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Video of Charlotte Central High School Celebration

 The Morrill Story July 2007

Mary Lynn's Notes From Interview of Helen Morrill

March 2008 Visit

Caldwell Family Reunion

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Hickory Condominium

Click Here For Caldwell Symposium 2010

Click Here For Draft Of Rural Mecklenburg

Graduation Of Jeffrey Sterritt

A Christening And An Anniversary.  July 2011

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Graduation Of John Adam Sterritt


Interview of Rev. Douglas Caldwell

Interview of Dan L. Morrill

Interview of Barbara Caldwell

Interview of Betsy Ashburn

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Image result for John Adam Sterritt

Interview of Adam Sterritt



Christmas Day at Moravian Hall Square 2009- L to R: Betsy, MeeMaw, Betsy's brother - Jim, KumHwa- Jim's fiancee, Ashley, Jim's daughter - Nicki, Jim's son - William, Jen


Margaret September 7, 2014


 Grandson Jeffrey

             Dan with Grandson Mike, age 12

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Mary Lynn with Grandson Adam, 10 Granddaughter Dana
Grandson Dan Click On Photo For Photos

2001- N. Litchfield Beach Trip

2003 - N. Topsail Beach Trip

Dan and Mary Lynn -- 45th Wedding Anniversary


Linda is a gifted artist.  She is painting stunning watercolors and has established a website.  Click here to visit her website.

The Caldwell Family gathered at Providence Presbyterian Church for a family reunion. Click here for more photos.

Linda 1967 Mary Dana 1971

Mary Lynn and her brothers and mother leaving church.

Dan L. Morrill- 2008 (photographed by Mary Lynn at Lake Hickory condo).

December 2009 Holiday Party at the Whelans

Visit in the past of Carolyn and children.

Mary Lynn's Stories

Life On Sardis Road

A Science Project With A Chicken

Stomach Ache In Caldwell Country

You Never Know What's Behind You


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