon; Building Service and Equipment Co. of Charlotte

11.21. 1-b "Construction Authorized"

-cold storage facility for Piedmont Cold Storage Corp. at 322 W. Stonewall, Connely – architect

-six six room residences on 300 Block of Keswick Avenue; B.W. Roberts – architect

-Dilworth Hosiery Mill – dye plant on W. Tremont Ave.

11.23. 1-b "Cold Storage Concern Building New Plant"

11.23. 1-b "Planning Board Prepares To Tackle Zoning Problem, Engineers Complete Map of City"

-no map printed in article

11.24. 1-b Williams-Shelton Company To Build, Local Firm Gives Plan To Expand, Big Building on Wilkinson Blvd."

-warehouse, showroom and office building for wholsale distribution firm

-2400 block of Wilkinson next to General Dye Corp.

-"scientifically arranged for faster, stream-lined selling…will contain modern fixtures and florescent lighting.

11.26. 1-b "$500,000 Hosiery Plant Will Be Built, Belk, Ross and Hatch Form Firm"

-newly incorporate Belvedere Hosiery

11.30. 1- "Construction Of 4 Central Avenue Buildings Begun, 5th In Offing, Structures Modern In Every Way"

-buildings on north side of 1500 Bblock of Central Ave.

-beauty shop, Mays Hardware, Belmont Bakery, furniture store


12.01. 1-a "250-Room Office Building Planned Here, Goode Will Build At West Trade And Pine"

-Roy L. Goode, Goode Construction Co.

12.01 3-a "City’s Industry Bursting At Seams After Lean War Years"

-photos of new construction

12.01. 1-b "Christ Church Is Preparing To Begin Construction"

-$100,000 parish house

12.03. 1-b "$50,000 Night Club Planned For City"

-‘The Plantation’ – largest entertainment center of its kind in radius of 200 miles

-two-story colonial building

12.04 8-a "Prefabricated Houses Are Now Being Built Turned Out By Progressive Charlotte Manufacturer"

-Charlotte Lumber and Manufacturing Co.

-photos of houses being put together

12.06. 1-a "500-Bed Veterans’ Hospital Will Be Built In Charlotte"

12.06. 1-b "Hosiery Plant Is Planning Expansion"

-Dilworth Hosiery Mill – dye house and finishing plant; J.N. Pease & Co., architects

12.07. 1-b "Myers Park Churches Complete Park Plans"

-site of park not yet chosen

12.10. 1-b "Hook To Erect Office Building, Monolithic Structure Is Designed"

-W. Fourth St. between Mint and Poplar; Walter W. Hook, architect

-First Monolithic Concrete structure in Charlotte

-style of architecture – ‘Californian’

-completely air-conditioned, no windows which can be opened

12.14. 1-b "North Charlotte Center Is Planned"

-recreation and welfare program set, community house to be built

12.14. 1-b "Plans For Two New Buildings Are Announced"

-architect, M.E. Boyer, Jr.

-1619 Elizabeth St. for Picker X-Ray Corp; brick/concrete structure, all-glass front

-2000 E. Seventh Street, similar structure for landscape contractor’s supply house

12.17. 1-a "County Planning $200,000 Building"

-to house county offices and juvenile delinquents

12.17. 1-b "$850,350 In New Construction Is Authorized Here"

-Mercy Hospital Addition – Walter Hook, architect

-S. Brevard St. –warehouse for Southern Railway – J.A. Jones Construction

-Soule Iron and Steel Works – shop at 901 N. Church St. – J.A. Makom, architect

12.18. 1-b "Building Will Be Erected, Will House Hardware Business, Providence Road Will Be Site"

-(Myers Park Hardware?)


The Charlotte Observer, from 07.01.64


07.03 1-b "Route of New US 21 to SC Line Pinpointed"

-new extension of highway from Charlotte to SC state line; to eventually become part of I-77

-map of highway (route US 21)

07.09. 7-a "Agreement Unlikely On Sharon-Belt Route

-fight over proposed route of belt-road along Sharon Rd.

