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Charlotte Observer: January 1957 through June 1959

January 3, 1957 - - "Water Plant Building Cost Up to $39,887" (p.5A)

About Hoskins Water Filtration Plant, done by Rea Construction

January 3,1957 - - "Firm Starts New Building" (p. 9A)

Froeling and Robertson, Inc. to start 3,680 sq. ft. building at 2806 Hutchinson


January 5, 1957 - - "2 Companies Plan New Building Here" (p. 3A)

Williamson and Co., parent company of United Motors Exchange, which opens soon on corner of South Blvd and W. Morehead, may relocate to Charlotte

And bid sought for Piedmont and Northern RR Co., 5,000 sq. ft. freight terminal

on Second St.

January 8, 1957 - - "3 Contracts Let By Schoolboard" (p. 1B)

Plan to build Cotswald, Pinewood, and East Mecklenburg

January 9, 1957 - - "New Wayside Shop to Show Furniture" (p. 14A)

Grading begun on furniture store on Concord Hwy, two miles beyond city limits –

5,800 sq. ft. "flat top, semi-block, brickfront"store blding

January 16, 1957 - - "Slum Report Set January 24" (p.3A)

Report by Charlotte planning commission on slum clearance and urban development – want to amend Urban Redevelopment Law

January 19, 1957 - - "Credit Co. Office Under Construction" (p.3A)

New office blding on 715 S. Tryon for Credit Co., Inc.

January 20, 1957 - - "New Building to Be Started" (p. 10B)

Allison Erwin Co. to start building on N. Tryon Street

January 20,1957 - - Ervin Construction Co Ad (p.9D)

Developer, advertising open house: four types – "popularity house",

"Linwood", "Oakwood", "Hazelwood"

January 22, 1957 - - "A and P Will Build $1,250,000 Warehouse in Charlotte" (p.14A)

January 23, 1957 - - "Real Estate Firm Will Locate Here" (p. 8A)

Frank G. Binswanger, Inc., industrial and commercial real estate firm,

Choose Charlotte as first southern office

January 23, 1957 - - " Charlotteans Heads U.S. Home Builders" (1B)

George S. Goodyear Jr., elected as 1957 president, National Association of

Home Builders

January 24, 1957 - - "School Plans Underway" (1C)

4 City Schools being built: Jr. High for Myers Park

elementary school for Myers Park

High school around Eastway Dr.

Negro elementary near W. Charlotte

January 25, 1957 - - "School Bids Hit $139,629" (p. 3A)

For W. Charlotte High addition

January 26, 1957 - - "$4 Million Home Development Planned" (p. 1B)

In Yorkmont Park on York Rd south of city by Alson Goode Corp.

January 26 1957 - - "Brady Planning Modern Building" (p.4B)

Brady Distribution Co. planning modern warehouse at 2000 block of

W. Morehead - Frank Wooten and Assoc., engineer and architect


January 27, 1957 - - "Pushing County for Space: How Big Will Charlotte Get?" (p.1D)

January 29, 1957 - - Southern Construction Co. Advertisement (p. 15C)

Picture of new building for the Teamsters Local 71 at 5100 N. Tryon St.

January 31, 1957 - - "Home Development Planned In Sharon" (p. 14A)

John Crosland development between Sharon and Park Rd.

January 31, 1957 - - "Celanese Opens Vast Laboratories in Charlotte" (p.18A)

Reid Road – Celanese Corporation of America (textile fibers)

February 9, 157 - - "Mud Halts Building Jobs" (p. 1B)

WSOC-TV plant and Baringer School


February 10, 1957 - - " Clean Lines Mark New Local Church" (p. 14B)

New Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2438 Crescent Ave.

"modern building materials with strong emphasis on steel, aluminum,

and glass, have been fashioned into straight, simple lines."

February 12, 1957 - - " "Esso Building Bids Requested" (p. 11A)

Esso Standard Oil, Co. to build 3-story, 85,000sq. ft. building across from

Woodlawn Park Road Shopping Center

February 12, 1957 - - "Queen City Reflects Touch of Texas, Dash of France" (p.12C)

Overview of Charlotte’s modern architecture – library, coliseum, Wachovia


February 12, 1957 - - "Charlotte. . . As A Shopping Center. . .As A Place To Live" (C)

Special section, includes articles on architects, suburbs, growth, traffic, etc.

February 13, 1957 - - "Opening Scheduled By Shopping Center" (p.5A)

Opening of Myers Park Shopping Center

February 21, 1957 - - "Schools Shed ‘Rigid Look’" (p.24A)

Dr. Elmer Garinger talks about how "modern architecture and modern

Education are becoming inseparable partners"

February 21, 1957 - - "A Pattern Adds to City’s Skyline" (p.1B)

Caption above picture of Wachovia Bank & Trust site on W. Trade

February 24, 1957 - - "Gingerbread Disappearing – Atomic Age Architecture –

Imaginative Revolt" (p. 2D)

Report on Charlotte’s transformation – razing of revival style building and erecting new, modern buildings w/ new materials - includes pictures

February 26, 1957 - - Ad for grand opening of Union National Bank at 1200

Hutchinson Ave – includes picture of building (p.4A)

March 1, 1957 - - "Highway Land Law Is Asked" (p. 6A)

State tries to pass law that would allow State Highway Commission to condemn

land for superhighways

March 2, 1957 - - "4th Street Plan Backed By Chamber" (p.1B)

Plan to expand city-county government facility onto block across from courthouse-want to create center for government there

March 4, 1957 - - "City Will Get New Industry Employing 100" (p1B)

$500,000 building is planned for Railway Supply and Manufacturing Co. –

modern plant for cotton waste processing on P&N Railway development

outside of city

March 6, 1957 - - Advertisement for first Holiday Inn in Charlotte (p. 4A)

"ultra modern highway hotel on Wilkinson Blvd. Near US 29 and 74 West

March 8, 1957 - -"In An Urban Crisis: A 10-Year Plan For All Cities" (p.2B)

Looking for investment in urban centers, city modernization –very concerned

About preserving "open spaces"

March 10, 1957 - - "$5 Million Bypass May Be Completed By This Summer" (p.8C)

Two pictures of US 29 Bypass – L.A. Brown, engineer

March 12, 1957 - - "No Intersections: Superhighway to Skip Lights" (p. 6A)

