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Dan Playing With A Toy

Dan Crying

Dan Dancing

Dan Walking

Dan With Santa and Mary Lynn

Dan Sticks Out His Tongue

Dan Plays Patti Cake Patti Cake

Dan At His Second Birthday

Dan Says "Ice."

Dan Wants A Movie

Dan On The Steps

Dan In His Fountain

Dan At Halloween 2005

Dan Putting On Lipstick

Dan As A Fire Chief

Dan In Dragon Costume

Big Dan At Fort Anderson

Big Dan's Train

Dana And Jeffrey

Dan and Dan on the Sofa

Dan Wants To See The Camera

Dan Has Lightning In His Camera

Dan Has Diet Coke Fountain

Dana Is A Doodle

Dana Loves Mammy

Jeffrey Says His Name

Jeffrey Talks About Boyhood Hometown

Jeffrey Gives Greetings From Washington

Adam On The Run

Sylvia's Birthday

Mary Lynn's Store

Mary Lynn Talks About Caldwell Family

Mary Lynn At The Bok Tower

Happy New Year

Tom In His Studio

Janie Gives A Testimonial

Jason Thanks His Friends

Jay's Hope For The Future

Jim In North Carolina

Margaret In North Carolina

Margaret's 2005 Visit

Opening Presents 2004

Streetcar 85

Plane Landing at Douglas Airport

Cathy Has A Good Time

Aunt Louise

Aunt Louise's Funeral

Pathetic Singing At The Roast

Dickson Is So Sentimental

Larry's Merry Christmas

Humming Birds

Banding Humming Birds

Dr. J. B.'s Hummingbird Feeder

Thompson Orphanage Introduction



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