-resistance fierce; wuld cut through part of Myers Park golf course and include Runnymede/Wendover Rd.

07.09 3-c "St. Andrews’ New Structure Is Symbol Of Turning Point"

-new large building for congregation (rare for an Episcopal church in the South)

-6,225 sq. feet; unique feature – sole window in the church proper designed to concentrate light on the alter; church to be air-conditioned

07.10. 1-b "Charlotte College Seeks University Size in Request For $8.6 Million"

-to finance a 70,000 sq. foot classroom building, a fine arts building with an auditorium, a gymnasium and other major projects including maintenance buildings and athletic fields

(at this time, school only has four major buildings)

07.12. 19-a "York Road Hearing Scheduled July 23"

-hearing on plans to rebuild NC 49/York Rd from Charlotte to Buster Boyd Bridge

07.14. 14-a "College To Ask For Two Buildings"

-CPCC – asks General Assembly for a new library and a new classroom building

07.21. 1-b "New S&L Building To Be Built"

-photo of present building

-to be built on site of present structure at Tryon and Fourth Streets

-8-12 stories; Home Federal Savings And Loan

-Walter W. Hook, architect

07.23. 19-a "Tough Belt-Road Decision May Come Soon"

-argument over where to build southeastern link

07.24. 1-c "Cabin Site Not Found, Search Begins For Polk Birthplace"

07.29. 1-b "2Million I-77 Bid Received"

-preliminary planning for route passing through Charlotte

-mammoth interchange at coming together of I-77 and I-85

07.30. 27-a "White Motor Plans New Building On I-85"

-sketch of new building; northwest corner of I-85 and Glenwood Drive near Freedom Drive intersection.

-more than $1Million; 35,000 sq. feet

07.30. 1-c "Park Unit Okays Arts Center Site"

-tentative vote by Charlotte Park and Recreation Commission to build a $50,000 arts and crafts center at corner of Independence Blvd. and Seventh St. next to Memorial Stadium.

-photo of favored site.


08.02. 9-d "Ervin Plans 350 Low-Cost Homes"

-called ‘Springfield’ – 150 acres on Nation’s Ford Road

-community shopping center to be built on tract

-under an FHA program

08.03. 1-b "Ready For Fall: Five New Schools, Eleven Additions"

-$5.6 Million; Quail Hollow Jr. High, Ranson Jr. High, Rama Road Elementary,

Huntungtowne Farms Elementary, Oaklawn Elementary – all tp open by Aug. 31

-to open in Fall – Milton Road Elementary and Driftwood Elementary

-planning underway for new schools: Allenbrook and Hidden Valley Elementary, Northwest and York Road High Schools.

-sketch of Rama Road Elementary

08.04. 1-b Driftwood Elemntary to be called Winterfield; Milton Road to be called Devonshire School

08.05. 1-b "400 Citizens’ Plan Proposed, Renewal Land Use Is Goal"

-proposed committee of 100 citizens to develop land in the Brooklyn Urban Renewal Area

08.08. 1-b "Private Hospital Hopes To Expand"

-Charlotte Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital

-began buying land for new hospital on Third St. near Lillington

08.13. 1-c "Coliseum-Area Motel Will Be Eigth Stories"

-Landmark Inn; sketch of proposed motel

-concrete and glass; built by Frank H. Connor Co.

-J.H, Livingston of Ann Arbor, architect

08.13. 1-c "City Growth. YW Programs Helped Decide Building Site"

-new YWCA to be built on Park Road

08.13. 1-c "C of C Backs Brooklyn Site"

-Charlotte Chamber of Commerce backs Board of Education’s proposed education center in Brooklyn Urban Renewal Area as part of a proposed government plaza and civic center.