Impact of Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 on NC

March 12, 1957 - - "Officials Seek $1 Million For Local Colleges" (p. 1B)

Plans for Charlotte College and Carver College – future growth, want to

Turn community colleges over to independent board – both colleges considering sites outside city limits for expansions

March 16, 1957 - - Picture of WSOC-TV tower going up (p.4B)

March 16, 1957 - - "Airport Hotel Plans Nearing Final Stages" (p. 1B)

Proposing "airtel" at Charlotte Douglas Airport, being negotiated by John Crosland and Allen Band (of Hotel Charlotte) – aka Charlotte Airport Hotel


March 17, 1957 - - "Mecklenburg’s Courthouse Jam Brings On Cry For More Space"


picture of proposed site for expansion across courthouse

March 20, 1957 - - "Bill Eases Way To Clear Slums" (p. 4A)

Changes in state’s urban redevelopment laws proposed – would broaden

Authority of municipalities in slum clearance – blighted properties could be

Purchased by eminent domain if 2/3 blighted

March 20, 1957 - - "Carolina Steel Erectors Create Enduring Beauty In Steel" (p.5B)

Examples of work – Public Library, entrance to WBTV building, Wilson Jr. High

(includes picture of Wilson Jr. High – Odell)

March 21, 1957 –"New School Ready" (p.10A)

Nations Ford Road Elementary School – Paul L. Snyder, architect

G..L. Wilson, builder

March 24, 1957 – "$40 Million Kilowatt Factory Rising Beside Catawba River" (p.12A)

Duke Power’s Allen Plant – includes pictures

March 29, 1957 – "City’s Annexation Bill Is Introduced" (p.1A)

Introduced to houses of General Assembly

March 31, 1957 – Picture of Wilson Jr, High School (p.3D)

One of 14 buildings of nation to win Award of Merit for outstanding American architecture by American Institute of Architects

Architect – Odell Contractor – Southern Construction Co.

April 7, 1957 – "Piedmont Seen AS Giant City: Metropolis May Put New York In

Shade" (p.1B)

See "new type" of city emerging, see piedmont as turning into one huge city,

because of rapid growth outward and because of the automobile and vast network

of roads - map/illustration

April 7, 1957 – "Architect’s Body Honors Charlottean" (p.2B)

Odell gets honorary fellows for design

April 12, 1957 – "P&N Starts New Freight Terminal" (p. 20C)

North side of 2nd Street between Mint and Graham – brick and concrete, designed

By J.N. Pease and Co.

April 14, 1957 – "Schools Head List of New Building" (p 4D)

April 14, 1957 – "Business Profile: Ace Home Builder Started In Shed" (p4D)

Charles C. Ervin – owns his own building company, construction company,

Building supply company, engineering company, sanitary plumbing and heating,

Realty, Investment Company – control over all aspects of building process

April 18, 1957 – "Drug Firm Plans New Office" (p.9A)

Burnwell and Dunn Co.

April 21, 1957 – "Celanese Likes Suburbia" (p.23A)

Office building 6 miles from downtown and one mile from bus line creates no

Special problems because of automobile

April 21, 1957 – "How WSOC-TV Won Race" (p.9A)

Race to operate channel 9, second TV channel in Charlotte – building tower

April 22, 1957 – Advertisement for opening of Williams-Shelton Co.’s new building

Wholesale distributors of toys, modern blding at 4500 Pineville

Rd. - picture(p13B)

Articles on company on p.3C and 4C

April 24, 1957 – "A TV Tower, Not A Rocket"

WSOC-TV tower completed, begin broadcasting Sunday, April 28 – picture.

May 7, 1957 – "City To Get New UHF Station" (p.4A)

Century Advertising Inc. issued permit to operate WQMC-TV, plan 8,000

Sq. ft. studio/office and tower next to coliseum

May 16, 1957 – "New Mile Long Dam Slated Over Catawba" (p.1B)

Duke Power asks government okay for Cowan’s Ford Dam – picture

May 19, 1957 – Section B

"Bigger Family Pocketbooks Restricting Public Housing"

"Lots of Tenants – But ‘Problem’ Kind"

"Normal Families Leaving, Problem Families Moving In"

section advocating slum clearance, giving reasons to clear slums,

redevelop Brooklyn area

May 21, 1957 – "Is Redevelopment The Key to A Future Civic Center?" (p.2B)

Want to tear down part of Brooklyn, turn into municipal facilities

May 22, 1957 – "City Limits Measure to Become Law Today"

May 26, 1957 – "Here’s What Will Happen When Charlotte Extends Boundaries" (p1B)

Map of proposed expansion, articles on services to new areas

June 2, 1957 – "Building Planned By Geigy Division" (p5B)

Offices, warehouses of chemical company planned between Highway 16 and Old

Mt. Holly Road

June 2, 1957 – "Meet Architect A.G. Odell, Jr.: He’s Changing Our Skyline!" (p.1C)

Whole page of articles on his building and him – aerial shot of downtown with all of Odell’s buildings marked

" ‘What I’d really like to design,’ he says, ‘is a university’"

June 5, 1957 – "NC May Give Local Colleges $600,000 Fund" (p.1C)

June 7, 1957 – "Contract Awarded For Dorsey Building" (p.15C)

"Modern" $126,000 building on East 4th Street near Independence Blvd.

Architect – D. M. Mackintosh and Co.

Contractor – Myers and Chapman

Includes sketch

June 8, 1957 – "You Can Get On The 29 Bypass At Nine Locations (p.1B)

Scheduled completion December – sketch included

Engineer – M.E. Beatty

June 8, 1957 – (p.4B)

Picture of new Biddleville branch of library at 2324 Lasalle Street

June 13, 1957 – "Harris Building Work Begins" (p. 4C)

Offices, warehouses of Harris Super Markets Inc. on Hawkins Street off South Tryon

C.D. Spangler Construction – engineer

June 15, 1957 – " ‘Y’, AG Deal Reported Near: Property Exchange On Way" (p.1B)

Plan to build new YMCA at old Alexander Graham Junior High School, next

Summer at earliest

June 20, 1957 – "Airport Hotel Work Slated For Today" (p.5A)

Work begins on John Crosland ‘s administration building for the Charlotte Airport Hotel

June 22, 1957 – "New Office To Be Built" (p.6A)

Westinghouse-Electric Corp. – office and shop on Highway Place near

Potter’s Road

Architect – J.N. Pease and Co.

