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Dan joins us frequently for meals with his mother and father.  Lake Wylie is in the background.
Dottie and Mary Lynn in front of the model of the home Dottie will be building for her and her mother.
The Sunday School Class gathered to celebrate Schenck's graduation. Click here for more pictures.
Jesse Anderson Ashburn - great, grandfather of Mary Lynn Morrill.

Jesse, a N. C. State Senator, employee of Wachovia Bank in the publicity dept. and a primitive Baptist elder (wrote the book HISTORY OF THE FISHER'S RIVER PRIMITIVE BAPTIST ASSOC.) was born 12-21-1861 and died 10-9-1916 - stroke  (he had chronic Brights Disease).   888 N. Liberty St., Winston-Salem, was his home at the time of his death.  He asked that there be no flowers at his burial.  He and his wife, Martha Adeline Needham (b.6-19-1863; d. 12-13-1928), had five children - one of whom was Isaac William Ashburn, Mary Lynn's grandfather, (b.9-18-1893, Surry County, N.C. - d.3-11-1957).  Jesse's father was Isaac Whitaker Ashburn.  (b.4-14-1938, d. 5-29-1863).  His mother was Faithy S. Taylor (b.7-25-1840; d.3-2-1910).  His parents married 11-22-1860.


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