08.16. 1-c "Bids To Be Asked Monday On New Children’s Center"

-$900,000 center for emotionally disturbed children near Matthews

-sketch of center on Old Monroe Rd, bordering McAlpine Creek

-A.G. Odell, Jr. architect

08.18. 1-b "Arts Center site to be Debated"

08.19. 1-b "Arts Center Site Dropped"

-sketch of proposed center

08.20. 1-c "Five-Story Office Building To Rise On Park Road"

-11.2 acre site bordered by Park Rd., Fairview Road and Black Dairy Road

-built by Blythe Bros

-J. Norman Pease, architect

08.20. 6-d "K-Mart Plaza, Busy New Center, Opens Today"

-newest and busiest shopping center in Charlotte to hold official grand opening

-photos of center at 6025Pineville Rd.

*almost all of section D dedicated to new center – ads, articles on the various stored in the center, article on the devlopers/investors; 1-12d, 14d

08.23. 1-c "New ETV Station To Start In Late Fall"

-photos of interior and exterior of new WTVI Building on the Colesium

08.25. 1-b "Large Bond Vote Set For Jan 23"

-$21.1 million for expressways, downtown street improvements, new police headquarters, etc.

08.26. 22-a "Board Gets Education-Center Site Report"

-to spark construction in the Brooklyn redevelopment area

-planning commission backs the construction of the Board of Education’s headquarters in the area

08.28. 8-b "Big Nursing Center Planned in Charlotte"

-construction to begin on Hawthorne House – 122 bed nursing center

-4 story structure at NW corner of Park Drive and Hawthorne Lane

-designed by Jack O. Boyle: concrete frame

08.29. 1-b "Large Shopping Complex Planned, McDonald, Park Road Is Site"

-Marsh Realty Co.; shopping center, office building and apartment complex to be called

‘Park Square’; 5 story office building, A&P store, four other stores, 156 unit apartment building


09.02. 1-b "Planners Urge Parks On Creek"

-plans to preserve 600 acres of green space along McAlpine Creek

-discourage building in area because of flooding

09.02. 1-b "Planners Again Ask For Annexation"

-41/2 sq. miles south of city limits

09.03. 1-c "Park To Be Site Of Crafts Center"

-Arts and Crafts Center of Charlotte Parks And Recreation Commission to be on Park Drive East of Hawthorne.

09.03. 1-c "Green Necklace For City?"

-plans for proposed greenway along McAlpine Creek; sketches/maps of proposed park

09.04. 1-c "Younts Is Pushing Belt Compromise"

-map of proposed belt-road

09.15. 1-b "January, 1966 Date Proposed For Annexation"

-see 09.02.

09.16. 1-d "Bids Range to $898,086 on New Children’s Center"

see 08.16.

09.17. 1-c "Two Local Post Offices Open Soon" glass and brick structures

-located in shopping centers; Starmount Station on Pineville Road in 6200 Block

-Eastway Station in Eastway Shopping Center near Eastway Dr. and Central Avenue

09.22. 1-c "Belt-Road Action Deadline Oct. 1st"

-city council told by Highway Commissioner Paul Younts to make decision by Oct. 1st or forfeit $10 Million that the state is ready to spend on it

-opposition to Wendover-Runnmede route

09.27. 1-c "Belt-Road Vote Nears"

-map of 2 proposed routes: A-along Briar Creek Road; B – along Wendover – Runnymede

09.28. 1-b "Dedication of Dam Set"

-dedication of Cowans Ford Dam on Lake Norman

09.29. 1-a "Long-Disputed Belt-Road To Be Built Along Creek, New Route Will Have 2-mile Gap"

-map of route

09.30. 1-b "US 21 Will Be Widened to Columbia"


10.02. 1-b "Other Links Get OK For Belt Road Funds, Wendover Gap Not Included"

-portion on Woodlawn Rd. b/w South Blvd. and S. Tryon and following Woodlawn and Yorkmount Rds. To I-85 on the West.