June 22, 1957 – "Federal Funds Are Approved For Memorial" (p.1B)

$520,000 granted towards expansion – 2 new buildings – student nurses residence and outpatient clinic

June 25, 1957 – "Proposed Library Building Described" (p.1B)

Fronting Morehead Street

Architect – Arthur H. Barbel, Jr., chief engineer of Walter Hook & Assoc.

June 28, 1957 – "Here’s How Charlottetown Shopping Center Will Look" (p.1B)

Sketch included, phase one of project – all-weather mall, skywalk over

Independence Blvd planned – first of it’s kind in the South


July 3, 1957 – "Western Electric Company Started" (p. 9A)

2800 block of N. Tryon Street, includes sketch

July 3, 1957 – picture of Harris Super Market proposed office (p.20A)

Spangler’s sketch

July 13, 1957 – "Extension Opposition Flares Up" (p. 1B)

Large map of proposed limits extension areas

July 15, 1957 – "Construction Begun On Armour Building" (p.12B)

"modern" structure at Thrift Rod and Stewart Creek

J.A. Jones Construction, contractor

Thomas C. Rickenbacker, architect

July 16, 1957 – "Voters Approve City Extension By 3-1 Special Election Margin:

Area Doubled By Expansion" (p.1A)

July 16, 1957 – "Work Progresses On Water Facility" (p.2A)

Hoskins water treatment plant

J.N. Pease & Co., engineer/architect

Pictures of construction

July 26, 1957 – "Work Begun On Building" (p.12A)

Harris Super Market’s warehouse/office begun

July 27, 1957 – "County Bond Issue Will Be Requested – Group Seeks Action For

Office Building" (p. 1B)

Want entire block on 4th Street across from Courthouse

July 28, 1957 – "Wachovia Bank Building Near Completion" (p. 12D)

Tallest building in Charlotte – 15 stories, $5 million, work begun 1956

Scheduled completion January 1958

Great pictures showing progress of construction

August 3, 1957 – "As The Architect Sees It" (p.8A)

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on Queens Road; modern church design by Harold Wagner of Philadelphia

August 4, 1957 – "They Came From All Over To Live Here: What New Neighbors Think

of Charlotte" (p. 1D)

August 8, 1957 – "This Is A Chapel? – Architects Praise Air Force Chapel" (p. 2A)

Local architects respond to Congress’s negative reaction to "ultra-modern" air force chapel –construction delayed because of design. Lots of remarks from A. G. Odell

August 8, 1957 – (p.1C) picture of Hwy 29 bypass paving beginning

August 17, 1957 – "Work Begun On Airport Hotel" (p.4B)

Architect – Walter Hook; complete site plan made, sketch included

August 18, 1957 – "In Construction Field: Pease – For Charlotte, Another Landmark"


Profile of J. N. Pease and Company, engineers and architects – background, pictures, list of projects and completed buildings

August 22, 1957 – "Gas Stations Sprout All Over Town" (p.1C)

Picture of corner of W. Morehead, entitled "Charlotte’s Gas Tank Runneth Over", article about too many gas stations in Charlotte

August 23, 1957 – "Shop Center Construction Starts Soon" (p.6A)

Colonial Village Shopping Center – corner of Scaleybark and Pineville

John Crosland, Co.

August 24, 1957 – "US 29 Takes Another Step Forward Tuesday" (p.1B)

New leg of bypass to cross Catawba River into Gaston Co.

City Council opens bids to contractor – map included

August 25, 1957 –"New Lake Planned By 1965" (p.1A)

29,000 acre lake – Lake Norman

map on p. 3A, "Duke Plans A King Size Lake"

August 28, 1957 – "Four New Mecklenburg Schools Will Greet Students Sept. 4"


Idlewild, Briarwood, Tuckaseegee Road and Nation’s Ford Road

August 28, 1957 – "Highway 29 Bids Total $1,908,010" (p.1C)

Blythe Bros. of Charlotte – structural work


August 29, 1957 – "City Wants Signs Off Sidewalk" (p.1A)

Ordinance would ban big signs on Tryon and Trade – picture of Tryon Street

August 30, 1957 – "Charlotte College Eyes A Growing Future" (p3A)

Charlotte College selects 20 acre site

September 3, 1957 – "Mecklenburg Needs Parks: County Recreation Board Is Eyed -

Perimeter Area Suffering From Lack Of Parks" (p.2A)

September 4, 1957 – "$2.5 Million Hotel Planned: Plans Revealed For Big Hotel" (p.1B)

Southern Cross Hotel – Independence Blvd at Intersection of Route 27, beyond Coliseum. "most advanced concept of hotel operation anywhere"; scheduled completion summer 1958

Architects – N. J. Alfred and A. Rothman of Lapierne, Litchfield and Partners

Designer – Ken White Associates

September 6, 1957 – "Lutheran Church Nears Final Move" (p.5C)

Resurrection Lutheran Church – breaking ground for "contemporary" structure on Shenandoah Ave. – sketch included

September 11, 1957 – "In Myers Park, Apartment Building Is Being Considered" (p.8A)

Queens Rd.

September 13, 1957 – Picture – "Progress Applies the Squeeze"

Image of traditional building between modern Cato Building and Wachovia Building

September 14, 1957 – "Not Like Old Days: Night Empties Streets" (p. 1B)

Downtown restaurants and businesses losing ground against shopping centers –

no parking facilities – "people prefer drive-ins"

September 17, 1957 – "Special Meeting This Week: Council To Act On Building" (p.1B)

Additional county office space; Two sites suggested – one across from courthouse, the other beside it

Sketch of proposed courthouse annex on Myers St.

September 21, 1957 – "Charlotte Frontiers Rapidly Push Outward: Need For Good

Community Facilities Public Problem" (p.2C)

Map included of new developments around Charlotte

September 21, 1957 – "Big Freeways Will Aid Suburbs" (p.12C)


September 25, 1957 – "Supermarket Opens Doors" (p.15A)

"ultra-modern design, plenty of parking space"


September 27, 1957 – "New Suburban Area Is Open" (p.15A)

Lake Forest, off of Albemarle Road

Hanks, Terman and Wyman Realty

September 28, 1957 – "Park ‘N’ Shop Plans Large New Home" (p.1B)

On Wilkinson Blvd.

