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Jan 1951 – June 1953

Blue Typeface Indicates Articles with Pictures


Jan 3, 1951

15A- "Rental Units Nearly Ready"

Article refers to "Brookhill Village," a black-only housing project on South Tryon St. 418 living units planned. 75 completed. C. D. Spangler.

Jan 4, 1951

1A- "Building Boom to Continue"

Building is at an all time high. Contains some statistics.

1A- "Vital Airport Parley Today"

New terminal at Airport controversy.

1B- "Council Approves $410,000 for initial Airport Work"

Jan 5, 1951

1B- "City Slum Law to Require Indoor Bath"

Socio-economically challenged people made to install new plumbing.

1B- "City Plans to Raze present Air Terminal"

Jan 6, 1951

1B- "New Street Link Expected to be Ready in Two Weeks"

Link is between Baldwin and Independence.

1B- " Water Purifying Plant is Completed"

Includes builders, contractors, and some description.

Jan 9, 1951

1B- "Building Slated on Hospital Job"

refers to additions to Charlotte Memorial Hos.

1B- "Early Start on $410,000 Airport Project Likely"

Jan 10, 1951

1B- "Debate Continuing on Coliseum Issue"

1B- "Name Davidson Building to Honor David Ovens"

Refers to New Student Union Building at Davidson College

1B- "Approval Seen for Airport Terminal Site"

Refers to Charlotte City Council Meeting

Jan 12, 1951

1B- "Norman Smyth is Contracting for New Building"

Refers to Addition being Made to Barnhart Manufacturing Company.

Jan 13, 1951

B1- "Judge to Give Housing Case Decision Soon"

Refers to black housing being demolished on Shuman Ave. / York Rd. to make way for multi-family black housing.




Jan 14, 1951

8B- "C. D. Spangler Co. to Occupy New Home"

Moves to new bldg. At 1026—1028 South Blvd. Sounds Modern from Description. Includes brief history of the company.

9B- Advertisement for new location of Spangler Co. Includes photo of bldg.

Photos of staff.

Jan 16, 1951

1B- "Group Studying Coliseum Plans in Other Cities"

Refers to Odell and J. P. McMillan. Has comments.

1B- "Hearing Begun on Big Negro Development"

Refers to Shuman Ave, / York Rd. Controversy.

Jan 18, 1951

1B- "First Baptist Plans $500,000 Addition"

Refers to Cultural Center. J. N. Pease Architect. Includes Architect’s

Drawing. International Style.

1B- "Court Hearing Still Blocking Full Project"

Shuman Ave. Development proceeding despite litigation.

Feb 17, 1951

1B- "Housing Sketches Sent for PHA Study"

White-only public housing built between Rozzel Ferry and Trade. J. N.

Pease Architect.

Feb 24, 1951

1B- "New Negro Y honors McCrorey"

New black Y is completed

Feb 25, 1951

11B- "Announcing the Completion of the New Charlotte Arcade Bldg."

New ‘Ultra-Modern’ office bldg at 221 South Church Street. Has picture.

Feb 26, 1951

1B- "New Addition to Charlotte Blood Center is Dedicated"

J. A. Malcolm Architect. 508 E. Morehead.

Mar 1, 1951

1B- "Interest High in New School"

Refers to Myers Park High School. Architect was James Stenhouse of J.

N. Pease and Co. Built by J. A. Jones. Includes aerial photo of school.

Mar 3, 1951

1B- "Board Agrees on Architects for 4 Jobs"

Merry Oaks Elem. = Paul Syner

West Charlotte = Graves and Troy

School in Clt. Country Club Section = Ed Wilson

Elementary in Hoskins section = C. W. Connelly

Double Oaks = A. G. Odell

1B- "Architects Plans Ready on $250,000 Clorox Plant"

Walter W. Hook and Assocs., Architects.




Mar 3, 1951

1B- "Construction Work to Begin Immediately"

New addition to Clt. Memorial Hospital. R. Edwin Wilson Architect. Gen. Contractor Goode Construction. Corp.

Mar 11, 1951

1B- "Dedication Set For Negro YMCA"

Corner of S. Caldwell and E Third. Louis Ashbury and Son Architects.

Laxon Construction Company, contractors. Fire Proof. Has photo.

Mar 18, 1951

9D- "East High Will Hold Opening Today"

Clear Creek / Matthews Area. M. R. Marsh Architect. Robert H. Pinnix, contractor. Pictures, clearly modern style.

Mar 23, 1951

B1- "Proposed Charlotte Home of Spaugh Pape Company"

Architects Drawing. No Address.

Mar29, 1951

A17- "Enderly Park Center to be Open Today"

G. Odell, architect. R. C. Hicks, general contractor. Picture, very


April 1, 1951

1B- "Building Planned by Dr. Palmer"

Magnum W. Sloan, Architect. NW corner of Church and 7th Streets.

Office of Dr. James A. Palmer. Includes Architect’s Rendering

April 16, 1951

1B- "Freedom Park Museum Opens Doors Sunday"

Includes photograph, site and bldg description. J. A. Malcolm, Architect.

J. A. Jones Contractor.

April 19, 1951

3B- "Ceremonies to Open Latta Park Center"

Includes picture of very modern bldg.

April 20, 1951

1B- "Architects Prepare High School Plans"

Black-only school near West Charlotte, located on Keller Farm Community, 3Blocks NW of Charlotte HS. Architects are Graves and Troy. Should open Fall of 1952.

May 15, 1951

1B?- "Housing Job to Begin During August"

Public Housing Project for Whites only begun between Rozzel Ferry

And Rd West Trade Street.