10.06. 4-a "Belt-Road Gap Leaves Dead-End Streets"

10.06. 3-c "Junior Leaguers Match $20,000 Foundation"

-Cannon Foundation; new planetarium for Children’s Nature Museum

10.07. 1-c "Housing Start Due Next Year"

-sketch of proposed apartment building for the elderly

-12 stories; N. Church b/w Ninth and Tenth Streets

-‘Edwin Towers’ 175 units

-also to be built – buildings containing 425 units on E. Seventh St. and Eighth b/w Myers and Caldwell – ‘Eastside Homes’

-expected to play a role in revitalizing the central business district

10.12. 1-c "20th Century Presbyterian Way"

-photo of interior of new Forest Hill Presbyterian Church’s sanctuary

-"modern design to emphasize that the church is relevant to the 20th century" –Rev. Frank Brown

-Charles Morrison Grier, architect; built by Blythe and Isenhour; 1040 Woodlawn Rd.

10.12. 1-c "Planetarium Here Will Open October 31"

-Spitz Planetarium at Children’s Nature Museum on Sterling Rd.

-designed by Charlotte architect Thomas Rickenbaker, built by Foard Construction

10.16. 1-c "Industrial Park Planned Near Croft"

-Spartanburg Concrete Co. – 50 acres of land in N. Mecklenburg bought from John Crosland Co.

-31/2 miles of frontage on US 21 (I-77), NC 115 and Reams Rd.

10.16. 1-c "Warehouse To Be Southeast’s Biggest"

-Dillard Paper Company; sketch of proposed building

-paper warehousing facility in Lakewood Industrial District on Parkway Ave. and Parkway Drive

-buff brick, 80,000 sq. feet

10.17. 4-a "They’ll Seek Support For Greenway"

-women from Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs met with county planning director about proposal to turn McAlpine Creek flodplains into a seven-mile greenway.

10.17. 1-b "US Agrees To Build Four Miles of City’s North-South Expressway"

-map of expressway (extension on I-77)

10.21. 1-b "Pineville Auto Dealer To Build On New Site"

-Larry Smith Chevrolet Co.

-six acre site in a residential area on Pineville Road

-site part of old Hebron Ranch; just below southern entrance the the Starmount development

10.24. 1-b "Plans For Lake Wylie Park To Be Unveiled Thursday"

-67 acre park on East shore of Lake Wylie across from York County, SC

-on Highway 49 three miles north of Buster Boyd Bridge

-map of proposed park

10.28. 1-b "City Studying Future Bypass Expressway, High-Speed Road Is Considered"

-to encircle the city

10.30. 1-c "County is Promised $1million Road Aid"

-to help solve traffic problems in rapidly growing suburbs

-new road connecting Sharon Rd. and Carmel Rd.

-map of proposed new road

10.31. 1-b "Annexation Plan Brings Opposition"

-3 major firms, landowners object – don’t want to pay city taxes

-41/2 sq. miles south of city limits


11.01. 2-c "Duke Ponders Nuclear Expansion"

-announcement of $1Billion expansion of Lake Norman’s electric power potential to be completed in late 1980’s

-most likely to be nuclear powered; diagram of nuclear reactor

11.05. 1-c "Sharon-Area Road Job Bids Asked"

-bids for Sharon-Carmel connector

-connector would give Carmel area students access to South High, Quail Hollow Jr. High and Huntington Farms Elementary

11.07. 1-b "Belt-Road Hearing Is Nov. 19th, Gap Route Will Be Topic"

11.07. 1-b "Action On Subdivision Bill Put Off For New Board"

-county commissioners passed on responsibility for consideration of a sundivision bill to a future council.

-ordinance would regulate street widths, lot sizes and drainange requirements of subdivisions

11.16. 1-c "Council May Vote To Annex"

-would be first major expansion of city limits since January 1st, 1960, when 32.68 sq. miles with 41,000 people were annexed.

-would include subdivisions of Starmount, Montclair, Beverly Woods, Fair Meadows, Huntingtowne Farms, Laurel Woods, Parkside and Spring Valley

-includes several shopping centers, industrial developments, and James J. Harris’s Morrocroft estate.

11.17. 1-b "Club acts To Prevent Belt-Road Over Golf Course"

-Myers Park Country Club Golf Course.