September 30, 1957 – "Bottlenecks Disappear: Road Projects TO Speed Traffic" (p.1B)

Three major highway jobs due – Park Rd, NC 16 to Rozelle’s Ferry, and US 29 Bypass – pictures included

October 1, 1957 – "Allison-Erwin Co. In Mammoth New Home" (p.2C)

2920 N. Tryon – "unique design – three pictures

J.N. Pease and Co., Architects

Section C, "Allison-Erwin Section" – history of firm

p. 17C – picture of construction "New Building One of Most Modern In Entire


October 11, 1957 – "New Junior High Dedicated" (p. 12B)

Herbert Spaugh Jr. High

James A. Makon, architect

McDevitt & Street, Co. , contractor

October 11, 1957 – "4 Lane Highway To Coast Sought: Charlotte, Port City Push Plan" (p.1B)

Highway from Charlotte to Wilmington

October 7, 1957 – "Roads To Cost $124 Million – NC Plans 4-Lane Highway Network"


October 8, 1957 – "Architects To Draw Up School Plans" (p. 1B)

October 17, 1957 – "Two-Story IBM Building to Be Erected on East Morehead Street" ( (p.5C)

October 19, 1957 – "NC-Ohio Link OK’d" (p.1A)

Illustration, 431 mile highway sought

November 5, 1957 – "Highway Survey Is Urged" (p. 1A)

Group asks for widening of Highway 74

November 14, 1957 – "Highway 29 Link To Open Today" (p.4A)

November 15, 1957 – "North Tryon Site Considered – City May Get New Rail Terminal" (p.1B)

November 19, 1957 – "County Office Site Opposed" (p.1C)

Shows architect’s drawing of proposed county office buildings and courthouse as seen from 4th Street

November 23, 1957 – "City Officials Say It’s Time For Slum Clearance" (p.1B)

November 27, 1957 – "Chamber of Commerce Committee Backs Across 4Th Street

Location" (p.7A)

November 28, 1957 – "Council Names Slum Group – Effort To Include Negro Defeated"

(p. 1C)

November 29, 1957 – "Library Still Draws Praise – One of Most Beautiful" (p.11A)

Main branch library designed by Odell

November 30, 1957 – Hardware Building Planned" (p.11A)

412 Louise Ave.

McDowell and Cooler, architects

December 3, 1957 – "70-Acre Housing Project Planned – Site on Old Sardis Road"


between Billingsly Rd and Leroy St.- for non-white residential

Mason Wallace Corp.

December 3, 1957 – "City Council Planners Boost Civic Center: Brooklyn Clearance

Envisioned" (p.1C)

December 4, 1957 – "Chain Store To Construct $150,000 Building Soon" (p.10A)

Eagles Stores, Co., Inc. headquarters to be built on corner of E. 7th St. and McCombs – 1 story, 12,000 sq. ft.

December 5, 1957 – "Civic Center Planning OK’d – County, City Give Go Ahead"


site planned in Brooklyn, part of redevelopment

Walter Hook, architect, heading Redevelopment Committee

December 8, 1957 – "That Road to Ohio Will Be Colossal" (p.2A)

December 8, 1957 – "Rural Development Plan Is Unveiled: 13 Piedmont Counties

Affected" (p.1D)

Including Mecklenburg - Want to make gains in 4 areas: industrial development;

Agricultural development; community development; tourist development

December 11, 1957 – "Hot Zoning Issue To Come Before Council, Planners: Providence,

Sharon, Amity Corner Rezoning Hearing Slated Today" (p.8A)

Want to rezone whole corner from R-2 to B-1 – two of the four corners are already zoned business

December 12, 1957 – "Charlotte Builders Looking For Land" (p.1C)

To build "idea" house according to surveys

R. Emery Holroyd Jr. heads architect committee

December 15, 1957 – "Development Idea Hailed: 14 Counties Back Project" (p.1D)

Rural re-development plan gains popularity

December 18, 1957 – picture of Park Road Shopping Center (p.8B)

December 18, 1957 – " ‘Y’ Land Swap Worked Out: Couple to Release Site For

Building" (p. 1C)

New YMCA slated on Morehead Road, swapped land with Alexander Graham


December 18, 1957 – "Huge Development Plan: Area Buildup Is Launched" (p.1C)

Sponsored by Charlotte Chamber of Commerce w/ Duke Power, Southern Bell,

Charlotte Observer – rural development for Piedmont counties

December 19, 1957 – "Land to Be Bought For School" (p.6A)

Land Bought for Garinger High School

December 20, 1957 –"New NC Highway Open For Business" (p.8A)

NC Highway 16

December 24, 1957 – "Commission Acts ON Urban Renewal: Unit Acts To Form

Program" (p. 1B)

City seeking federal funds for Brooklyn slums "cleanup"

December 24, 1957 – "Odell to Design Campus" (p.6B)

Consolidated Presbyterian Church in Laurinburg

December 27, 1957 – "In The Local Community, A Year Of Great Decisions" (p.2C)

Overview of government actions – slums, schools, hospitals, leadership

December 30, 1957 – "These Stories Made ’57 Headlines" (p.10A)

Nice wrap-up of big local/national stories

December 31, 1957 – "Ohio-Charlotte Road May Continue South: Columbia Would Be

Terminus" (p. 1B)

January 1, 1958 – "County Day School To Erect New Plant: $600,000 Project


Harnes’ donate 30-acre plot – A.G. Odell, Jr., architect

January 1, 1958 – "Ervin Buys 425 Acres For New Subdivision" (P.12C)

On Pineville Road

January 4, 1958 – "Outlying School Center – Officials Want ‘Urban Office’: ‘Brooklyn

Area’ Won’t Meet Need" (p.1B)

Want city and county school system offices to be in one location, share responsibilities

January 5, 1958 – Drug Firm Occupying New Building" (p.12A)

1300 Hawthorne Lane

Burnwell & Dunn, Co.