May 27, 1951

6B- "Construction Firm Occupies New Home"

211 Atherton St. Has bldg. description.

June 4, 1947

1B- "Proposed Merchandise Mart"

J. N. Pease Assoc., architects. Has sketch.

June 29, 1951

1B- "Myers Park Bids Due on July 17"

Construction of phys-ed bldg and assembly bldg. J. N. Pease Assoc., architects.

July 7, 1951

B1- "New Chemical Plant to Open by November"

Richfield Chem. Plant. Sloan and Weatley Archs. South Eastern Const.

Company. Pineville Rd. Architect’s sketch.

July 11, 1951

B1- "Plan for Posterity, 1951"

Ultra-modern’ elementary school to be built in the Ashley Park area, with

exposed corridors and natural lighting. D. M. Mackintosh and Co. were

the Architects and engineers. Contains arch.’s sketch.

Aug 18, 1951

1B- "Board Lets $422,058 Double Oaks Contract"

School in Revolution Park area. J. A. Malcolm, architect.

Aug 31, 1951

2B- Advertisement for Park n Shop grocery store.

2938 Wilkinson Blvd. Modern Style. Contains picture.

Oct 11, 1951

1B- "Coliseum Plan is Approved"

Architect is A. G. Odell. Includes the publication of two of Odell’s

drawings of the site.

Oct 16, 1951

1B- "New Schools hit by School Shortage."

Oct 31, 1951

1B- "First Baptist Bids Total $651,716"

J. N. Pease and Company, architects. Concern about promised steel. Between 7th and 6th streets.

Nov. 4, 1951

8B- Advertisement for American Trust Co."

Shows modern style branch office at the corner of N. Tryon and 9th Streets.

Jan 30, 1952

8D—9D- Pictures of three HS built in 1951

West Meck on Tuskeseegee Rd.

East Meck on Monroe Rd.

N. Meck on Davidson Hwy., S of Huntersville

Feb 24, 1952

7B—9B- "New Edifice is Symbol of Progress"

Presbyterian Hospital’s $870,000 Student Nurses’ Home. Walter Hook and Assocs., architects. J. A. Jones Const. Includes Bldg discription. Includes pictures.

Mar 27, 1952

16A- Dairy Queen Advertisement.

2803 N. Tryon St. J. D. Love did the plastering and stucco.

April 6, 1952

8B- "New High School Open House Today."

West Meck HS. Charles W. Connelly, architect. Ariel photo.

May 11, 1952

21B- "New W. T. Grant Co. Store is Nearing Completion."

210 N. Tryon Street. J. N. Pease, architect. Description. Arch’s sketch.

July 24, 1952

1B- " Auditorium –Coliseum Construction Slated to Start Before ‘53"

Aug 3, 1952

B1- "Steel Request for Coliseum Being Pushed"

Aug 8, 1952

B1- " Steel Shortage Seen Delaying Coliseum Job"

Sept 17, 1952

B?- "New Harris Super Market Will Great Public Today"

2701 S. Blvd. W. T. Harris the president of firm. One of largest centers in the South, description of the building. Biography of W. T. Harris. Photos.

Sept 21, 1952

B?- "Bids Slated on Building for Queens"

J. N. Pease and Co., architects. Phys-ed bldg. Includes arch.’s drawing.

Sept 24, 1952

1B- "Plans for $1.5 Million Sub Division Announced"

To be called the ‘Cloisters.’ First 12 homes to be designed by John Frwin Ramsey, Salisbury architect. Each home will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens when it is complete. The article also names many people involved with the project.

Oct 26, 1952

9D- "Carmel Park Home Sold"

picture of modern home on Carmel Park rd.

Nov 7, 1952

5A- "Contract let for Charlotte Branch of IBM"

E. Morehead St. J. A. Malcolm, architect. Arch’s drawing.

Nov 9, 1952

12B- "Barringer School Open House Today"

Mill-type style, with modern elements. J. A. Malcolm, architect. Pictures.

Nov 11. 1952

?- "Contract Let for Two New Buildings on Tryon Street"

Commercial Natl. Bank w/ drive in windows. Has archs.’ Drawing. Also,

Pyramid Life Insurance Co. on the 2400 Block of N. Tryon. J. N. Pease,


Nov 27, 1952

?- "Structure Converted into Office Bldg."

Addison Storage Garage at 222 S. Church Street. A. G. Odell and Assoc., architects. Includes description and drawing.

Jan 22, 1953

7A and 18A—19A- "A&P ‘Model Store’ Opens at 3330 Plaza Rd. Today"

‘Most modern store in the state’ includes pictures.

Feb 12, 1953

20A- Fash-O-Mart to Hold Formal Opening Event This Morning.

3442 Wilkinson Blvd. ‘Largest ready-to-wear supermarket’ photo.

April 12, 1953

20B- "$400,000 Center Planned by Carolina’s Auto Supply"

Intersection of Baryhill and Thrift Rd. M. R. Marsh, architects. Modern design. Photo.

Aril 26, 1953

?- "Extensive Remodeling Program to Start Immediately"

A. G. Odell, architect of redo of street level front.

June 5, 1953

10A- " Vote Yes We’ve Waited Long Enough"

Advertisement for $1 million Bond referendum for Coliseum

1B- "Large Turn-out is Expected for Bond Vote."

Includes picture of Odell’s arch model.

June 19, 1953

16A- "Insurance Firm’s Office Moving to New Quarters"

New York Life Insurance Co. 1431 Elizabeth Ave. Jack Heath, architect. has picture.

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