11.17. 1-b "Final Annexation OK Is Postponed"


11.19. 1-d "Shopping Center Plans Revealed"

-$1.25 Million on Independence Blvd. at entrance to Sharon Forest Development

-to be built on both sides of Independence 2 miles from the eastern city limits

-22 acres

-line of duplexes to form a buffer b/w Sharon Forest and Shopping Ctr.

-to serve the 200 home Sharon Forest development and the 1000 home Idlewild Development

-to be built by Ervin Construction Co. – which also built Amity Gardens, Montclair-Starmount, Westfield and Brooksfield Shopping Ctrs.

11.20. 1-c "Angry Attacks Hit Council Belt Plan"

-citizens angry about Briar Creek Route

11.23. 1-b "Council Likely To Vote Today On Annexation"

11.23. 1-b "Construction of Center Scheduled"

-groundbreaking service of Alexander Children’s Center on Old Monroe Rd.

11.24. 1-b "Annexation Is Approved"

11.24. 1-b "Carmel To Build $750,000 Clubhouse, Swimming Pool"

-sketch of proposed clubhouse

-to be built in vicinity of present clubhouse at 4735 Carmel Rd.

11.28. 1-b "Switch Coming On Belt Road?"

11.29. 1-c "Protests Grow About Housing in Long Creek"

-residents of N. Mecklenburg worried that their section of the county may become a Negroe resettlement zone (for those forced to move as a result of urban renewal projects)


12.01. 1-a "Council Approves Wendover Route For Belt-Road In Startling Reversal"

-map of proposed route

12.04. 1-b "New $1.3 Million Hospital With 62 Beds Is Planned"

-map of site; sketch of proposed Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital

-Third Street; construction to begin at once

-Ed Newbury of Walter Hook and Associates, architecht

-C.P. Street and Co. contractors

12.05. 1-b "Wendover Belt Hearing Planned, Decision Not Likely To Change"

12.08. 1-b "Wendover Folks Say City Broke Pledge"

12.10. 1-c "Slum Land Sale Planned"

-sale of land/shacks in Brookyn

12.13. 1-b "Charlotte’s Ugliness: Architect’s Eye View"

-photos of Charlotte; ‘Architect A.G. Odell, Jr.: Ugliness Upsets Him…"

-to many billboards, gas stations, traffic signals

12.14. 1-b "Housing Gets Scarce For City’s Displaced"

-plight of those displaced by city construction projects – Brooklyn Urban Renewal, NW expressway

12.18 1-b "Builder Ervin’s Coffee Fails To Warm Up Women Pickets"

-suburbanites protest Ervin Co.’s plans to build a 200 home development for negroes in their area

12.21. 1-b "Little Church Plans Future"

-photo of architect’s model

-Carmel Presbyterian Church

-chevron design, like a sergeants striped; focus on communion table

-Paul Braswell, architect

12.22. 1-b "Governmental Plaza Takes Step Forward"

-study on proposed plaza anchored by city hall-county courthouse in to the Brooklyn Urban Renewal Area

12.22. 1-b "Plans Revealed For Nursing Home, 2 Shopping Centers"

-Shopping Center - Providence Road near Carmel Rd.

-Shopping Center – Belhaven Blvd. near Rozwood Dr.

-Nursing Home on Elizabeth Ave.

-sketch of proposed nursing home

12.22. 8-b "Third Urban Renewal Project Is Approved"

-third of five in Brooklyn Slums

12.22. 1-b Judge Donates 7 Acres For Park"

-land donated by Judge Spencer Bell for recreation around McAlpine Creek

12.28. 1-b "Divorcing The Railway From The Streets, Grade Separation Project Opens Way To City’s Heart.

-photo showing downtown and new overpasses at Trade, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Streets

12.29. 1-b "10,000 More Citizens, City Okays Annexation of 4 ½ Square Miles, Becomes Effective December, 1965"

-South Charlotte, between Sharon and Pineville Roads

-map of whole city and detail of newly annexed portion

12.31. 1-b "Belt-Road Partisans Tangle For 5 Hours, U.S. State Must Make A Decision"


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