January 7, 1958 – "WSOC Starts New Building: Studios, Office On N. Tryon" (p.12A)

J.N. Pease, architect

Estimated $1.5 million – sketch included

January 9, 1958 – "City School Board Hunts New Home, Council Watches" (p.5A)

On Independence, or in Brooklyn Redevelopment area?

January 14, 1958 – "Move Speeded To Buy Park Site At Library" (p.1B)

On corner of Tryon and 6th Street – property adjoining main library branch- move to buy it and turn it into a park

January 15, 1958 – "Next Slum Step Up To Planners – Must Designate Area" (p.1B)


January 18, 1958 – "Lutherans Plan Ceremony: Groundbreaking Will Mark Site of New

Church" (p. 9A)

Lutheran Church of the Reformation plans ‘contemporary’ building at intersection of Wedgewood Dr. and Tyvola

Sketch included

January 18, 1958 – "Missile Plant Building Plans Now Complete" (p.1B)

New facilities at Charlotte Ordinance Missile Plant

$750,000 - $1 million

January 21, 1958 – "County Buys Corner Lots At Courthouse" (p.1B)

Corner of 4th Street and Myers - want to raze buildings and build parking lots

January 22, 1958 – "Here Most Modern Grocery Warehouse In South: Foodway Marks

10 Years of Growth" (p.3C)

Associated Grocers Mutual of Carolinas, Inc. (aka Foodway) opens new building at 4000 Raleigh Street

January 28, 1958 – "Tourist Facilities Rising in Demands of New Age" (p.11C)

Rise of motels/hotels in Charlotte – includes picture

January 29, 1958 – "Wachovia Formal Opening Is Feb. 17" (p.5A)

Includes picture

January 30, 1958 – "Councilmen Ban Downtown Signs –Overhanging Kind" (p.1C)

February 4, 1958 – "Redevelopment Bead Drawn On Brooklyn: Planners Take Tour of

Area – McIntyre Says Board ‘Horrified’" (p.1B)

February 7, 1958 – "Contracts For Two Schools Awarded" (p.1B)

Alexander Graham Junior High and Runnymeade Elementary

J.N. Pease & Co. under direction of senior VP James A. Stenhouse, architect

Sketch included

February 14, 1958 – "Here’s Why Wachovia Building Constructed" (p.6A)

To set pace of growth in Charlotte

February 15, 1958 – "Wachovia Dedication Sunday: Edifice Proved Faith In City"


whole section, especially 2C, dedicated to Wachovia

"New Building Has Unique Textured Face"

February 16, 1958 – "Big Freedom Drive Warehouse Planned" (p.7B)

By P&N Realty for Frigidaire

J.N. Pease, architect

McDevitt & Street, contractors

$430,000 office, storage, warehouse

February 19, 1958 – "Queens College Bids ‘Too High’" (p.11A)

J.N. Pease, architect for three buildings for sororities – each with different design


February 23, 1958 – "Contract Awarded For New School" (p.8A)

21-room Montclaire Elementary

Biberstein, Bowles, Meacham and Reed, Inc., architects

R.H. Wheatley Construction, gen. Contractors

Sketch included

February 23, 1958 – Ad for Butler Steel "Low Profile Building Design System" (p.2D)

Gives "modern sweeping look" - "Low. . . Wide . . . and Handsome"

February 25, 1958 – Dreams of Community College May Be On Road To Reality"


tax levy vote in sight for Charlotte College – would allow it to expand

February 27, 1958 – "Neimans Build Dream House: They Planned It For Twenty Years" (p. 1B)

Contemporary home at 1930 Providence Road – pictures included

Jack Boyte, architect

February 27, 1958 – "Ross Firm Plans Large New Plant" (p.13B)

F.H. Ross Co., laundry cleaning supplies

New building on Glenwood Ave.

Planned by Charlotte architect, Charles W. Connelly

February 28, 1958 – "Brooklyn Slum Clearance May Get Boost- Planners’ Study Due

Monday – Report to Analyze Area’s Condition" (p.1B)

March 2, 1958 – "Rural Development Interest Mushrooms" (p.1D)

March 4, 1958 – "Planners Take Official Action: Brooklyn Tabbed ‘Blighted’" (p.1B)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission officially designated area as blighted area under NC Redevelopment laws

Map included

March 5, 1958 – "Architects Fight Road Billboards" (p.5A)

Charlotte Council of Architects fight to "keep superhighways from being blighted by border of signs and billboards"

March 10, 1958 – aerial view of Charlotte’s Missile Plant – Statesville Ave & N. Tryon


March 11, 1958 – "Are Our Schools Too Fancy?"– Gingerbread Dome Called Money

Saver" (p.1B)

A.G. Odell Jr. being criticized for Garinger High School design – dome over library

March 12, 1958 – ""Proposed Highways to Ashville Area" (p.5A)


March 21, 1958 – "4-Lane Road To Link Charlotte, Ashville" (P.1B)

March 25, 1958 – "If Skies Keep Smiling, City Will Have ‘Airtel’ By April 1" (p.8A)

Picture included

March 26, 1958 – " Central Y Building Is Slated" (p.1B)

On Morehead ST. – Architect, Walter Hook

March 26, 1958 – "Airport Growth hits Snag – Expansion Awaits Word From CAB"


plans for 7000sq.ft., $164,000 addition pigeonholed until word from Civil Aeronomics Board about which new carrier Charlotte will get

March 28, 1958 – "Governing Units Survey Is Pushed" (p.1B)

Goal is a government/civic center in heart of Brooklyn area –need for space to be determined

March 30, 1958 – "Your ‘Idea’ Home – 3, 116 People Helped Architects Plan It" (p.1B)

Construction to start in 10 days

Committee of architects: Emory Holroyd, James Malcolm, Harold Cooler,

& Thomas Rickenbacker

Builder, E. Jack Price, Jr.

Includes sketch and floorplan

April 2, 1958 – "Area of School Offices Debated – City, County Officials Undecided"


trying to decide between area inside downtown or in Brooklyn area

April 3, 1958 – "Park’N’ Shop Opens New Store Today" (p.6A)

Described as "ultra-modern" – Wilkinson Blvd

April 10, 1958 – "picture of model of House of Ideas

April 11, 1958 – "Charlotte Enters Air Link Fight: Airline Routing Decision Is Hit:

Terminal Expansion Expected" (p.1B)

Greensboro fighting CAB for some of Charlotte’s air services

Charlotte expects to get Eastern Airline service, need new terminal

April 12, 1958 – ad for Dorsey’s interior decorating – new showroom at 1412 E. 4th

Street – includes picture (p.8A)

April 16, 1958 – "More Morrison Land Sold For Homes" (p.1B)

113 Acres sold from Morocroft estate for development –Barclay Downs

April 20, 1958 – "3,116 Designed It, Two Named It: The ‘Echo’ Home" (p.1C)

April 21, 1958 – "Railroad Developing Big Industrial Plaza – Program To Cost $1

Million" (p.1B)

Seaboard Air Line RR, Hoskin Road industrial development site

April 24, 1958 – "Slum $$ Approval Expected" (p.16A)

Redevelopment Unit plans final action

April 24, 1958 – "Plans Are Amanced For New Subdivision" (p.16A)

17 acres off Park Road – to be called "Parkstone" – map included

Allen Tate Co.

May 1, 1958 – "Salvation Army To Dedicate Center" (p.4D)

Marvin W. Helms, architect

Atlantic Construction Co, builders

1023 Central Ave - sketch included

May 4, 1958 – "New Building To Be Started Monday" (p.14A)

J.N. Pease & Company to build their own building/offices

On Independence Blvd., right across from Ovens Auditorium

36,000 sq. ft.

McDevitt & Street, contractors – includes sketch

May 11, 1958 – "Shopping Center To Start: Charlottetown Project Pushed" (p.1A)

$3-4 million project – picture included

May 12, 1958 – architect’s drawing of pedestrian street at proposed Charlottetown (p.1B)

May 14, 1958 – "Local Bank Plans $3 Million Building"(p.1A)

American Commercial Bank will demolish old American Trust Building and build new structure

Walter Hook, architect – includes sketches

May 21, 1958 – "Building of Shopping Center To Begin: $2.5 Million Cotswald Project"


On Sharon Amity

Charles W. Connelly, Architect

Thompson & Street Construction, builders

June 5, 1958 – "$1.5 Million Shopping Center Is Scheduled" (p.1B)

Central Square Shopping Center, on Central Ave. and Pecan

Marsh and Hawkins, architects/designers

Laxton Construction Co.

Includes sketches

June 6, 1958 – "NC Portion of Ohio Road Link Approved" (p.1B)

June 10, 1958 – "St. Johns To Build: Church Drive Started" (p. 9A)

On Carmel Road

Marsh and Hawkins, architects – includes sketch

June 11, 1958 – "$250,000 Building Started" (p.5B)

Atlas Supply Company Plant at Tremont and Camden Road

Rea Construction –gen. contractor

June 11, 1958 – "$400,000 Bowling Alley To Be Built On Boulevard"

Independence directly across from Coliseum

M. McDowell & Brackett, architects

June 15, 1958 – " ‘Echo Home’ Almost Ready For Grand Opening" (p.1D)

Grand opening Saturday – includes exterior photo

June 18, 1958 – "Charlotte, Carver To Grow: College Expansion Mapped – Budget of

$1,442,000 Approved By Trustees" (p.1B)

June 20, 1958 – "Huge Wire Storage Depot Is Planned" (p.11A)

Ashbury Ave.

Sloan, Macintosh, Wheatley, & Benton, Inc., architects

Laxton Construction

Sketch included

June 21, 1958 – "Mutual B&L Buys YMCA – Office Building Planned" (p.1B)

At South Tryon and 2nd Street

June 22, 1958 – "Opening Day Crowd Inspects Echo Home" (p. 1C)

Pictures included

June 23, 1958 – "The Exodus Is Complete: Now They Have A New Home" (p.1B)

Resurrection Lutheran Church at 2835 Shenandoah Dr. – picture included

June 27, 1958 – "Ultra-Modern ‘Co-Op’ Apartment House To Be Built" (p.15 B)

Wellesley Apartments to be on corner of Selwyn and Wellesley – scheduled for fall completion

E.L. Vinson of Vinson Real Estate, handling design and construction

Good description , no sketches

June29, 1958 – " ‘Big Move’ Nears End" (p.17A)

Esso Standard Oil Company has new building completed – includes picture


July 2, 1958 – "Memorial Nurses’ Home Under Construction" (P.13C)

At Charlotte Memorial Hospital – 3-story building completed by next June at

1400 Scott Ave. est. cost, $438, 307

A.G. Odell, Jr., architect

Laxton Construction

July 10, 1958 – "Plans For New County Office Building To Be Pushed By Bar" (p.1D)

Pushed in advance of Brooklyn redevelopment plans – propose instead to build on E. 4th Street across from courthouse

July 17, 1958 – "Bids Near On New Building" (p.12A)

IBM Building to be on 427 E. Morehead – modern design, 2-story

Marsh & Hawkins, architect

July 27, 1958 – "Plush Motel Planned For N. Tryon Street: New York Chair to Erect

Building" (p.1C)

July 29, 1958 – "Shopping Center To Be Built In Fall On Plaza" (p.12A)

Shamrock Plaza Center

Tom Rickenbacker, architect

July 29, 1958 – "Local Firm Will Build New Office Warehouse Facility" (p. 9B)

Geigy Chemical Company to build $600,000-$700,000 building on Old Mt. Holly Road

A.G. Odell, Jr., architect

August 14, 1958 – "Park Road To Be Site Of Center – Proposed Medical Center"


across from Park Road Shopping Center

Crosby and Cooler, architects

Sketch included

August 22. 1958 – "Motel Planned On N. Tryon Street" (p. 1B)

$500,000 hotel at Hwy 29 North

architects – Lewis H. Asbury and Associates

to be completed in 6 months

sketch included

August 23, 1958 – ""Local Firms Plan Three Small Buildings" (p. 11A)

James L. Highsmith and Co. to build at 3600 Monroe Rd (AEA Engineers)

Read Tull Real Estate to build at corner of Independence and E. 5th Street

W. Eshelman Co. to build on Montford Drive

August 27, 1958 – "No Funds Assigned: Charlotte 59th On Slum List" (p.1B)

August 31, 1958 – "Here’s How City Got $5 Million Charlottetown" (p.2C)

Tentative completion date of first phase of shopping mall is Oct. 1959

James Rouse, developer

September 3, 1958 – "County Will Ask Voters to Decide on Site For New Office

Building" (p.1B)

To decide if county offices will go across from or beside courthouse

September 6, 1958 – "Suburbs or City – Which?" (p.9C)

Two reporters (Home Lovers) Have a Few Words To Say – outlining all of the advantages of suburban living

September 7, 1958 – "200,000 Expansion Announced: Large Motel Project Is Planned

For The Barringer Hotel" (p.1D)

Includes pictures

September 10, 1958 – "New Bypass Is Opened" (p.1B)

29 Bypass opened to public September 9th

September 14, 1958 – "Massive Office Buildings Planned For Downtown: One Will Be

10 Stories High" (p.1A)

J.H. Cutter Co., Inc to build two new office buildings on S.E. corner of Tryon and 4th Street

A.G. Odell, Jr. –architect – drawings included

September 21, 1958 – "4th Street Building Site Campaign Launched: Plan Of Action

Mounted" (p.1D)

By those who want county office across from courthouse

September 26, 1958 –"$500,000 Plant Job To Start" (p.13A)

New Geigy Chemical Plant to be on Old Mt Holly Road

1 story, 50,000 sq.ft.

Laxton Construction C. awarded building contract


October 4, 1958 – "More Parks Are Urged In New Urban Projects: Board Eyes

Downtown Location" (p.1B)

October 9, 1958 – "Federal Group Okays Urban Renewal Grant" (p.1C)

Approved for $50,798 to draw up plans for salvaging slum infested Brooklyn

Set aside $1 million for actual project

October 9, 1958 – "New Esso Building To Be Dedicated" (p.2D)

Building features mural in lobby designed by artist Jack Pentes – picture

1600 Woodlawn Road

October 10, 1958 – "Esso Dedicates New Building Today" (p.1D)

Included ceremony with Lt. Governor Barnhardt and Billy Graham

Esso Standard Oil Company – Designed by J.N. Pease

Includes picture, full page ad and picture on p.7D

October 25, 1958 – "$11 Million For County Road Projects Approved: Wilkinson

Boulevard To Be Widened" (p.1B)

October 26, 1958 – "Dormitory Will Cost $436,000" (p.1B)

At Queens College, to be completed by September 1959

J.N. Pease, architect

Rea Construction, contractor

October 30, 1958 – "Bonds Proposed For County Building Here: Courthouse Space

Problem Critical" (p.1B)

$2.5 million bond issue proposed

October 30, 1958 – "Independence Classified O-1 By City Board" (p.1B)

October 30, 1958 – "Recession? It’s Unheard Of At Park Road" (p.2C)

Park Road Shopping Center marking birthday, includes pictures and brief history

October 31, 1958 – "NC Bond Issue: 2 Charlotte Colleges May Get $3.4 Million" (p.1A)

Charlotte and Carver Colleges could get more money for expansion

November 1, 1958 – "Board OKs $3 Million For Charlotte: 4 Year College Expected To

Grow Here" (p. 1B)

November 2, 1958 – City Gets Sweeping Redevelopment Plans: Agency Envisions

Glittering Center" (p.1D)

Want 7 buildings for government center in Brooklyn area

Picture, sketch on p.1D ("Planners See Swift Growth")

November 4, 1958 – "Contract Is Awarded For Shopping Center" (p.1B)

Charlottetown - $3 million first phase ready to start at Thompson Orphanage Site

McDevitt & Street, contractors (also did Park Rd Shopping Center)

November 5, 1958 – "Garment Plant To Build $500,000 Plant" (p.16B)

The Stately Lady Nitewear Manufacturing Company

To build on Highway 16 across from Charlotte Water Works

Godly Brothers Realty and Construction Co.

November 6, 1958 – "Pritchard to Construct $300,000 Building Here" (p.4B)

Pritchard Paint and Glass Co. to build on corner of Shuman Road & Dunavant St.

Young Construction, Co., general contractor

Architect’s sketch included

November 7, 1958 – "New Boulevard Planned In City: NC 27 Will Get New Look"


$1.5 Million project to turn Freedom Dr. into full-fledged blvd. Between W. Morehead and 29 bypass

November 11, 1958 – "$4.5 Million, 17 Story Skyscraper To Be Built" (p.1A)

American Commercial Bank to build on corner of Tryon St. and 4th St.

Architect, Walter Hook and Associates

Related articles: "Aluminum Siding to Cover 17-Story Building"

"Building Will Have Air Door"

November 16, 1958 – "Railroad Announces Plans For 130-Acre Industrial Park: Norfolk

Southern To Spend $250,000" (p.16A)

Northeast Mecklenburg county, just beyond Shamrock Road area

Includes picture

November 20, 1958 – "City’s New YMCA Is Designed For Activities of Three Age

Groups: 6 Stories Of Glass, Concrete and Brickwork" (p.1B)

Description of layout of building and a picture of the architect’s model

Walter Hook and Associates, architects

November 23, 1958 – "Proposed Merchandize Mart Already Anticipates The Need Of A

Fourth Floor" (p.12C)

To be built at Independence near Coliseum

Dwight L. Phillips, builder

Includes architect’s drawing

November 27, 1958 – "New High School to Cost $1, 150,265: Site Selected On Park

Road" (p.1D)

Building to handle1,000 students – largest contract ever given out by county

G. L. Wilson, gen. Contractor

December 9, 1958 – "City Names Head Of Redevelopment" (p.1A)

Vernon L. Sawyer appointed to direct slum clearance and renovation of Brooklyn

December 11, 1958 – "New Frigidaire Building Is Opened" (p.12D)

2000 Freedom Drive, 1 million sq.ft. building

picture included

December 17, 1958 – "248-Acre Tract Approved For College Site" (p.1A)

Charlotte College gets tract of land on Highway 49 – map included

January 11, 1959 – "Architects To Discuss Urban Work" (p.6D)

"urban development and the architect" is theme of NC chapter of the American Institute of Architects, meeting in Charlotte

January 23, 1959 – "Library ‘Blindfold’ Is Called ‘Disgrace’" (p.1B)

Grady Clay, real estate and building editor of Louisville Journal, blasts Charlotte for not buying land around the public library for a park

January 24, 1959 – "NC’s ‘New Design’ Hailed: State ‘Becoming A Leader’" (p.5A)

January 24, 1959 – "New Negro Housing Development Opens: First Of Its Kind Here"


development called "The Moors" – north of Charlotte

72 acres, houses start at $15,000 – to attract middle and upper-class African-


January 25, 1959 – Ad for "The Moors" (p.12D)

January 29, 1959 – "Negro Housing Plan Reported Abandoned" (p.1C)

"The Moors" project abandoned because of white resident protest

February 4, 1959 – "New City Building Code Near: State Expected TO OK Ordinance"


February 4, 1959 – "Planners Urge Council To OK ‘Hot Corner’ Bill" (p.1B)

Planners want Charlotte exempted from bill that would require all property at a crossroads to be zoned business if two corners of the crossing were already zoned business

February 4, 1959 – "Blight To Disappear: Slum Regions Will Get The Axe" (p.12C)


February 4, 1959 – "Downtown Charlotte: A Piedmont Gem" (p.1D)

"Charlotte Is Fastest In Growth"

February 6, 1959 – "Survey For Two New Schools Approved" (p.16C)

Schools planned for West Charlotte

February 19, 1959 – "New Home Building Methods Described" (p.8A)


February 19, 1959 – "More City Housing Opposed" (p.1B)

Opposed by Charlotte Board of Realtors – insist that public housing is not needed,

that "private enterprise (builders) can do the job"

February 21, 1959 – "Brooklyn Work: Two Firms Have The Inside Track" (p.3A)

Edward W. Waugh, prominent Raleigh architect and planner

E. W. Hill, of Hill & Adley, Associates of Atlanta

Here to help guide the "face-lift" of Brooklyn

February 23, 1959 – "Sardis Road Church Plans Sanctuary" (p.6A)

Sardis Road Presbyterian Church to erect $400,000 building

Ernest Foard, contractor

Sketch included

February 26, 1959 – "Suburban School Trend Already Apparent In Charlotte" (p.12A)

February 26, 1959 – "St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Is Sold To Barringer Hotel Co. :

$150,000 Sales Price Disclosed – Hotel To Review Design Expansion Plans" (p. 1B)

February 27, 1959 – "A.G. School Is Nearly Ready To Open" (p.4A)

New Alexander Graham Junior High on Runnymeade Lane


J.N. Pease, architect (picture included)

Robert H. Pinnex, contractor

March 1, 1959 – "Charlotte At The Crossroads: Expansion. . . People. . . Problems"

(Section C)

Special Section on city’s growing pains – includes map of growth

March 2, 1959 – "City Traffic Jumps 40% In 10 Years" (p.1A)

March 7, 1959 – "2 Schools To Be Built" (p.1B)

2 elementary schools:

12-room Lansdowne School (white) off of Providence Rd.

10-room Amay James School (black) in western part of county

March 8, 1959 – "Charlotte Needs Land Use Plan: A Hodge-Podge Or Attractive City Is

Choice" (p.1A)

March 14, 1959 – "New Office Building To Go Up" (p.1B)

Adjacent to YMCA (old or new building?), 3-story, w/ large exterior panels of ceramic tile – scheduled completion by October

R. Emory Holroyd, architect

Includes sketch

March 19, 1959 – "Sawyer Makes Prediction: Brooklyn ‘Renewal’ Will Pay For Itself"


March 19, 1959 – "Building’s Approval Expected: School Board Needs Room" (p.1B)

Joint city-county school administration building to be built in city – can’t wait for Brooklyn renewal plan to start

March 20, 1959 – "Brooklyn Families To Be Interviewed" (p.1B)

March 27, 1959 – "Four Contractors To Build New Bank" (p.1B)

American Commercial Bank project, added another story (now 18 stories)

April 3, 1959 – "5-Story Building Planned In City" (p.7A)

Vinson Realty Co. will build and lease building at 317 South Tryon

$1 Million project will take place of the Law Building

Charles Connelly and Associates, architects

Includes sketch

April 3, 1959 – "Crosstown Traffic Plan Shaping: Million Dollar Program" (p.1B)

First step is widening 5th Street – map of plans included

April 5, 1959 – "No Parking 24 Hours a Day: Boulevard – Six Lanes Open"(p.1D)

Parking spaces taken off of Independence Blvd., now open to all six lanes of


April 7, 1959 – Picture of library at Garinger High School Being Built – Odell design


April 13, 1959 – "Effird’s Store Name To Disappear In City" (p.1A)

Department store’s building will be taken over by Belks – Belks will occupy most of block bound by Tryon, Trade, N. College, and E. 5th Sts.

Picture included

April 13, 1959 – "New Power Dam Takes Bite Of Mecklenburg Farmland" (p.11B)

Preparing for effects of Lake Norman

April 17, 1959 – "Charlotte-Elkin Road Plans Near" (p.15C)

4-lane interstate highway planned

April 23, 1959 – "Two Super Speedways Planned Near City" (p.1A)

Rivals Bruton Smith and Curtis Turner both plan speedways

Smith – building on Hwy 21 South bordering Pineville

Turner – building off Arrowood Road on Hwy 49

Sketch included

April 29, 1959 – "Center Plans Big Addition" (p.10B)

$750,000 Project Will Triple Cotswald Shopping facilities

May 1, 1959 – "3 New Bowling Centers To Be Constructed Here" (p.4A)

‘modernistic" bowling alleys, catering to the "housewife bowler"

1st planned for Cotswald Shopping Center by Sportland, Inc.

Gary E. Crampton and Associates and William H. Dietrick, architects

Charles W. Connelly, supervising architect

Includes sketch

May 6, 1959 – "Airport Budget May Soar" (p.1C)

May get $1 million to build jet runway – map, drawing included

May 7, 1959 – "Someday, Charlotte: He Designs New Heart For Old City" (p.1B)

Architect F.M. Schmitt shows his version of new downtown in model – totally remodeled area between S. Tryon and South Church St.

May 8, 1959 – "Employment Bureau Plans New Office" (p.13C)

"Employment Securities Commission to get $150,000, one-story building at 112 W. 1st St.

Charles Morrison Grier, architect

Sketch included

May 13, 1959 – "New Interstate 85 Route Will Leap Catawba Soon" (p.1B)

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